Natural fertility remedy works again.

Friday, 9 September 2016

In the dog world we are getting a reputation for our Natural Fertility remedy.  We've helped lots of owners restore proper fertility to their bitches after periods of not cycling or not cycling properly.

Below is an email from Corine which she sent me today about Nousha and she's sent me a gorgeous photo too, to share with you.  To find out more, drop us an email to or

Hi Eric & Cathy,

Thanks again for your wonderful natural remedies.
With your help and advice, I have used the infertility drops with my female dog Nousha.
Nousha failed to become pregnant at her first mating last xmas.
She is now a very proud mum of three girls and one boy, born in the early hours today.
She birthed them in two and half hours and mum and puppies are doing well,
All four are suckling well, a very relaxed litter and she is o so proud.

Thanks again

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