Natural healing of Eczema

Eczema also known as Atopic Dermatitis is a chronic, inherited, inflammatory skin condition with symptoms including areas of dry, itching and reddened skin.

Eczema is not contagious.

There is some talk about eczema being genetic and in the epigenetic way of looking at health issues it could definitely be true.

We work with people and animals with severe skin issues every day.
Severe skin conditions like ezcema are a sign of our toxic times. 

Many people get on the rollercoaster of medications and medicated creams, even bleach baths which only adds to the toxic load.

This is what is happening as we have seen in it people and animals over and over in the last 10 years.  The body is amazing in it’s efforts to keep the organs and the internal functions (like digestion, respiration, etc) working at some level.  So when the toxin load gets too much for the liver to handle through the bowel, it will push it to the skin - the furthest point from the organs as possible.

It’s itchy and it’s sore and it looks terrible but the body is doing the very best it can for it’s survival.

When you use medication and get that short relief, what you are seeing is the toxins being pushed back into the body.  So as soon as you stop the body tries again to push them out to the skin - the original load plus the new load of the medication.  The biggest problems that cause this load are the heavy metals and toxins in vaccinations and the chemicals that we get exposed to every day in our lives.

Little people struggle the most because as well as trying to deal with this load they are also trying to grow and learn.  A huge effort all round.

At this level of toxin overload we see a huge increase in allergies – both food and environmental. The body is too overloaded to deal with ‘harder to process’ foods and environmental allergens.  There is literally no energy left in his body to deal with day to day living.

So, what can we do to help.  Our work is about identifying and clearing this load and supporting the body back to normal organ and system function.  Below is information about our Distance Healing Plans which many of our clients have utilised to help their animals and their children through this terrible skin condition.

Distance Healing Plans

Many of you will have already had experience with our healing plans, so you know how accurately we can diagnose what is going on with you and your pets.

For people who have never experienced our healing, I'll explain it to you now.

Our work is a about identifying what load the body is carrying - bacterias,  chemicals, viruses, toxins, emotional and physical traumas, etc and where these things are affecting the internal functions of the body and the natural healing processes.

We combine muscle testing, using a photo of our client, with energy remedies to firstly identify the load and then where the internal disturbances lay.  The muscle testing  process involves testing through over 13000 different remedies to find the highest priority for the client in the moment.  After testing, all remedies are researched and a report is then emailed to the client to  explain what we have found going on.

Then we use the indicated remedies to clear and heal the issues in priority order for the client.

In the past we have posted the remedies with a dosing plan for the client to take at home.  Over the past year we have nearly fully converted to treating clients distantly, however if you want your healing plan posted  that option is still available.  The distance healing will be a new concept to most people and probably a bit confusing.  Let me try to explain how this works.

All the remedies we use in our healing are energy or vibrational remedies.  To give you an example of these types of remedies that you might know, they include homeopathic remedies, flower essences (like bach flowers rescue remedy) and gem essences.  We also include the vibrational equivalent of bacterias, chemicals and so much more.  The remedies are vibrational and the photo you send us for testing is a vibrational representation of you (or your pet).  Using our special remedy maker we can transfer the remedy directly from the machine to you via your photo.

We are finding the distance healing very effective and removes issues that can inhibit the healing like:

1) forgetting to take your remedies
2) things countering the uptake or efficiency of the remedy ie. strong essential oils, chemical exposure, etc.
3) it allows us to treat emergencies
4) it allows us to treat when a person or animal is not accessible to treat ie. in ICU, nursing homes, overseas on holidays, wayward teenagers, stock animals in the paddock.
5) it also allows us to start clearing issues immediately.  Most clients will get the first remedy the same day we test.  Life changes quickly and by the time you receive your plan and remedies in the mail you may have had more load land on your body.

As Reiki Masters we always had an understanding of sending energy healing distantly so it really wasn't that much of a stretch to think that we could send the remedies distantly.  Our question was what vehicle could we send the remedy through.  In Reiki we use a proxy, often a stuffed toy, to stand in for the absent person/animal.

This is how it came about that we found we could send remedies via photos.

Last year a client of ours had 5 horses deathly sick with botulism poisoning.  We assume it was transferred via a contaminated dead animal in their feed.  Their situation was severe and if we couldn't treat them quickly they would die.  The local vets refused to come, claiming it might have been hendra, so we turned out to be the only option.

The question was could we send the remedies from NSW to Northern Qld to these horses.  At this stage we had nothing to lose so we gave it a try.  The plans were tested as usual but the remedies were sent a few times a day via the photos.

It was a long haul with ups and downs but we eventually saved every one of the 5 horses.  So now we knew.  Healing plans could be run distantly.

Now, on any given day we are running up to 100 healing plans on people, animals, mobs of stock, blocks of land, gardens, paddocks, even on clients in other countries and we are achieving healing for clients faster and more efficiently than ever before.  The plans are run at the rate of one remedy a day.  It was the only way we could manage the healing plans from our end.  This means a plan is run in approximately 18 days.

It's like a miracle and Eric and I still get up some days and say how and why us.  It's been an amazing journey and every week we will add something new to our testing - maybe a new chemical or bacteria or  toxin.  We are constantly looking for ways to help our clients achieve their return to good health.

Each healing plan is $145.  This is fully inclusive of testing, research and report and distance transfer of all indicated remedies.  If you want your remedies posted it is an additional $10 in Australia, $15 for Overseas orders.

If you are struggling with health issues at any level - physically, emotionally or mentally then consider dropping us a line to see how we can help you.

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