Emma’s Healing Journey

  • Thursday, 14 September 2017

This testimonial was sent to us by Emma Parkinson from Proserpine, Qld about her journey with us.

My Heal with Ease journey started back in 2014. It wasn’t for myself it was for my then 6 yr old suffering with extreme anxiety. Cathy was fantastic from the first time I made contact and within weeks of starting the changes were unbelievable. I then again run into trouble with my Mr number 2. He had a terrible gastro bug and just couldn’t recover fully from it. I contacted Cathy and explained after seeing the Dr countless times it just wasn’t helping. To my amazement by the next day, things were looking great. 

This is when I decided I would purchase an at-home remedy kit so there was always something on hand for these sorts of emergencies. My boys have been having healing plans ever since by far the best decision I have made for my boys’ health.

As a mother we always think of our children first and comfortable that my boys are happy and healthy I decided it was now time to think of my own health. I was super excited to start and shocked to know that I was running at 56% of my potential with 5 plans in total. My main goal was to lift the emotional weight off me, after losing my sister last year. It is a pain that may never leave but with Cathy’s help I feel at ease, my body is lighter and I feel great for it. To those that have not got an at-home kit do yourself a favour and get one, last week I was waking every morning with a headache. I contacted Cathy who suggested I use the “Poison” and “Fever” remedy as she suspected I had been exposed to chemicals. That night I took both before bed and woke in the morning in a lather of sweat but feeling fantastic and headache-free. I am truly so blessed to have found Cathy and her team.

Love and Blessings
Emma xo

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