Dogs with Travel Sickness

Thursday, 21 March 2019

This is our case study - March 2019

Our working border collie Jack has always had the worst travel sickness. Whenever he's in the ute traveling, even just around the farm, he will stress, drool and sometimes vomit.

We've tried running healing plans and using basic travel sickness remedies and still couldn't resolve this for Jack.

I have been doing some research that has led me to very high potency remedies. For example - the remedies most people have at home are 30C or 200C, in the healing plans we often come up with potencies up to 3,000C. In trying to resolve this problem for Jack I was inspired to use a 10,000C. Just a one off dose to see how it would work.

I treated him before Eric took him for a trial drive to Inverell 30kms away. He traveled well with only a minor bit of drooling. Next time he went out on the farm to start the pump he was alert, happy and no drooling at all.

Last night Eric had to run in late to pick up our son so took Jack after food (a real test) and he traveled without any problem. Amazing.

This is a different world for us looking at super high potency remedies. Very exciting.

I think this would work the same for people with travel sickness - air, car, sea.

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