Administering Remedies

Instructions on how to administer the remedies

Administering of energy remedies is very easy. This was part of the reason we called our business Heal with Ease. Remedies can be provided in a few different forms – the most popular being pillule or liquid. The pillule remedies are created in a special sugar tablet that is completely void of any other substance. They are of course sweet and can be swallowed, sucked or allowed to dissolve under the tongue.
They can also be put in water and stirred and then just a small spoonful of water taken.

The liquid remedies can be stored in alcohol or distilled water. These are very simple to administer, especially on animals. First you must activate the remedy. We do this with 10 firm taps on the hand. Then 1-2 drops is placed on the animals nose or just inside the mouth. A natural reaction is to lick the nose and this is fine. If you are having trouble with this procedure you can also put the drops into the water bowl of the animal, give it a stir and allow them to drink.

Once you have seen them drink the water, then take it away and cleanse the bowl thoroughly before giving fresh water. So you see, healing with homeopathics is easy. It is also natural, non-toxic and very healthy for the environment.