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Heal with Ease is a family owned and run business based in Country New South Wales, Australia.
Over the past 10 years we have helped many people regain health for themselves, their children and pets.

Our work combines muscle testing with energy remedies to identify the load the body is carrying in the form of bacterias, viruses, chemicals, toxins, emotional and physical traumas, etc and where that load is affecting the internal functions of the body and the natural healing processes.

Then using the indicated remedies we can clear and heal the issues assisting the body back to good health.

We can muscle testing using a photo which allows us to work with people and animals all around the world.

We also offer a great range of energy remedies to help you manage day to day issues. Check out our SHOP website for more information. All our remedies come with full support.

If you need help choosing the right remedy or support using with ones you have on hand, just drop us a message.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Natural help for a new mum

This testimonial came in this morning from Maria who lives in the United States. We have been working with Maria and her beautiful baby daughter since April this year.

I know many of you will tut tut when you read Maria's testimonial because she speaks of letting someone else take control of healing her and I know there are a lot of opinions out there that we 'need to take control of our own health'. (In my head that was a deep voice.)
What I'd like to say to that is that often we work with people who are so flat, running so low that asking us to help them is a huge 'taking control' move. They could have gone to the doctors and gotten medication but they chose an 'unusual' natural solution which in the end has given them their life back and energy to take back control of their life and that is a huge step.

Here's Maria's testimonial.

"I was referred to Heal With Ease by someone that was raving about them.

I was having lots of major health issues at the time after having had a baby and since I really didn’t have much time to get on the perfect nutrition or exercise plan, it was a no brainier for me to have someone else get me healthier without much effort on my part since I am in the United States and this was going to be done from a distance.

Well, Cathy went above and beyond my expectations, she solved issues that I didn’t even know I had but that once solved made a difference and while it was tough going through the plans because she was causing my body to detox (which was sorely needed), by the end of the plan, I was feeling like I hadn’t felt in years…

I continue working with Cathy because I know I will never have to fear again any issues that might come up. If you’re on the fence about this, don’t be, you have everything to gain from it.

I am astounded that therapies like this and people like Eric & Cathy even exist. What a gift to us all!”


Friday, 9 September 2016

Natural fertility remedy works again.

In the dog world we are getting a reputation for our Natural Fertility remedy.  We've helped lots of owners restore proper fertility to their bitches after periods of not cycling or not cycling properly.

Below is an email from Corine which she sent me today about Nousha and she's sent me a gorgeous photo too, to share with you.  To find out more, drop us an email to cathy@healwithease.com or eric@healwithease.com.

Hi Eric & Cathy,

Thanks again for your wonderful natural remedies.
With your help and advice, I have used the infertility drops with my female dog Nousha.
Nousha failed to become pregnant at her first mating last xmas.
She is now a very proud mum of three girls and one boy, born in the early hours today.
She birthed them in two and half hours and mum and puppies are doing well,
All four are suckling well, a very relaxed litter and she is o so proud.

Thanks again


Sunday, 28 August 2016

The bread that our family makes

Recently I shared a photo of our homemade bread and left it with a promise that I would share it on the next newsletter.  Well, I just couldn't work out how to load it on or attach it so I've decided the best thing is to load the recipe here and put a link from the newsletter. :)

I hope you get a chance to try this beautiful bread.  The recipe is from Zachary Golper and his beautiful book Bien Cuit, The Art of Bread.

Plus the amazing flat bread that we make.  It's super quick and delicious and will store in the fridge for a few days so you can use it as you want it.

I've found if I double click on the recipe it will come up clear and full size and then you could print it if you wanted to. :)  Happy Baking.

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