Three Day Sickness in Cattle

Monday, 5 December 2016

It is now December 2016 and it's been a relatively wet season and combined with the heat of Summer we are seeing Three Day Sickness in areas were it's never been before.  We live in Northern NSW and it is very rare to have cattle with three day here but a few weeks ago our bull definitely had it and our neighbours have reported three day in their cattle.

The Heal with Ease Three Day Sickness remedy is quick and efficient in it's action but you have to have it on hand to use at the first signs.

More about Three Day Sickness

Bovine ephemeral fever: Three Day Sickness in cattle -

There is a sudden onset of fever- as high as 41oC compared with the normal temperature of about 38oC. The temperature returns to normal within 36 hours. The first sign in milking cows is a sudden and severe drop in milk production. Cows in advanced pregnancy may abort. This is probably because of the fever, rather than a specific effect of the virus.
Animals stop eating and drinking and become depressed. They usually drool saliva, develop a stringy nasal discharge, and may have watery eyes.

Affected animals may shiver and often become very stiff with a shifting lameness, and are reluctant to move. Lameness may not become apparent until the second day of illness. The joints may appear swollen and sometimes there is swelling around the jaw. Some animals – particularly the heavier ones – just lie down and refuse to move.

By day three the affected animal is usually standing again and will begin to eat. However, lameness and weakness may last for another two or three days.

In the vast majority of cases the disease runs a short course, followed by rapid and complete recovery. However, the disease can vary in severity. Some animals may show only slight symptoms for about 24 hours, while a small number may stay down for many weeks. The disease is usually milder in calves under 12 months of age.

Milk production usually drops by at least 50% in sick cows. In dairy herds it is the highest producing animals that are usually the most severely affected. Yield should return nearly to normal after about three weeks, but cows affected late in lactation often dry off. Mastitis sometimes develops, with a marked rise in the somatic cell count.

Bulls and fat cows tend to show more severe signs than other cattle. Such animals lose condition rapidly and are slow to regain their body weight. A proportion of bulls will suffer temporary infertility lasting from three to six months because of the high fever. Permanent infertility is uncommon but can occur.

A small proportion of animals that go down may suffer a permanent paralysis due to damage to the spinal cord- either as a direct effect of the virus, or due to injuries if they fall awkwardly.

Although most of the herd can be affected, deaths from ephemeral fever are uncommon and rarely involve more than 1% of the herd. Death is usually the result of misadventure or being down for a long period.

How Homeopathy can help with Three (3) day sickness in Cattle

When we lived in south-east Queensland we had a lot of experience with a number of cattle each year coming down with three day sickness. Our clients also report three day sickness among their herds. For best results we always treat at the first signs, with the Heal with Ease 3 day sickness remedy. This is a special blend designed specifically to treat 3 day in cattle. This remedy can help pull the three day up quickly minimizing production losses . Treatment is by putting the remedies in a drink bottle of water, shake and administer on the nose of the sick animal where they lay.

Experience of treatment like this shows the animal up and around within a short period. Follow up treatment may be done the next day but has been found unnecessary in most cases.

As with all our remedies the 3 Day Assist is a safe natural option with no withholding periods.

Order your Three Day Sickness remedy to have on hand at this link:

Energy Remedies on Farm

How energy remedies can help on farm day to day and in emergencies?

We came across energy remedies in the form of homeopathic medicine in 1998 after the birth of our first son.  His traumatic birth resulted in health issues for him and for me.  Homeopathic medicine helped us resolve all these issues plus much more without the need for medication.

Our Homeopath at the time didn’t have any experience in using remedies on animals but encouraged us to pursue this further.  At the time and still now we were breeding working dogs and over the years had sheep and cattle of our own and Eric managed large stock properties in NSW and Qld. 

We started simple – as issues would come up with our dogs we would look in depth at the remedies we had on hand to see how we could manage the problem without rushing to the vet.  This proved very easy and the results were quick and efficient.  In most cases more efficient than medication and or vet treatment. 

I remember two of the first times we really saw major results on stock animals very clearly.  The first one was when a flock of the sheep Eric was managing at Banalasta Station, near Bendemeer in NSW came down with scourers.  It was a dietary scourers not worm related.  We decided we could use this opportunity to trial the remedies in the water trough.   We used homeopathic Arsenicum and Nux Vomica.  Just a few drops of each in every water trough they had access to and the results were quick and profound.  Very impressive for novices like us.

A little while later during calving Eric rang to say he had a cow with retained placenta after they had to manually deliver her calf.  They’d been trying for ½ hour to release the placenta but it wasn’t happening and the mother didn’t want anything to do with the calf so there were bonding issues as well.  Would I research which remedies would help with this and come to the yards with them?  20 minutes later I saw the most amazing healing I ever experienced.  Eric went to the headbail and dropped 2 drops of homeopathic Pulsatilla on the cows nose and by the time he walked to the other end she had released and expelled her placenta.  The next remedy we used was homeopathic Sepia to help her mother up with her calf.  Truly a beautiful and life changing experience for us.

At this point you get excited about the possibilities.  What else could we do with the amazing remedies?

Over the 6 years that Eric managed Banalasta we cleared pinkeye from any of the cattle or sheep that presented with it.  We formulated a remedy to support the sheep post shearing and another that helped post weaning for mothers and babies.

The stock were strong, fertile and bounced back from traumas quickly.

When we left Bendemeer in 2005 we moved to Canungra in the hinterland of the Gold Coast and Eric started a sheep dog training business.  We quickly found that many people spent a lot of time and money at the vet with their dogs.  What were we doing different that allowed us to deal with day to day issues with all our dogs without vet assistance?

This was the catalyst for Heal with Ease to be created.

11 years later Heal with Ease is growing in ways we could never have imagined.  We have basic remedies for every day farm issues like pink eye, three day sickness, foot abscess, injuries, infections, abscesses generally and so much more.  


In 2009 we met Peter Esdaile from Warwick in Qld.  He is an innate healer and he taught us about muscle testing.  Our immediately thought was – what if we combined the energy remedies – homeopathic and other with the muscle testing.  Could we effectively ‘douse/muscle test’ the best remedy for the situation?  Of course we were on it.  And the results were incredible.

Now days we can take a photo – of a bull, a dog, a mob of sheep or a block of land and muscle test exactly which remedies the ‘body’ requires to bring around good health.

Where a person or animal is in their health in this exact moment is a combination of inherited load plus accumulated load and the damage the load has caused to the internal functions of the body.  When I talk of load I’m talking about bacterias, viruses, chemical and toxin exposure, emotional trauma and physical trauma.

With the testing we can identify the load and the internal disturbances and one by one clear and heal them to bring the body back to good health.

Since 2011 we have been working with a farmer at Deepwater in NSW maintaining health on his family and all his stock.  Recently we added healing his paddocks to our program and this has created a major difference in the overall health, fertility and production of his farm.

I still remember when this farmer first contacted us in 2011.  It was a phone call out of the blue asking if I could stop his sheep from dying.  At that stage he had lost  500 lambs from that years production.  He had called in all his specialists and run tests but nobody could tell him what was going on and no chemical treatments were stopping the deaths.  I asked him to spend me a photo of the lambs and give me an hour but I had found the problem within 10 minutes and called him straight back.

The lambs had Helicobacter Pylori bacteria which causes stomach ulceration and was fatal if not cleared.  He drove up from Deepwater to Rathdowney, where we were living at time, to pick up remedies to give his lambs.  As he walked out our door, he turned back and said, “will this work, even if I don’t believe”.  I said ‘of course’. J

He went home and gently bought all his sheep into the yards and treated each one with 2-3 drops of the vibrational remedy for helicobacter pylori.  He didn’t lose another lamb, although it did take us a few weeks to heal the damage caused by the bacteria and restore health.

We have a few dairies that we work on regularly to keep their cows free of bacterias and that is going really well.

Since energy remedies are an allowable input into organic farms we are working with a few farmers who are transitioning to organic beef production and in doing this we will clear and heal any issues with their herd, making sure they are fertile and not stunted and not carrying any genetic issues or defects.  We will also be working on healing chemicals and bacterias out of the paddocks and stimulating them to ensure good pasture production.  It’s a big picture thing to achieve long term health and production with stock animals and properties.

Energy remedies are great for large farms but really come into their own on small properties where cost of chemical treatments are restrictive – where you have to purchase large amounts of chemical to treat just a few animals.

They are natural remedies, being only a vibration that changes the vibration within the animal to achieve the healing and have no withholding periods.

The remedies are very cost effective when a bottle of 300 doses costs just $50 plus postage. 

In many cases they are more efficient than chemical treatments and have a broader sphere of healing being able to work on healing at the physical, emotional and mental levels.

If you would like to work more holistically with your stock animals and property, give us a call and we can chat about how best we can help you.

Eric and Catherine Tighe
Heal with Ease

This article or a journalist modified version of it will appear in Go Farmer Magazine December 2016.

I Love Energy Remedies

I love energy remedies.

I have used them to help my family and our animals for nearly 20 years and I know they work beautifully, quickly, efficiently and have saved me many hours of waiting around doctors surgeries, emergency rooms. I will be forever grateful to my Aunt who introduced us to energy remedies all those years ago.

In the last week we've had our 3 year old bull Berry sick with 3 day sickness. We gave him some basic remedies and ran a healing plan and within 36 hours he was up fighting our milking cow for her hay.

On a trip to Brisbane last weekend Hannah (our 15 year old daughter) became sick with a stomach bug. It filled me with terror the thought of a normally 6 hour drive turning into an all dayer if we had to stop every 10 minutes looking for a bathroom. I was seriously thinking about finding a motel and laying low.

As soon as the symptoms came upon her we were out with the Poison remedy from the Beginners Kit which settled her very quickly. We had all our testing equipment with us and a remedy maker so while I was helping Hannah, Eric tested what bacteria/s she had picked up and we cleared those from her too. They were Clostridium bacterias so she effectively had food poisoning.

We dared to pop her in the car and had a short drive to our next stop and she had settled by then.

An hours sleeping on my shoulder and Hannah was bouncing around again. What a relief.
We carry basic remedies with us everywhere. Each of our vehicles has a full set of kits in it. Although I'm constantly in trouble for leaving remedies with friends and leaving the car kits not complete.

It's not the first time the Poison remedy has been a saviour in a bottle. On a trip from Canungra to the Gold Coast - quite a few years ago now, Hannah started vomiting. I stopped, cleaned her up and gave her the poison remedy. When we reach the Gold Coast she was fine and looking for food.

I'm excited that we get to share these remedies with our clients and help them through difficult situations.

Order your Beginners Kit today to have on hand at home and when travelling.

Or order the Poison remedy on it's own to help with vomiting, diarrhea and food poisoning before it gets out of control.

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