Healing Plans


Our Personalised Distance Healing Plans are very specialised, intensive healing work. They are accurate in diagnosis and amazing in their healing process. It takes a lot of energy for us to produce this work for our clients. If you are wanting to enlist us to do healing for you we need a commitment of 3 healing plans minimum @ $145 per healing plan.  Payment can be made one plan at a time if preferred.

The first healing plan is done in 9 days to lift their level of health and energy quickly. Most people are running quite low when they first come to us and it is important to lift them to a functional level as quickly as possible. The average time for a healing plan is 18 days. Emergency healing plans are run in 9 days.

Payment is required as confirmation of your commitment to the healing. Payment plans can be discussed if required. To pay for your plan click here.

All our healing plans are run distantly.

Our work is about identifying the load a person (or animal) is carrying and where this load is affecting the internal functions and natural healing processes of the body. Then clearing the load and supporting the body back to normal function.

The load will be a combination of :

- bacterias
- viruses
- chemicals
- toxins
- physical traumas
- emotional traumas
- inherited issues

Wherever you are in your health right now, whatever symptoms you are struggling with, it will be a combination of things that are causing them. We have never found just one thing to be the cause of people’s ill-health and every ‘body’ will be individual and different because every ‘body’s’ journey to this point has been different.

Our work is not for everyone. It is out there. We know that. Anyone who is willing to give this very different form of healing a go, we will give you 100% of our attention, be there to answer your questions along the way and guide you through the changes.

Healing plans are $145 each.  This includes testing, research and report and treatment with all indicated remedies over either a 9 day (express) or 18 day period. Pay for your Personalised Distance Healing Plan by clicking here.

Distance Healing Plans – How is it that we can treat you distantly?

All the remedies we use in our healing are energy or vibrational remedies. To give you an example of these types of remedies that you might know, they include homeopathic remedies, flower essences (like bach flowers rescue remedy) and gem essences. We also include the vibrational antidotes (if you will) of bacterias, chemicals and so much more. The remedies are vibrational and the photo you send us for testing is a vibrational representation of you. Using our specialty remedy instrument we can transfer the remedy directly from the machine to you via your photo.

We are finding the distance healing very effective and removes issues that can inhibit the healing like:

- forgetting to take your remedies

- things countering the uptake or efficiency of the remedy ie. strong essential oils, chemical exposure, etc.

- it allows us to treat emergencies

- it allows us to treat when a person or animal is not accessible to treat ie. in ICU, nursing homes, overseas on holidays, wayward teenagers, stock animals in the paddock, etc.

- it also allows us to start clearing issues immediately. Most clients will get the first remedy the same day we test. Life changes quickly so the sooner we get on with the healing the better.

As Reiki Masters we always had an understanding of sending energy healing distantly so it really wasn't that much of a stretch to think that we could send the remedies distantly. Our question was what vehicle could we send the remedy through. In Reiki we use a proxy, often a stuffed toy, to stand in for the absent person/animal. An emergency situation with a clients' horses led us to try transfer of remedies via a photo through our remedy instrument. To read more about that event click here.

For Frequently Asked Questions About Healing Plans click here.


Healing plans are tested individually and at the moment of testing the things that come up will be the highest priority to clear. Clearing the load will help the body to heal other issues.

Healing plans tested for each individual case. General symptoms are listed for each condition (they may not be) and is not a complete list of symptoms shown by the individual (some of the information available may not be gender or patient specific but will be as up to date as we can find. With limited information available on some of the findings).  If you require more information on each disease/condition or remedy feel free to research it further. Not all conditions listed for clearing and healing will be current issues, they may be from past exposures, illnesses or inherited. 

Due to the large amounts of human, animal and property/business distance healing plans we produce each day we are unable to produce symptoms specific for each species/gender and therefore some symptoms may be related to humans eg. hands, however this should be interpreted as feet/hooves with animals. We provide an overall summary of symptoms and side effects.
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