Hunting Dogs treated with Heal with Ease Emergency Kits

My partner had purchased the Beginners Kit and Extension Kit to use as an emergency kit for ourselves and our animals. Having been involved in hunting pests with dogs for a decade or more I have encountered my fair share of expensive vet bills despite using all the protective breast plates and tracking collars to help keep my dogs safe. Over this past year I haven’t had any vet visits and my dogs are better then they have ever been. After a recent morning hunting trip, the dogs encountered some minor cuts and abrasions. I used a combination of the remedies in the kits and began treating them within the hour.

I used :

· No. 1 Accidents - for the cuts and bruising

· No. 2 Infections - for any puncture wounds and to keep on top of any infections

· No. 4 Fever - for heat stroke and dehydration

· No. 10 Sudden Illness - for shock and grief

By the afternoon of that same day my dogs’ moods had lifted and they were happily wagging their tails. I continued giving them No. 1 Accident and No. 2 Infection for the next week and their wounds had healed much quicker than I expected. By the end of week 2 one dog was entirely healed and the other was close to having skin coverage, and there were no infections! It was very impressive to see the way the remedies work in lifting their moods. I actually had to keep the dogs calm as they had so much energy and I was worried about them opening their staples and slowing the healing. I always make sure I have these kits on hands now and would recommend them to anyone who has dogs or animals. Thanks Heal with Ease!

Chris, Northern NSW

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