Good skin without harsh medication

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Nate came to us in August last year at the suggestion of some mutual good friends.  He was on the verge of going on some very strong skin medication to clear his acne.  

We ran some healing plans for him.  These are whole body healing plans and helped Nate in many areas of his life, including his skin.

On 2nd January he sent me this lovely email:

"Hey Darl!

I can’t even explain how I feel like amazing doesn’t begin to cover it. I have so much energy, my skin is so clear and I’m so happy it’s perfect. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done it’s truly changed my life."

I asked Nate if I could share this with you and he kindly agreed and sent the beautiful photo below to go with this post.  :)

Cancer treatment support with healing plans

My partner was diagnosed with a primary melanoma on his back in 2009. He had this removed along with the lymph nodes under his arms, and we thought everything was fine. Then in 2012, he had major surgery to remove a tumour from his lung, again, in the aftermath things were positive. In 2014, our local specialist told us he had several spots in various organs, so off to the big smoke we went to try some new treatments available.

These worked for a while, then 2015 we got the news he had several tumours in the brain.

A friend told us about Cathy and Eric just before Billy was due to go to hospital for surgery, just a suggestion to help us both along the way. I immediately contacted Cathy and she and Eric went to work straight away - the first healing plan even stated exactly how many tumours there were, and they had no way of knowing this at all!

I believe Cathy and Eric's work helped with the stress and recovery from this surgery - Billy was back on a horse 4 weeks later. We continued to see the specialists, who kept an eye on things, and about 18 months later we had the same news again. Cathy told us there was nothing active there to worry about, and the surgeon confirmed this for us afterwards. Fast forward to late 2018 and we had a nervous wait for tests for yet another spot in the abdomen. Cathy did a couple of plans before the tests, and YAY they came up clear!!

During this entire time, Billy has continued to ride, play polocrosse, work and just live normally, and I do believe we can contribute a whole lot of this to Cathy and Eric's work. We don't know how it works, but as long it continues to do so, we are big fans.

I've also purchased the kits from Cathy, I probably don't use them as much as I should, but I am getting better at remembering to visit them as a first line of action. And I love the skin bath for my very dry skin - just wanted to mention that too. :)

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