Remedies and Healing Plans Support Nicky's family, including her pets and farm animals

I have been using Heal with Ease plans and remedies for my animals and family’s health for about three years now. Over this time Cathy has often been inundated with queries (not quite interrogations) from me, trying to answer my never-ending questions about their healing plans. Throughout this, she has remained patient and gracious with her time. I still may not really understand how they work, however the positives that result from the plans, means they are my first port of call with regards to our health. And… more and more I am hearing the ‘Remedies cupboard’ being opened by my sceptical husband and even more cynical son. The remedies are speaking for themselves 😊

3 day Sickness

About a month ago we had a maiden heifer go down with 3 day. We had had a few others show signs, however they were fine after a few days. This heifer went down and was not able to get back up. I had some 3 Day remedy on hand and we administered this to her nose on day 4 onwards, morning and night. She started to eat offered hay and drink water however her back legs would not support her. On day seven, with Eric’s advice we started her on Infection and Bites remedies. She continued to be bright and eating and drinking for 6 days, however we could not get her up. Early on day 14, Mark went out to her to make a decision regarding her future (we were experiencing 40 degree heat at the time) and she was up and gone. She has shown no ill effects of her ordeal other than a bit of skin missing on her back legs. Next time we will start the remedies sooner!

Kelpie bitch

Our beautiful working kelpie had a couple of plans with the Heal with Ease team before we joined her. She whelped 7 healthy puppies, however on day eight she developed high temps and mastitis in one teat. She was unable to lie down and feed her pups due to the pain. We used the Infection, Fever and Abscess remedies on her and she was back to her normal health within two days.

From N. Lorimer, Qld, Australia

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