Bringing home a new puppy

When you first bring your puppy home is the perfect time to run a healing plan or two. Clear the load they are carrying, clear the grief from leaving their mother and litter mates and give their body the perfect start to grow to potential.

I don't know if it's still the belief but when I was a kid my mother would tell me that babies are born perfect. If it was the case then, it certainly isn't now. We see babies - human and animal born with incredible load on their body. They have the inherited load of their parents, grandparents, etc, all held in their dna. The body identifies load whether current or inherited as an invader and it distracts the immune system and energy of the body from growing and dealing with day to day load and stresses that come upon it. Something you certainly don't want during the formative growth stages of any baby.

Get a huge amount of this load lifted early and set your puppy up for a strong and healthy life. :)  Book your puppy's healing plan here.

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