British Blue cat with terrible itch - helped naturally

This testimonial comes from Mel Hill.  We started working with Mel's beautiful British Blue cat Emily in February 2016.  We ran 5 healing plans on her from February through to May and not only has she overcome her terrible skin and ear infections but also some major fear issues.

Firstly Cathy, thank you for your patience and persistence in helping our much loved British Blue Emily work through a difficult time.

As you know we give our cats a clean and healthy diet and environment. However Emily had a persistent itching and scratching problem that caused many severe sores and unhappiness.

We tried several different natural therapies as well as traditional vet care and nothing worked. A close friend referred us to you and we can't be more grateful. While it took several plans to work through Emily's issues we saw improvement each time.

If anyone out there is considering Heal with Ease's services I highly recommend it even if it takes some time to work through things.

Our Emily has now grown all her fur back, has no more sores or itching and is handling life stresses with much more ease (we just moved across the country and she handled it fantastically). She is back to her playful, cuddly, purring, happy self.

After everything we tried over the years, I feel that your healing plans were the turning point in Emily's healing.

Thanks again Eric & Cathy.

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