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Heal with Ease Equine Remedies


This is a combination remedy that helps after an accident or injury. Initially it will release the shock to the body and then follow up doses support the healing of muscle and tendon damage. Consider this remedy for other issues as well like during and after transporting, post foal delivery, after castration, after hot, exhaustive training or competing.


This remedy works great for calming the anxiety held in the body, while keeping the mind sharp. Perfect for training, competing or floating.


This is a great remedy for your older horses who are struggling with mobility due to arthritis. It helps reduce inflammation and swelling, helps with clearing old injuries, pain and improves nutrient uptake.


Use this remedy after bites from flies, ticks, mosquitoes, etc. Even suitable to use while awaiting further help in the case of snake bite.

Bone Knit

Use this remedy in conjunction with the accident remedy. Don’t use it until the bone has been set in place as it will start the knitting process immediately. This remedy is also great for eye injuries and stomach ulcers.


Use this remedy every 4 hours in the case of colic to calm the inflammation and encourage a healthy bowel motion to settle things down. Obviously the sooner you start the better the results.

Eye Abscess Assist

This is a great remedy for cleansing dirt and foreign objects from behind eyes. In this process it releases eye abscesses and associated infection.


For when your mare isn’t cycling properly and for your stallion when he’s not producing foals, this remedy resets the reproductive system.


The fever remedy is a must to have on hand. It helps with fever of course but also with dehydration and heat stroke. Also combine with Accident remedy for injuries to reduce swelling with heat.

Foot Abscess

This blended remedy is designed to reduce inflammation, release any infection or abscess. Also helps with pain as it reduces swelling and heals nerve damage.


This remedy releases infection, often out through the skin. It also helps nerve damage and therefore helpful as a pain reliever.


Use this remedy to help with mild itching. In extreme cases you probably won’t find this remedy suitable. Also consider this remedy to aid in recovery from serious illness and in cases of respiratory distress.


For those times when your horse has overeaten, this remedy will help. It’s also a helpful remedy to cleanse toxins from the kidneys and supporting them to function better.

Pain Relief

Give this remedy every 4 hours to relieve pain. This remedy also helps with swelling and nerve damage.


In any situation where there is poisoning this remedy will help. Use it to treat diarrhea and exposure to chemicals. It supports the liver to cleanse toxins from the body.


Use this great remedy to cleanse rainscald from your horse.


When you take on a rehomed horse and they just don’t settle into the group properly try this wonderful rehoming/grief remedy. Also helpful with separation anxiety and for mother and foal at weaning time.

Sports Recovery

This is a great remedy for after training, competing or any intensive work, especially if it’s hot. Aids in a quick recovery.


Use this remedy when there are stings to the body or swelling without heat in the joints.

Stomach upset

Use this remedy in cases of upset stomach so you can use it in combination with the colic remedy in treating colic. This is also a great remedy for coughs.

Sudden Illness

Consider this remedy in all situations of illness that comes on suddenly, especially after cold weather.

Worming remedy (Horse Allwormer)

Use this great natural worming product for the three days over the full moon each month to cleanse intestinal parasites and other worms from your horse. This remedy also works on clearing Onchocerca cervicalis (neck threadworms).

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