Heal with Ease healing plans to clear your skin

Monday, 17 December 2018

Ros came to us initially in August 2018 to help with acne outbreak on her back, arms, face and right though her hair. We started her first healing plan and she felt and saw changes really quickly. She wrote the testimonial below for us in December 2018.

Heal with Ease has been the only course of action that has cleared up my skin. For years I have had pimples on my face and have tried countless cleansers and creams along with a healthy diet. I know their system seems a bit ‘out there’ but I was ready to try anything! And lucky that I did. My skin is now clear with their help. Emails are answered promptly and help readily given. I would definitely recommend Heal With Ease.

Ros Hamblyn, NSW, Australia

Hunting Dogs treated with Heal with Ease Emergency Kits

Monday, 10 December 2018

My partner had purchased the Beginners Kit and Extension Kit to use as an emergency kit for ourselves and our animals. Having been involved in hunting pests with dogs for a decade or more I have encountered my fair share of expensive vet bills despite using all the protective breast plates and tracking collars to help keep my dogs safe. Over this past year I haven’t had any vet visits and my dogs are better then they have ever been. After a recent morning hunting trip, the dogs encountered some minor cuts and abrasions. I used a combination of the remedies in the kits and began treating them within the hour.

I used :

· No. 1 Accidents - for the cuts and bruising

· No. 2 Infections - for any puncture wounds and to keep on top of any infections

· No. 4 Fever - for heat stroke and dehydration

· No. 10 Sudden Illness - for shock and grief

By the afternoon of that same day my dogs’ moods had lifted and they were happily wagging their tails. I continued giving them No. 1 Accident and No. 2 Infection for the next week and their wounds had healed much quicker than I expected. By the end of week 2 one dog was entirely healed and the other was close to having skin coverage, and there were no infections! It was very impressive to see the way the remedies work in lifting their moods. I actually had to keep the dogs calm as they had so much energy and I was worried about them opening their staples and slowing the healing. I always make sure I have these kits on hands now and would recommend them to anyone who has dogs or animals. Thanks Heal with Ease!

Chris, Northern NSW

Remedies and Healing Plans Support Nicky's family, including her pets and farm animals

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

I have been using Heal with Ease plans and remedies for my animals and family’s health for about three years now. Over this time Cathy has often been inundated with queries (not quite interrogations) from me, trying to answer my never-ending questions about their healing plans. Throughout this, she has remained patient and gracious with her time. I still may not really understand how they work, however the positives that result from the plans, means they are my first port of call with regards to our health. And… more and more I am hearing the ‘Remedies cupboard’ being opened by my sceptical husband and even more cynical son. The remedies are speaking for themselves 😊

3 day Sickness

About a month ago we had a maiden heifer go down with 3 day. We had had a few others show signs, however they were fine after a few days. This heifer went down and was not able to get back up. I had some 3 Day remedy on hand and we administered this to her nose on day 4 onwards, morning and night. She started to eat offered hay and drink water however her back legs would not support her. On day seven, with Eric’s advice we started her on Infection and Bites remedies. She continued to be bright and eating and drinking for 6 days, however we could not get her up. Early on day 14, Mark went out to her to make a decision regarding her future (we were experiencing 40 degree heat at the time) and she was up and gone. She has shown no ill effects of her ordeal other than a bit of skin missing on her back legs. Next time we will start the remedies sooner!

Kelpie bitch

Our beautiful working kelpie had a couple of plans with the Heal with Ease team before we joined her. She whelped 7 healthy puppies, however on day eight she developed high temps and mastitis in one teat. She was unable to lie down and feed her pups due to the pain. We used the Infection, Fever and Abscess remedies on her and she was back to her normal health within two days.

From N. Lorimer, Qld, Australia

Supporting Charlie's recovery after tumour removal

It was in July 2018 that Elena contacted us about her beautiful Corgi Charlie.  Elena and Charlie live in California, USA.  All the healing was done distantly - Australia to the US.  I won't say anymore as Elena's testimonial says it all. 

"My beloved corgi, Charlie, was diagnosed with cancer about 1 year ago.  He had a tumor removed but we made the decision not to proceed with any type of cancer treatment.  Charlie was doing great for about 8 months after the tumor removal when we suddenly noticed a rapid decline in his health.  Charlie was having difficulty walking, and no longer wanted to play his favorite daily game of Frisbee.  He seemed to have no energy.  In addition to that, we noticed that he was starting to itch and bite at his skin, causing lesions and scabs all over.  Our groomers felt that the itching was due to the cancer now spreading internally.  Our family was preparing mentally and physically to say goodbye to Charlie.   A dear friend of mine heard about Charlie’s decline and shared info about Heal with Ease’s natural healing plans.  We were more than willing to try anything to restore his energy and provide some comfort to him.   Charlie completed a series of 6 long distance healing plans through Heal with Ease and the change in him was remarkable.  We now have a dog that is full of energy, running and playing Frisbee daily again, and enjoying life.  We are eternally grateful to the Heal with Ease team for providing this support to Charlie.   Their treatment is truly miraculous!"

Elena :)

Natural Healing for a young mum and her family

Thursday, 8 November 2018

I started using Heal with Ease remedies and healing plans 4.5 years ago, not long after the birth of my 4th child. I was feeling run down, mentally, emotional and physically. I was told by family members, ”you just have to expect that with having 4 kids now.”  But knew that wasn’t correct!

After just one healing plan, I started to feel fantastic and in no time, I was back to my old self!

Eric and Cathy have completed distance healing plans on our 4 children, and the difference we have noticed with their health, confidence, behaviour and even the colouring in their face is quite unbelievable. 

I also have the Heal with Ease remedies on hand at all times, and find them very easy to use.  If I am ever in doubt about which one to use or the dosage I ask Eric or Cathy.  They have always been very supportive and very approachable, nothing is ever a hassle. 

I recently contact Cathy to start a distance healing plan on me after what I thought was just hayfever, but got worse and just kept lingering. I felt so congested, the pressure from my neck to the top of my head was terrible. I was so tired, all I wanted to do was sleep and that went on for nearly a week. After it not showing any signs of improving, I contacted Cathy and within no time I had started to improve.

Thank you very much Eric, Cathy and the Heal with Ease Team.   

R. Parker, NSW  xo

Saving Lamby

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Julie sent us this lovely testimonial about a little lamb we saved through running healing plans.  The story is really quite sad with a happy ending.  Julie and her husband purchased a mob of ewes in lamb just prior to some cold wet weather arriving at their place.  It was a terrible time as she had sheep laying down everywhere - sick, cold and dying.

We ran a few plans on the ewes and their lambs as a whole and then one on just the lambs and finally this beautiful baby was done individually.  I know many farmers will think saving one little lamb isn't worth the effort but after all Julie had been through with these sheep ever baby was important.  

Julie wrote us, "I contacted Cathy early June about Lamby who I thought was going to die.  After being part of two other lamb plans and one for herself she is now thriving.  From being a skinny, had pink eye and stiff knees and scouring lamb that could hardly stand up she is now healthy and thriving thanks to the wonderful remedies of Heal with Ease. Thank you.”
Julie McDonald

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