Treating Bonnie after Paralysis Tick

Heal with Ease as come to our rescue many a times for my children, husband and I.

Just recently for my daughters little pup Bonnie.

We had been traveling and when we had got to our destination, she started throwing up and then again the next day. 

But didn’t think a lot of it, as we thought she had just eaten something that she shouldn’t have. 

Day 3, my daughter came running over to the house in tears, saying that the dog had hurt its leg and couldn’t get up. So straight away we went and checked her and she didn’t not look well at all. She was totally paralysed. Couldn’t walk, drag herself, nothing! 

We instantly started treating her with remedies, going off her symptoms.

My husband checked her over with a fine tooth comb and we discovered a paralysis tick on her.

So we contacted Eric & Cathy straight away knowing it was out of our hands.
Straight away they started treating the puppy and very happy to do so.

Their ongoing support and advice was remarkable!

After almost a week, the pup had gone from being totally paralysed, not eating or drinking, to wagging her tail and looking to chase her ball.

So a huge thank you once again for the work and support Heal with Ease offer.

Bec E, Armidale, NSW.

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