Healing for Jasmine

Monday, 30 December 2019

In January 2018 my border collie Jasmine had a very high temperature (40 odd degrees) that ran for nearly 3 weeks. The vets had her on 2 different antibiotics and meloxicam for inflammation but nothing seemed to bring it down.  

Tests, scans and bloods were run which showed nothing obvious. By the 3rd week it was down but she was still having episodes of it elevated temperature that last week. About 7 months later she had a similar episode. Again she was put onto antibiotics and meloxicam. This time she was having shivering/trembling episodes lasting a few hours with temperature spiking during the 3rd week. Vets had no explanation for what was happening apart from that she could be in pain and the temperature spikes reflected that (abdominal/headaches?). 

At the end of November 2018 she had an accident and dislocated and fractured an ankle requiring surgery and a plate to fuse part of her ankle. A few days after surgery her temperature spiked again so off she went back to the specialist vets where she'd had the surgery to check that there was no infection in the surgery area. They kept her in for 2 days on fluids and monitoring. The temperature was coming down so she came home. For the next week she had episodes of temperature spikes and some trembling at times which i managed with meloxicam and homeopathic aconite. 

In January and March she had a couple of short episodes of 2-3 days that I managed as before. Come late June she had another similar episode for 3 days. It was at this point i decided that something needed to be done and booked her first healing plan with Heal with Ease. 

Her first plan started on 25 June 2019 and indicated she was running at 54% with 6 plans indicated. The 6th plan was completed on 13 December 2019. It appeared that she had a very minor "episode" in July but since this time, now 6 months, she has had no more of these strange episodes. I dont know what was causing them but i do think they caused headaches and general aching for a few days. She is full of energy and looking great. Thanks to Eric & Cathy for their help with Jasmine :)

Property Healing

Friday, 6 December 2019

Recently I contacted Cathy with a situation we needed help healing with our Rental House, which is situated on the back of our farm.

Our current tenant phoned us one night to apologise for giving our cattle water, as now she thought she had probably poisoned them.

I had seen the cattle to feed them that afternoon but thinking about the phone call started to worry for the Tenant.

The house is watered from a bore which pumps to a tank which waters the house.

The tenant said someone had come into the yard and poisoned the bore and tank water.

We went to see the tenant the next morning as our cattle were still okay but the tenant was very distressed.

Showing us around the yard the tenant pointed out where poison was supposed to have been put, but we couldn’t see any evidence of this.

The lawn and garden seemed to be dying back from the dry weather conditions, from lack of water.

The tenant seemed fine with an explanation of how the water could be tested from our Real-estate Agent, information supplied and would contact us if more help was needed.

(The bore top is sealed with a metal plate and the tank is sealed, neither looked tampered with.)

2 weeks went by and checking our back boundary, I noticed there was no sign of the tenant being at the property.

Fires were bad in our area, so I went to water the gardens and check if the tank was full of water, as part of our fire plan.

The electric bore pump wouldn’t turn on, so I went to the meter box to reset the switch and found the house keys in the door.

I was really concerned for the Tenants welfare now.

The Tenant wouldn’t respond to phone calls, emails and the emergency contacts hadn’t seen the tenant for weeks.

I started to go to the house to water the garden more regularly but would come away drained of energy.

I was using remedies for grief but nothing touched this feeling.

I contacted Cathy to ask could she do a healing plan for the house, garden, bore, situation.

As the Healing Plan ran through an energy shift happened, the situation started to resolve.

The Tenant emailed the Real Estate then eventually phoned them to start to work through the issues of moving.

The overwhelming feelings I was getting dissipated and gradually the wallabies and magpies came back.

Without this Healing Plan I’m not sure how this situation would start to resolve.

Thank you Cathy and Eric for your help for something so difficult and abstract.

Your Healing Plans are amazing.

Blessings to you both

Tina xxoo

We've used a stand in photo for Tina's house

Heal with Ease for a growing family

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

My mum introduced me to Heal with Ease while I was growing up and I have been a regular ever since. From the personal kits which allow you to have remedies on hand, to the amazing healing plans, I knew I could rely on their practises to heal our bodies before we started our own family. 
My partner and I had the recommended healing plans to clear our loads and ensure we were both at our optimum level of health before conceiving. Throughout my pregnancy I had healing plans on a regular basis to help keep my energy levels up and ensure my body and baby were healthy. 
All the routine doctors visits were good/normal and I had a fantastic, drug free birth of a healthy 8 pound 2 oz baby boy. I had my remedies on hand for post partum (pain relief and accident remedies and nipple cream) rather than synthetic medications. 
Cathy and Eric also did a healing plan for both bub and I after the birth which they provide as a complementary service to ensure the best start to our new lives. 
I can't thank Heal with Ease enough for all their amazing work and would recommend them highly if you are considering starting a family.

German Shepherd with incurable spinal infection

Words can not explain how grateful we are that we have met Eric & Cathy!!!

It was advised to us at the end of July that we put our beautiful German Shepherd Bailey to sleep due to a spinal infection that was incurable. This happened in only a few days. She had completely lost the use of her back legs and she was in a lot of pain. 

A good friend had told me about Eric, Cathy and Heal with Ease and the amazing healing that they do for both humans and animals. I got in contact with Cathy a day before getting the news of Bailey’s condition being incurable. Our hearts were broken and we weren’t ready to say goodbye! I was 9 weeks pregnant and couldn’t imagine our first fur baby not meeting our first little human! They got straight to work, recommending 6 healing plans, 4 of which were run on an emergency level, being within a few days of each other. Cathy kept in contact with me, always checking in to see how Bailey was doing. Bailey was taken off all medication straight away and within a day or 2, Heal with Ease had managed her pain. 

By the start of the forth plan, Bailey started to come out of her crate on her own but just for a few steps around the house/garden. Before this, we would have to lift her out and completely support her back legs. Her confidence had taken quiet a knock and she was very scared to leave her crate as she was healing. 

Fast forward to today and we are in the month of October and our little lady is back to us, she is full of beans, back playing with her tennis balls and her best friend Benson. Honestly looking at her now, you would not believe how far she has come!! We owe everything to Eric & Cathy!! They have given us our little girl back!! 

I find it hard to use the right words to explain everything that they have done for us!! I hope to keep in contact with Cathy and have Heal with Ease do healing plans on my little family! Cathy you are an absolute angel and we are forever grateful! 

Mike, Eimear, Bailey & Benson

Treating Bonnie after Paralysis Tick

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Heal with Ease as come to our rescue many a times for my children, husband and I.

Just recently for my daughters little pup Bonnie.

We had been traveling and when we had got to our destination, she started throwing up and then again the next day. 

But didn’t think a lot of it, as we thought she had just eaten something that she shouldn’t have. 

Day 3, my daughter came running over to the house in tears, saying that the dog had hurt its leg and couldn’t get up. So straight away we went and checked her and she didn’t not look well at all. She was totally paralysed. Couldn’t walk, drag herself, nothing! 

We instantly started treating her with remedies, going off her symptoms.

My husband checked her over with a fine tooth comb and we discovered a paralysis tick on her.

So we contacted Eric & Cathy straight away knowing it was out of our hands.
Straight away they started treating the puppy and very happy to do so.

Their ongoing support and advice was remarkable!

After almost a week, the pup had gone from being totally paralysed, not eating or drinking, to wagging her tail and looking to chase her ball.

So a huge thank you once again for the work and support Heal with Ease offer.

Bec E, Armidale, NSW.

My Heal with Ease Visit

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

HWE came into my life early 2018 and has been a life changer for myself, family & pets ever since.
I recently had the opportunity to set off on a roadtrip from Adelaide to Inverell & stay with Cathy and Eric and see what they do. 
Throughout the 8 days, i was lucky enough to witness the process from start to finish with my own eyes and .....WOW!!!

The time, dedication, energy, passion, love and skills that goes into each individual plan, treatment & reporting is just mindblowing. But it doesnt stop there, they are continuously researching new things to add to their testing and providing exceptional support to clients in the meantime.
I have a new found appreciation for whats actually involved and even got to see some of their amazing online remedies being prepared for shipment to clients. 
Cathy & Eric are 2 of the most incredible and inspiring humans i have ever met..i am forever greatful for not only this experience but for all the wonderful work they do to keep us well and healthy.
Thank you for sharing your world with me!!!! ❤
Steph Guyonnet, SA, Australia

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