Fertility problems with dogs

We are breeders of shorthaired border collie working dogs and many people that we meet through online groups and at dog trials tell us about fertility problems they have with their bitches.  One of two things have usually happened.

1.  The bitch has never come into cycle or has cycled but never stood or successfully joined.
2.  The bitch has in the past had pups but either not cycled properly again or failed to go back into pup.

There are lots of different reasons for this but the main thing these people want to know is, can we fix it.  In homeopathic remedies there is a great remedy that helps 'reset' the reproductive system.  It's important to know that the remedy won't bring a bitch in season to order.  It's not like western medicine that manipulates the system to serve the person.  It resets everything to give it the best chance of reproduction.

Many of our clients have used this remedy with great success and Eric is often sort out at dog trials to sell some of his fertility remedy.

The process is as simple as putting 2-3 drops/1 spray of the remedy on the nose or in the mouth of the bitch initially and then repeat when she cycles.  It sometimes takes 2 cycles before the body is ready for pregnancy.

This remedy can be used on any animals - horses, sheep, cattle, etc.

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