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People who have been following us for a long time will know of Scott at Deepwater who we have been helping since 2010.

Initially Scott rang us because he was losing his lambs at a rate of knots.  To read about how we helped Scott save his lambs, you can follow this link:

Over the years we have worked on mobs of cattle, sheep, some dogs, helped his family and in the last 6 months worked on healing his paddocks.

He is in the process of attaining organic wool status which in the New England Tablelands of Australia is nearly impossible to achieve.

Last year he purchased some rams from a stud property that was selling.  He didn't realise at the time that the rams may have been contaminated with foot rot.  Late last year he presented us with a problem of his sheep with foot/leg issues.  We worked tirelessly with plan after plan to try to clear it but it was only when he decided to let us heal and clear his paddocks that we managed to clear the foot/leg issues from his sheep.

Recently he had a visit from the foot rot inspector, following up because there had been other reports of the sheep coming from the stud where his rams came from having foot rot.  Foot rot on a property is a big deal.  It requires continuous trimming and foot bathing of the sheep in strong chemicals and quarantine with regards to selling sheep off the property.

What a blessing we had done the healing plans on the sheep and the paddocks because the inspector came back with a clean bill of health.  Phew.

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