Equine Neck threadworms (Onchocerca Cervicalis)

Thursday, 19 October 2017

If your horse is fussing with the bridle or bit, not wanting to cooperate with your instructions or rubbing their face and neck against everything they can get close to then they may have equine neck threadworms. 

Onchocerca cervicalis worms, also called equine neck threadworms, live in the large nuchal ligament that runs from the poll to the withers. Adult worms are very thin and may be several inches long. Most of the time, the adult stage causes no problems for the horse. Occasionally the adult worms can cause some inflammation and mineralization results. Adult worms reproduce by releasing immature microfilaria, which are spread by biting insects such as no-see-ums and black flies. Microfilaria concentrate along the bottom skin of the horse’s abdomen and chest, where these flies prefer to feed. 

The presence of microfilaria can cause intense itching and resultant skin trauma and swelling. Dead microfilaria are often more itchy than live ones, so horses may show signs after they have been dewormed. The classic, but not often observed, lesion is a bullseye of hair loss and inflammation on the horse’s forehead. Most affected horses show dermatitis, crustiness, hair loss, itching, swelling, and self trauma to the skin along the bottom of the abdomen and chest. Occasionally, microfilaria may migrate through the eye and cause edema of the cornea (revealed as blueness to the normally clear front of the eye) or moon blindness (anterior uveitis). Flies feeding on wounds may deposit microfilaria, making the wounds itchy and slow to heal. 

There are several different and important skin lesions that may resemble Onchocerca spp. infections. These include proud flesh (exuberant granulation tissue), squamous cell carcinoma, pythiosis, and summer sores.

During the healing plan testing process we always test for this parasite and it comes up quite often to be cleared in our clients horses, sometimes their dogs and even in a person once or twice.

Below are photos of a clients horse who had them and we ran a healing plan on to release them (top two are at the start and the bottom as they are releasing and the wounds healing).  The remedy for these neckworms are now in our Horse Allwormer remedy.


Clearing Tartar from your dogs teeth naturally

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Tartar In Dogs

We all love to see our dogs with clean white teeth and we are quick to notice when there breath and teeth start to go off in colour and smell.

So what can we do?  We have a couple of options that are well worth considering before you end up at the vet putting your dog under anaesthetic to have their teeth cleaned. Every time you do this you run a risk of other complications. We all know what they are and the more we can minimise risk the better is for both you and your dog.

Everyone talks about diet being part of the cause and recommend feeding raw foods -  this includes bones and other things that encourage chewing.  What I have always used when available is semi frozen lumps of meat. Different to a bone it will allow the teeth to push in and clean right up to the gums.

In recent years we have been using our Tartar Release remedy.  This remedy releases the tartar from the teeth and back up into the gums.  It also contains a remedy to reduce tooth decay.  This is a fantastic little remedy that is a great help.  It has been the easiest and most effective way we have found to clear/ clean our dogs teeth of tartar and improve overall oral health.

It is as simple as a drop in their mouth or on the tip of their nose once a day and over the next couple of weeks you will notice a big change.  We always recommend a little longer treatment when first starting as this remedy clears right up under into the gums.

With regular use you will be able to keep your dogs teeth clean and health for a long time into the future.  Saving on the costly and dangerous vet treatments for your beloved pet.

Purchase your Tartar release via our shop website.


Saving an orphan foal using energy remedies

Monday, 2 October 2017

This testimonial comes from Mary-Anne P, in NSW.

Just over 2 years ago I had the very sad experience of losing my dear old mare after she had given birth to a very handsome colt. 

Buddy, as we have called him was about 3 weeks old when his mumma passed.

So what to do with an orphan foal –

We purchased special foal feed, foal milk formula, which we just sprinkled over the feed as we could not get him to drink.

We ran him with another old mare, (she kind of looked after him.)

I also treated him with a few Heal With Ease remedies which I purchased from Cathy and they were:

1.   Grief Remedy
2.   No. 1 Accident Remedy
3.   Settling Remedy

The remedies really helped him to cope with his ordeal.

He is now broken in and going really well – he has never looked like a poddy foal.  I worm him and all our horses once a month with the Heal with Ease worming remedy, which keeps them looking good.

Thanks Eric & Cathy for the remedies.  They are so user friendly and come with clear instructions for their use.
With Gratitude

Concerned Grandmother

We work with lots of worried Grandmothers who contact us about help for their grandchildren.

This testimonial comes from Mary-Anne in NSW, Australia.

Recently I have had concerns about my beautiful almost 12 month old granddaughter, Kelly.

She had digestive issues, vomiting after meals and bottles, unable to handle loud noises which made her shriek and unhappy most of the time.

I rang Cathy and inquired about what we could do to help Kelly.  Cathy suggested we do some plans for her and see how she went. 

So we did several plans for Kelly and a few hearing issues came up for her as well as some digestive issues.

After just 2 months of  treatment with the plans I am very happy and relieved to say Kelly is smiling all the time, no more shrieking, no more vomiting, and is a changed happy little person.

Thank you Cathy for all your reassurance along the way that Kelly would be OK as all of us as Grandma’s just want the best for our very special little people.

Thanks again for your care and concern Heal with Ease.

Kind Regards

Help for dogs with Separation Anxiety

Monday, 18 September 2017

We breed short haired border collies as many of you know - working dogs. However it is our experience with cattle that led us to using a rehoming/grief remedy on our puppies when they are separated from their mother and litter mates.
Not dealing with this grief can lead to a life long problem of separation anxiety and anxiety generally.
On the farm when we wean the calves from the cows it's done on mass. Then they are separated by a few fences as they will do anything to get back to each other and for days to a week afterwards both cow and calf will bellow to each other. It's a heartbreaking process to observe. It has to be done of course for the cows health, she can't go on feeding her calf indefinitely as it draws all the goodness out of her and she needs to rebuild herself in preparation for her next calf.
This grief happens everywhere with people and animals. The mother/child bond is very strong.
In an attempt to make this an easier process we formulated our rehoming remedy. It is given for a few days after the weaning has taken place and allows both mum and baby to move on.
Although ideally given at weaning it can be given later in life to release the grief that is stored inside. Grief affects the body in so many ways - emotionally, mentally and physically and clearing it is a process we all need to do from time to time.
Link to the Rehoming remedy on our website:…/rehoming-remedy

Emma's healing journey

Thursday, 14 September 2017

This testimonial was sent to us by Emma Parkinson from Proserpine, Qld.

My Heal with ease journey started back in 2014.  It Wasn’t for myself it was for my then 6 yr old suffering with extreme anxiety.  Cathy was fantastic from the first time I made contact and within weeks of starting the changes were unbelievable.   I then again run into trouble with my Mr number 2.  He had a terrible gastro bug and just couldn’t recover fully from it.  I contacted Cathy and explained after seeing the Dr countless times it just wasn’t helping.  To my amazement by the next day things were looking great.  This is when I decided I would purchase an at home remedy kit so there was always something on hand for these sorts of emergencies.  My boys have been having healing plans ever since by far the best decision I have made for my boys health. 

As a mother we always think of our children first and comfortable that my boys are happy and healthy I decided it was now time to think of my own health.  I was super excited to start and shocked to know that I was running at 56% of my potential with 5 plans in total.  My main goal was to lift the emotional weight of me after losing my sister last year.  It is a pain that may never leave but with Cathy’s help I feel at ease, my body is lighter and I feel great for it.   To those that have not got an at home kit do yourself a favour and get one,  last week I was waking every morning with a headache.  I contacted Cathy who suggested I use the “Poison” and ”Fever” remedy as she suspected I had been exposed to chemicals.  That night I took both before bed and woke in the morning in a lather of sweat but feeling fantastic and headache free.   I am Truely so blessed to have found Cathy and her team.

Love and Blessings 
Emma xo

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