Welcome, most likely you are visiting Heal with Ease because the Universe guided you here.

We welcome you to our world and hope we can help you improve your health. If you have found us through a google search, that’s amazing that you’ve found us amongst the millions of websites on the internet, we give a hearty welcome to you.

Our Business Values

We believe that your health and that of your family, including pets, should be in your control. Proactive Health may be a cliche, but it is something we all need to consider.

Many people have given up all control of their health and considering it’s the most important thing you have, that’s not a good thing.

Our Proactive Health plan is about knowing what goes into our body and living in such a way that we support our good health.

Our family lives by what we believe, we don’t just give lip service to the idea.

Since the birth of our eldest son in 1998, we have changed many things about our life. If there ever is a time to make proactive changes to what you do, it will be after the birth of your child/children.

The things we've changed in our lives

No longer use chemicals inside or outside our homes.

Cooking food from scratch (organic wherever possible).

We don’t rely on the services of doctors and vets that are often set in their
“medication is the only answer” ways.

Grow as much of our food as we can
(this is easier for us than most because we have a small farm).

Reassessment of our values (away from money and possessions to family and more relaxed lifestyle).

The COVID-19 lockdown has given many people time to reassess their priorities in life too. In that way, it’s a good thing.

We understand that people are busy, and often not very well so they do what they can to cope day-to-day.

This is living in survival mode.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you want to live like this forever? Would you rather wake up each day feeling well, inspired, happy, filled with dreams?

It’s crazy to consider you can make all these changes in one day.

I’m big on sayings, just ask my kids. They became sayings for a reason. One step today and another next week, and before you know it, you’ll have a whole new viewpoint on life.

Where should you start?
We’ve compiled a list for your consideration.

How can Heal with Ease be of service to you?

We have two specific areas of our business.

Use-At-Home Remedies

These remedies will help you deal with day-to-day issues
without needing to run to the hospital, doctor or vets. If this is your first venture into alternative medicines, we are happy to guide you.

Personal Healing Plans

These Healing Plans are very specialised, intensive healing work.
If you are interested in our Personalised Healing Plans,
you can read all about them by clicking below.

Briefly, we are all born with a load from our ancestors and from the moment we are conceived we start accumulating our own load.

Where you are now with your health is a combination of both those things.

Inherited load + accumulated load = where your health is right now.

Our healing plans identify these things and, using our healing process we can clear these loads
and support your body to heal the damage caused by them.

The Heal with Ease Process

The Heal with Ease process is constantly evolving.

It’s not a healing modality we have learnt from someone else – it has come together in sections from different teachers we have met along our journey, and even today 13 years later it is still evolving.

To read more about our Journey click here.
Thank you for visiting us.

If after reading this you feel we can be of assistance to you,
please contact us to discuss further.

Love and blessings
Eric & Catherine Tighe
Founders and Quantum Energy Healers
Heal with Ease

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