Help for dogs with Separation Anxiety

Monday, 18 September 2017

We breed short haired border collies as many of you know - working dogs. However it is our experience with cattle that led us to using a rehoming/grief remedy on our puppies when they are separated from their mother and litter mates.
Not dealing with this grief can lead to a life long problem of separation anxiety and anxiety generally.
On the farm when we wean the calves from the cows it's done on mass. Then they are separated by a few fences as they will do anything to get back to each other and for days to a week afterwards both cow and calf will bellow to each other. It's a heartbreaking process to observe. It has to be done of course for the cows health, she can't go on feeding her calf indefinitely as it draws all the goodness out of her and she needs to rebuild herself in preparation for her next calf.
This grief happens everywhere with people and animals. The mother/child bond is very strong.
In an attempt to make this an easier process we formulated our rehoming remedy. It is given for a few days after the weaning has taken place and allows both mum and baby to move on.
Although ideally given at weaning it can be given later in life to release the grief that is stored inside. Grief affects the body in so many ways - emotionally, mentally and physically and clearing it is a process we all need to do from time to time.
Link to the Rehoming remedy on our website:…/rehoming-remedy

Emma's healing journey

Thursday, 14 September 2017

This testimonial was sent to us by Emma Parkinson from Proserpine, Qld.

My Heal with ease journey started back in 2014.  It Wasn’t for myself it was for my then 6 yr old suffering with extreme anxiety.  Cathy was fantastic from the first time I made contact and within weeks of starting the changes were unbelievable.   I then again run into trouble with my Mr number 2.  He had a terrible gastro bug and just couldn’t recover fully from it.  I contacted Cathy and explained after seeing the Dr countless times it just wasn’t helping.  To my amazement by the next day things were looking great.  This is when I decided I would purchase an at home remedy kit so there was always something on hand for these sorts of emergencies.  My boys have been having healing plans ever since by far the best decision I have made for my boys health. 

As a mother we always think of our children first and comfortable that my boys are happy and healthy I decided it was now time to think of my own health.  I was super excited to start and shocked to know that I was running at 56% of my potential with 5 plans in total.  My main goal was to lift the emotional weight of me after losing my sister last year.  It is a pain that may never leave but with Cathy’s help I feel at ease, my body is lighter and I feel great for it.   To those that have not got an at home kit do yourself a favour and get one,  last week I was waking every morning with a headache.  I contacted Cathy who suggested I use the “Poison” and ”Fever” remedy as she suspected I had been exposed to chemicals.  That night I took both before bed and woke in the morning in a lather of sweat but feeling fantastic and headache free.   I am Truely so blessed to have found Cathy and her team.

Love and Blessings 
Emma xo

Natural treatment for dogs having seizures

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

At the start of May 2017, Carla contacted us regarding her dog George who was having seizures.  Her investigations into the family history she found that seizures were common amongst George's breeding.  Being a farm dog and coming from farm parents there was a lot of chemical exposure in George - genetically and accumulated that was causing these seizures.
We have done 4 healing plans for George to the point of writing this page and he hasn't had another seizure since the end of the first plan.
Carla sent me this today (13 September 2017):
Hi Cathy
Just letting you know George is going fantastically. 
Better than I ever imagined. He is taking to training very well. In the last 2 weeks I have worked him on a trainer mob of sheep for only 5 mins a day. He's gone from complete disinterest to fully into it (a bit much, a bit of crazy behavior), to some very thoughtful good work. 
I'm impressed with his quick progression. He's happy (lots of tail wags) he's getting up in the ute and on the bike. He's excited to go down the shearing shed to get a go round the sheep. He's excited to be alive and his personality is shining through. 
I have seen video footage of one of his siblings having a fit which is exactly the same as George used to have. I mean I'm not sure if you would call it a fit, they just lose the use of their back legs and drag themselves around for a while until they just have to sit down. Then they seem quite stunned, have the shakes and out of it for 10 or 15 minutes until they seem to come good and then get up like nothing has happened. That's what was happening to George. I have not seen that in George since his first healing plan. 
He has grown into a beautiful big healthy dog. 
Very happy. 
Thank you.
Carla Eschenberg

Pregnancy and delivery help for young mum

Lisa Mora shared her experiences with Heal with Ease below:

I met Cathy and her lovely family many years ago on a homeschoolers outing. 

I was always interested in natural therapies and was fascinated and a little sceptical ( mostly from not understanding ) in what Cathy does. We lost touch for a while when I moved overseas, but when my eldest daughter fell pregnant and suffered severe and prolonged morning sickness along with anxiety and panic attacks I thought of Cathy and contacted her to see if she could help. 

My daughter was not well enough to continue working and was mostly bedridden. Cathy and her amazing team have been there all the way with healing plans for my daughter to help her through her pregnancy to full term. We are so blessed to have a beautiful healthy granddaughter who was born after an induction at 11 days past the due date. 

Cathy and her team were on call for us throughout the induction process and the birth. I don't know where we would be without them. My daughter had a postpartum haemorrhage which scared us for a moment but we were reassured knowing Cathy was straight on the job running healing plans to help and stop the bleeding. Even the doctor was surprised with how well my daughter is doing considering the amount of blood she lost. 

We are so grateful that Heal with Ease offer their existing clients a complementary post birth mother and baby healing plan which I believe has really helped my daughter and her baby thrive through those early days. They are doing so well. 

Although all of my children are vaccinated I am fearful for my granddaughters ongoing well being with the amount of vaccines which are now on the schedule. There was nowhere near that amount when my kids were young. I am also disappointed and more than a little frustrated that parents do not have a right to choose or consider their bio - individuality and family health history before being forced to jab babies with a ridiculous amount of vaccines containing high levels of known neurotoxins.  I am not anti or pro vaccine but I do believe that people should take responsibility for their own well being and that of their children. In saying that I respect my daughters decision to vaccinate her baby to the schedule. 

Thank goodness Heal with Ease can measure the toxic load these vaccines create for my granddaughter and can go to work to minimise the damage and prepare her for the next onslaught. There are neurological and developmental issues in my family already and it's important to me that we consider not adding to my grand babies inherited toxic load. 

Thank goodness we have Heal with Ease on the job to help with that! I can't thank you enough!

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