Coronavirus Advice

These are challenging times. We all need to keep level heads and take necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Please also consider elderly friends and neighbours – check on them, see if you can help them in some way, maybe even just picking up some groceries for them.

Please stay calm. Follow the advice given to you by the Government. We wouldn’t recommend being tested for the virus unless you have to be. We have seen many people in our healing plans with the virus so it’s pretty safe to say, most people have had exposure to the virus. It is advisable to stop traveling unless absolutely necessary. We expect the Government will make a call for this soon.

The important thing is to keep your immune system strong. Limit your exposure to people if you can, eat well, drink lots of healthy water, get extra sleep if you are tired and avoid stressful people and situations. Stress will compromise your immune system; so avoid watching news reports constantly and if your social media is stressing you then take some time out from that too.

Avoid chemical use as it too will reduce your immune system. No vaccinations during this time for anyone – this is the quickest way to compromise your immune system function.

Many other bacteria and viruses are going around at present so if you really feel unwell we can help you out with a healing plan. Avoiding the doctors and hospitals if you can, this is where all the sick people go.

Eric’s tip – rum, honey and garlic are a good way to help throat infections and boost your immune system.

Energy remedies have a lot to offer at times like these. Many of you already have what you need to get through, among your remedies at home. Below is a guide of remedies to use for greatest effect, or if you want to stock up. We will be working throughout the pandemic but postage may be affected, so please be patient.

Organic Hand Sanitiser – this is our own organic hand sanitiser that’s efficient and gentle on your skin.

2021 Cold and Flu remedy – this is a cold/flu support remedy designed specifically for this years expected flu strains.

Bronchitis support – this remedy will help with respiratory disturbances and coughs.

Fever remedy – this remedy will help with fever management and sore throat. It will also helps with body aches and inflammation.

Immune System Tonic – to boost your immune system

Infection remedy (No. 2) – this remedy will help with sinus and throat infections.

Skin bath (No. 11) – add a drop or two of this remedy to your water to ease sore throats.

Stomach upsets & Coughs (No. 12) – this remedy has been proven over the years to be helpful with coughs of all sorts.

Sudden Illness remedy (No. 10) – this remedy should be taken at the first signs of feeling unwell.

Vitamin C remedy – this remedy assists with energy and boosts the immune system

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email for non-urgent inquiries. Phone if urgent – 0437 287483.

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