Pink eye and Eye Abscesses in Stock Animals

Pink eye is a common issue most farmers struggle with in their stock.  It can be seen in sheep, cattle, goats, alpacas and horses.

Pink eye in cattle is usually caused by Bacterium Moraxella Bovis and in sheep by Chlamydia or Mycoplasma bacterias.  There are also many situations where pinkeye isn’t a bacteria borne issue and is simply caused by grass seed, dust and other foreign objects irritating the eye.  For the purpose of this article we will be referring to both problems as pinkeye as the symptoms are the same.

Early symptoms of pink eye are copious watery eye discharge, aversion to sunlight, irritation to the eye, reddening and swelling of the eyelids and the third eyelid.  Then the eye will go cloudy in the middle and the cornea may ulcerate.  Ulceration may then form to an abscess and can lead to permanent blindness in one or both eyes.

Affects to the animal struggling with pinkeye:

-       struggle to graze properly
-       lose weight affecting production
-       lose connection with the mob, causing stress
-       physical damage when running into fences in extreme situations
-       sheep are more susceptible to death from the side effects of pinkeye
-       long term problems can lead to eye cancers and other serious health issues

Conventional treatment

Antibiotic creams and powders are what are currently used to treat pinkeye and new legislation requires you get these from the vet rather than the rural supply stores if they are medicated.  The antibiotic creams do seem to get the best results and powers need to be administered multiple times a day.  This is messy, time consuming and labour intensive.  A new preventative vaccination is new to the market but is expensive and needs to be used on the whole mob with a quoted 60-70% effectiveness rate.

A Natural approach

Heal with Ease Pinkeye remedy provides you with correctly chosen energy remedies which provide a natural solution to pinkeye problems.  The remedy is administered by a spray on the nose, much easier than wrestling creams and powders into the eye/s and the whole mob/flock can be done quickly and simply up the race. 

The Heal with Ease Pinkeye remedy stimulates the body to naturally cleanse the eye of the bacterias and foreign particles.  The results are quick, more profound and cost effective at less than 20c/dose.  Having the remedy on hand and treating at the first signs will give you the best result.  One dose with a follow up treatment a week later if necessary is all that is needed.

There are no withholding issues with Heal with Ease remedies and are an allowable input in organic farming.  Link to Heal with Ease Pink eye and Eye Abscess Assist remedy:

 Testimonials from clients

Hi Cathy, 
We have a small organic dairy in Calhan, CO USA. I've used your pinkeye eye treatment several months ago when we had an outbreak in our dairy herd and was amazed at the outcome and how well it worked! I've ordered some more as we have a group of first calf heifers starting to calve and it seems like they are catching the pinkeye too. The rest of the herd have all healed fully from the pinkeye. 
Thank you, 
Robin Mikita,  Mikita Dairy 

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