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Our Dream is to Restore and Improve Health and Balance to the Environment, Animals and Humans on a Global Scale using NATURAL ENERGY THERAPIES.

Heal with Ease is a family owned and run business based in Country New South Wales, Australia.
Over the past 10 years we have helped many people regain health for themselves, their children and pets.

Our work combines muscle testing with energy remedies to identify the load the body is carrying in the form of bacterias, viruses, chemicals, toxins, emotional and physical traumas, etc and where that load is affecting the internal functions of the body and the natural healing processes.

Then using the indicated remedies we can clear and heal the issues assisting the body back to good health.

We can muscle testing using a photo which allows us to work with people and animals all around the world.

We also offer a great range of energy remedies to help you manage day to day issues. Check out our SHOP website for more information. All our remedies come with full support.

If you need help choosing the right remedy or support using with ones you have on hand, just drop us a message.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Heal with Ease remedies puts the power to heal in your hands

We started Heal with Ease because we found that so many of Eric's dog training clients were spending lots of time at the vet.  We have always run between 10 and 15 working dogs and we never went to the vet.  There was obviously something we were doing that they didn't know about.

We initially created an emergency kit which was later renamed to the Beginners Kit because we found people put their emergency stuff in the cupboard and never thought to use it.  The kit hasn't changed in all these years and still contains remedies for Accidents, Infections, Poisoning, Fevers, Bites and Abscesses.  It's an amazing kit to help people through day to day issues with their families, including their animals.

One of our goals was to empower people to treat day to day issues at home quickly and efficiently.  There will always be times when you need a doctor or a vet but not for every little thing.

It's a good reminder for us what we initially set out to achieve.  So often now we turn to healing plans because our clients don't have basic remedies on hand like they used to.

Julie M, from Victoria reminded me this weekend of our initial goal when she treated her mare Elle.  Julie's testimonial is below.

"Our mare Elle has been tested on and off by Cathy and Heal With Ease since we bought her just over 2 years ago.

Last week I was taking her on the float to a saddle fitter and when I went to catch her she wasn't acting normally.

She was making strange noises in her throat and lifting up her top lip and sort of looking zombie like and the biggest giveaway not eating and that is not like Elle.

I thought of either something she ate or picking up sand in her gut from eating hay in the ground.

So I gave the remedies for poison and being unwell and she was improving and then tried Overindulgence and Stings and after half an hour she was back to eating.

Cathy told me if two other drops to give her but it's what she's taught me in past years stopped it turning into colic or more serious."

Julie has our Beginners & Extension Kits on hand and uses them regularly for her farm animals and her family.  She also has a variety of our other stand alone remedies like the Sports Recovery for her children for when they are competing in horse events and football.


Monday, 21 March 2016

Help for Max

We first contacted Cathy and Eric several years ago when we were at a loss as to what to do with our new puppy, who was losing hair and weight without apparent cause. I guess everything happens for a very good reason, because over time we have continued to use the healing plans on both our dogs, our family and our stud cattle successfully each and every time.

The distance plans in particular often show results within hours, something we once found a bit mysterious but now consider to be marvellous, due to the obvious results – proven particularly by our animals, who are completely unaware of the healing plan process.

Our most recent experience with a distance healing plan proved yet again the value of Cathy and Eric’s work. Our young shihtzu male, who is a very much loved member of the family, awoke at 1am in the morning with a slight limp and as he tripped around the yard to relieve himself, couldn’t move as well as he normally would. At 5am, he was awake and cleaning himself a lot – to our dismay we found his little male part was swollen and unable to retract into the sheath. He continued on a downhill slide throughout the morning, barely walking/moving and finding his situation extremely uncomfortable, having grown more swollen and blistered.  After checking him over carefully for a tick about 3 times and much discussion as to what to do, we contacted Cathy for a distance healing plan – within hours of starting, he showed considerable improvement, began to regain his energy and movement, and by the afternoon, he had retracted and was making good progress. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

I have no idea where we would be now without Heal With Ease, but I do know many of the creatures at our place owe their lives, and health to the wonderful work that Cathy and Eric continue to do.

Thank you,


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Natural healing for Skin and Bloat issues

Bianca's testimonial on how the healing plans helped with her skin and bloating issues.

I was first introduced to Cathy at Heal with Ease over 3 years ago when I was having issues with cystic pimples on my jaw. This came after years of having trouble with my skin and trying everything possible to clear it up. Little did I know that the basis of why my skin was so unsettled was due to internal imbalances which needed to be sorted out before anything used externally would be successful!

There was nothing more I wanted then to have clear skin and so I emailed Cathy to find out more and get a healing plan done. I couldn’t believe it when she sent me through my first plan that told me I was running at only 50% of my potential with about 7 plans needed to bring my back to good health considering I was only 16.

Now having completed the 7 original plans, as well as any others that need be to keep my health up, I am so grateful that I come across Heal with Ease and couldn’t recommend them more. My skin has life again which I never felt would happen, and the clearing of many different bacteria has been a lifesaver for my bloating issues. I feel I now know my body more than ever before and it’s so important to listen to it. Whenever it starts to feel run down or my bloating starts to flare up again I know its time to get in contact and clear out anything that has started to build up from day to day living and exposure.

Thankyou Cathy and everyone at Heal with Ease for all your help. Everything you have helped me with doesn’t stop there and I would never hesitate to turn to you for my pets and recommending you to others!

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