Natural Dog Health

By Eric Tighe

Recently I have been asked what do I do for my dogs’ health.

This has come from people that know me and my dogs.  They know that Cathy and I are quite alternate in our and our animals health and have been for a very long time.

Over the last 18 years we have kept all our dogs healthy with homeopathic and homeopathic type remedies and blends.  In this time I have constantly run between 10-15 dogs.

I have bred a few litters, very few if you where to sit down and work it out but enough to have a fair idea of what to expect and what I need to do to ensure strong healthy pups and a good post delivery recovery for my bitches.  I also have grown out a large percentage of our pups to different ages with good success.

In the early days we found that we could manage a lot of health issues with our dogs with basic homeopathic remedies.  We dealt with accidents, injuries and other day to day issues with basic remedies like arnica, hypericum, belladonna, silica.  This alone saved us thousands of dollars and lots of time and worry over the years.  Using these remedies helped us to build healthy robust dogs.
It showed us the power of these simple but powerful tools (remedies).  To this day I can still not believe that these remedies are not used more widely on animals and people.

If it wasn’t for seeing the results that can be achieved with the basic remedies, we would not have continued to grow and expand our knowledge to the level we are now seeing and achieving for our dogs and those of our clients.

Over the past 9 years we have now grown our techniques to a new level.

We now run what we call healing plans on all our dogs at regular intervals.  In these healing plans we have combined muscle testing with not just the homeopathic remedies, but with some 18000 different energy remedies, including remedies for chemicals, bacterias, organ rates, gem essences, inherited diseases and lots, lots more.  All remedies are made in the style of homeopathic remedies.

This has allowed us to build the level of health in our dogs far beyond what we could ever have though possible.

All our dogs have had healing plans to clearing inherited and accumulated load and health issues.  Everything that we have breed for the last few years have had there parents and some their grandparents treated.  We run plans on all our dogs before we breed anything.

I run a plan while the bitch is pregnant to make sure the pups are as well as they can be before birth.

At whelping we monitor and use basic tools during and after to help with a full recovery for mum and the bringing in of lots of good milk for the pups.

We have found that if we wean our pups at the 6-8 weeks of age, while leaving access to mum anything up to 10 weeks gives us the best healthy, stable puppies.  Anytime we wean a pup or bring a new dog onto the places we treat them with a weaning remedy.  This helps with grief and separation so there is no set back to their health or immune system as a result of the rehoming.

We use Homeopathic wormers, flea treatments and miasms for other diseases.  We always deal with any problems as quickly as possible with both the basic remedies and plans to maintain health and vitality.

Any time we see any problems developing, which is at this point not very often, we treat with the basic remedies quickly to achieve an efficient resolution.  We are dealing with a clean, healthy body and we find the remedies work very quickly.  This is quite noticeable when we work with clients’ dogs in emergency situations because if we haven’t worked on them previously as we have a huge load to clear, on top of the emergency.

All pups go into the homeopathic protocol of wormers, flea treatments and miasms.  Miasmic remedies treat diseases and we use these remedies for the things most people vaccinate against – kennel cough, parvovirus, distemper, etc.  I use these remedies after every trip away from the farm ie. when I go trialing to ensure I don’t bring any new exposure home to the property.

Being from a farming background, feeding has always been very basic - a good quality biscuit and meat when I can, which is not as often as it should be.

For the past few years we have been feeding some puppy biscuits for the first three months after weaning.  After that they are back on to the basic feed with extras when I feel they need it.

As you can see it is quite a process and nothing is left to chance.  While we are very basic on the feed side we are very particular on the health side.  It is far easier to feed a healthy dog/system then try and feed something to health, which realistically is impossible.

Photos below of our bred pups - Karma, Cookie, Ellie, Jo.

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