Dogs with Travel Sickness

Thursday, 21 March 2019

This is our case study - March 2019

Our working border collie Jack has always had the worst travel sickness. Whenever he's in the ute traveling, even just around the farm, he will stress, drool and sometimes vomit.

We've tried running healing plans and using basic travel sickness remedies and still couldn't resolve this for Jack.

I have been doing some research that has led me to very high potency remedies. For example - the remedies most people have at home are 30C or 200C, in the healing plans we often come up with potencies up to 3,000C. In trying to resolve this problem for Jack I was inspired to use a 10,000C. Just a one off dose to see how it would work.

I treated him before Eric took him for a trial drive to Inverell 30kms away. He traveled well with only a minor bit of drooling. Next time he went out on the farm to start the pump he was alert, happy and no drooling at all.

Last night Eric had to run in late to pick up our son so took Jack after food (a real test) and he traveled without any problem. Amazing.

This is a different world for us looking at super high potency remedies. Very exciting.

I think this would work the same for people with travel sickness - air, car, sea.

Helping Lincoln with his Autism

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

My son has a double diagnosis, Autism spectrum disorder and Intellectual disorder and has been medicated 7 of the 9 years that he has been born into this world. He cannot cope in school and lashes out at other children and has meltdowns on a regular basis.

I needed to find an alternative method as medication was not helping. Cathy from Health with Ease came highly recommended from a family member to help with a more natural approach.

I am amazed that over the last few months of healing plans that Cathy has performed my son is now no longer on medication and has not been for the last 4 months. In the last 2 months his meltdowns have subsided and his anxiety levels have dropped. A huge thank you to Cathy and her team as I am now seeing the benefits that healing plans can do.

Kind regards
Sandie Tanner

Good skin without harsh medication

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Nate came to us in August last year at the suggestion of some mutual good friends.  He was on the verge of going on some very strong skin medication to clear his acne.  

We ran some healing plans for him.  These are whole body healing plans and helped Nate in many areas of his life, including his skin.

On 2nd January he sent me this lovely email:

"Hey Darl!

I can’t even explain how I feel like amazing doesn’t begin to cover it. I have so much energy, my skin is so clear and I’m so happy it’s perfect. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done it’s truly changed my life."

I asked Nate if I could share this with you and he kindly agreed and sent the beautiful photo below to go with this post.  :)

Cancer treatment support with healing plans

My partner was diagnosed with a primary melanoma on his back in 2009. He had this removed along with the lymph nodes under his arms, and we thought everything was fine. Then in 2012, he had major surgery to remove a tumour from his lung, again, in the aftermath things were positive. In 2014, our local specialist told us he had several spots in various organs, so off to the big smoke we went to try some new treatments available.

These worked for a while, then 2015 we got the news he had several tumours in the brain.

A friend told us about Cathy and Eric just before Billy was due to go to hospital for surgery, just a suggestion to help us both along the way. I immediately contacted Cathy and she and Eric went to work straight away - the first healing plan even stated exactly how many tumours there were, and they had no way of knowing this at all!

I believe Cathy and Eric's work helped with the stress and recovery from this surgery - Billy was back on a horse 4 weeks later. We continued to see the specialists, who kept an eye on things, and about 18 months later we had the same news again. Cathy told us there was nothing active there to worry about, and the surgeon confirmed this for us afterwards. Fast forward to late 2018 and we had a nervous wait for tests for yet another spot in the abdomen. Cathy did a couple of plans before the tests, and YAY they came up clear!!

During this entire time, Billy has continued to ride, play polocrosse, work and just live normally, and I do believe we can contribute a whole lot of this to Cathy and Eric's work. We don't know how it works, but as long it continues to do so, we are big fans.

I've also purchased the kits from Cathy, I probably don't use them as much as I should, but I am getting better at remembering to visit them as a first line of action. And I love the skin bath for my very dry skin - just wanted to mention that too. :)

Heal with Ease healing plans to clear your skin

Monday, 17 December 2018

Ros came to us initially in August 2018 to help with acne outbreak on her back, arms, face and right though her hair. We started her first healing plan and she felt and saw changes really quickly. She wrote the testimonial below for us in December 2018.

Heal with Ease has been the only course of action that has cleared up my skin. For years I have had pimples on my face and have tried countless cleansers and creams along with a healthy diet. I know their system seems a bit ‘out there’ but I was ready to try anything! And lucky that I did. My skin is now clear with their help. Emails are answered promptly and help readily given. I would definitely recommend Heal With Ease.

Ros Hamblyn, NSW, Australia

Hunting Dogs treated with Heal with Ease Emergency Kits

Monday, 10 December 2018

My partner had purchased the Beginners Kit and Extension Kit to use as an emergency kit for ourselves and our animals. Having been involved in hunting pests with dogs for a decade or more I have encountered my fair share of expensive vet bills despite using all the protective breast plates and tracking collars to help keep my dogs safe. Over this past year I haven’t had any vet visits and my dogs are better then they have ever been. After a recent morning hunting trip, the dogs encountered some minor cuts and abrasions. I used a combination of the remedies in the kits and began treating them within the hour.

I used :

· No. 1 Accidents - for the cuts and bruising

· No. 2 Infections - for any puncture wounds and to keep on top of any infections

· No. 4 Fever - for heat stroke and dehydration

· No. 10 Sudden Illness - for shock and grief

By the afternoon of that same day my dogs’ moods had lifted and they were happily wagging their tails. I continued giving them No. 1 Accident and No. 2 Infection for the next week and their wounds had healed much quicker than I expected. By the end of week 2 one dog was entirely healed and the other was close to having skin coverage, and there were no infections! It was very impressive to see the way the remedies work in lifting their moods. I actually had to keep the dogs calm as they had so much energy and I was worried about them opening their staples and slowing the healing. I always make sure I have these kits on hands now and would recommend them to anyone who has dogs or animals. Thanks Heal with Ease!

Chris, Northern NSW

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