Concerned Grandmother

We work with lots of worried Grandmothers who contact us about help for their grandchildren.

This testimonial comes from Mary-Anne in NSW, Australia.

Recently I have had concerns about my beautiful almost 12 month old granddaughter, Kelly.

She had digestive issues, vomiting after meals and bottles, unable to handle loud noises which made her shriek and unhappy most of the time.

I rang Cathy and inquired about what we could do to help Kelly.  Cathy suggested we do some plans for her and see how she went. 

So we did several plans for Kelly and a few hearing issues came up for her as well as some digestive issues.

After just 2 months of  treatment with the plans I am very happy and relieved to say Kelly is smiling all the time, no more shrieking, no more vomiting, and is a changed happy little person.

Thank you Cathy for all your reassurance along the way that Kelly would be OK as all of us as Grandma’s just want the best for our very special little people.

Thanks again for your care and concern Heal with Ease.

Kind Regards

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