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Natural Support for your child before and after vaccinations

Compulsory vaccination is a huge issue for many parents in Australia and in other parts of the world.

Here in Australia no family allowance is provided by the Government if your child isn’t fully vaccinated, it is difficult to leave your child in care or enrol them in preschool.  Social pressures have seen children excluded from birthday parties and get togethers.  It’s a very difficult time if you make choices outside what is socially acceptable.

It is no wonder that parents with doubt in their mind about vaccinations are choosing to vaccinate their children, in spite of their fears. 

What we are offering is help for those parents who feel the need to vaccinate against their better judgement.

What our work shows us about the current generations health

In our work we test the running percentage of each client before we start their healing.  It is very upsetting to find a new born baby running at just 50% of their health potential.  This is an overall percentage which takes into account emotional, mental and physical health.

We have seen vaccinations drop this percentage even lower immediately in the moment of delivery.  It is no wonder we are seeing considerable side effects from vaccinations.

How does a new baby arrive at such a low percentage I’m sure you are asking?  We know that things are inherited genetically and we also know that the last 100 years has seen the most toxic time in all history for humans, animals and the planet.  Each generation carries the load of the previous generations and that load is getting to be mighty heavy.  This is resulting in every new generation carrying more and more load and therefore arriving on the planet in a worse and worse state.

 How can we help your children cope better with their vaccinations?

Our work is about identifying the load someone is carrying and where that load is affecting the normal functions of the body.  Once identified we can clear the load and heal where the load has affected the internal functions, restoring health and lifting that vital health percentage.

Not one of our client’s children has had a major reaction to a vaccination.  Sure we have lots of people who come to us after a vaccine reaction, even if they don’t identify that this is the cause of their child’s on going health issues, but not one of our existing clients has had a major reaction.

So, clear the load, heal the internal functions and restore health to the body.  Once the body is running strong and well they can have their vaccination.  Then we do another healing immediately after the vaccination to ensure no major reaction.

We’ve done this over and over with great success.  To read more about the Distance Healing Plan process, you can click here.

What about children who have already been vaccine affected?

As mentioned above we have worked with many children that are vaccine affected – some minor and others quite badly.  Clearing their load and supporting their bodies back to good (or as good as possible) function helps them to cope better with the world and improves their overall immune system and health.

Please feel free to email us to find out more or give Cathy a call on 0437 287483.

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