How I poisoned myself

Monday, 14 December 2015

I'm sharing this experience that I had recently and am still recovering from, even though I am horrified that I let it happen, in the hope that it may ring a bell for someone and help them understand, recover or avoid a similar situation.

As you read this post you might find yourself shaking your head at me.  Let me assure you that you couldn't possibly shake your head more than I did and have since.

I am pedantic when it comes to chemicals - we don't drink out of plastic containers or put hot food into plastic containers, we don't spray weeds or bugs or use chemicals to clean.  Most people I meet think I'm crazy when it comes to chemicals.  But I work everyday with people who are sick and struggling with life because of their chemical exposure.

So how did I poison myself?

So about 9 weeks ago I was at my hairdresser and he suggested using this Argan oil product to protect my curls.  I didn't even question the man who uses 'chemicals for a living' and purchased the Argan oil.  As I left he said, "you can use it on your skin too."

I tried the product on my hair and found it not to my liking but that meant I had a $50 bottle of product I wasn't going to use.  I'll try it on my skin because the man who uses 'chemicals for a living' said it was good on the skin.  Not sounding too good at this point is it?

Anyway about 5 weeks ago I started getting tooth pain.  I thought I might have to have a trip to the dentist but the pain was moving around my teeth - changing sides, changing teeth.  That didn't fit with a tooth cavity.  Then the pain started radiating up my jaw to my ear and down to my neck glands.  It was debilitating.  I was hitting the pain medication and we were fast tracking healing plans and I couldn't eat and spent days in bed resting.

I would feel better for a short while and then have to sleep, hopped up on my meds.

After 4 weeks of this situation progessively getting worse, I was wondering when and if I was ever going to recover.

Then Sunday last week, that would be the 6th December, I woke up feeling really bad, after a terrible night sleep.  Eric said something about how soft my skin was and I said, "oh that's this beautiful Argan oil I've been using."  Immediately the penny dropped for Eric.  So how long had I been using this 'beautiful' product?  Had I checked the ingredients?  Hmmm.  Could it be something this simple causing my terrible pain and ill-health?

I immediately researched this specific product and the Argan Oil was the 4th ingredient with these delightful chemicals as lead ingredients - cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, phenyl trimethicone.  I was horrified.  We made a remedy from the product and I had that several times throughout the day.  8 days later we are still working on the recovery from the damage it caused.  For the most part I now have no pain but as I get tired around 4-5 pm my jaw starts to hurt and I am very sensitive to eating hot or cold foods.

Today I finally felt strong enough to have my masseuse massage my neck and face.  She found lumps of toxins in my glands and gently released them for me.

I feel fragile and stupid right now.  I really do know better but I think in the rush of life we forget the ground rules we set for ourselves.

As my 17 year old son (who is a Harry Potter fan) says - 'Constant vigilance". 

Test Results

Friday, 11 December 2015

In a quiet moment just now (kids are in town at drama class) Eric and I were discussing test results - blood, organ function, etc. This came up because we are working with a 15 year old dog in America who has recently had some tests done and it showed that she had impaired liver and kidney functions.

I think at 15 we would expect anyway that things are not functioning super well but she is happy and eating well and so doing okay.

The thing with the tests done during the running of the healing plans is that they will be inaccurate. Depending on the remedies given around the time of testing the liver and kidneys, the bloods, insulin levels and more could be out of balance because we are working to clear and heal internal issues.

A good time for medical tests would be at the end of the indicated plans and probably a month after the last one when things have settled into balance.

Just thought I'd mention this as I think it's very interesting.

Musings on Health and our Healing Work

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Little did we know the adventure we were going to go on when we started muscle testing for ourselves and our clients.

Eric and I didn’t grow up with any secret learnings about health so everything, everyday has been a revelation for us. We never know what each day will bring and it’s always interesting.

What was interesting for us is that pretty much any issue can be inherited. We always knew that things like cancer can be genetically transferred and we’ve also found that chemical exposure, emotional and physical traumas are inherited plus a lot of pretty nasty diseases.

The diseases might not be full on and active but they are sitting on the body as a load, which diverts the immune system away from dealing with current issues.

I remember years ago thinking of an analogy for how the immune system works in the body and this is what I came up with:

If you can imagine that your body is a castle and in your castle you have your army, your cooks, your cleaners and everything is working well. Then invaders – chemicals, bacterias, viruses, emotional traumas come to invade your castle. The first thing you do is send off your army to defend the castle. Their job is to stop the invaders from reaching the vital centre of the castle so things can continue to function. But the army can’t kill off the invaders, they can only hold them at bay so they have to stay out there indefinitely.

Then another lot of invaders come and you have to send in your cleaners to wrestle with them. A weaker team but still something to keep the invaders out of the castle. But this leaves the castle lacking in a clean up crew so day to day maintenance of the body goes into disrepair.

Then another lot of invaders come and the only thing left to send in, is the cooks. The team that nourish the castle.

This leaves a king (I guess the vital organs and brain) functioning without repair teams or a crew to nourish them.

In the long run it all has to fall apart. The castle can’t possible keep going without it’s support teams.

If you consider the load a person is born with, then their castle defences were half missing before they even begin their life. This means that growing and learning are an effort from the start. Does this sound like many of the children and young people we see in the world today?

So then I consider what we (Heal with Ease) does to help the castle. We identify the highest priority issues and dispose of them, or release them from the body. As each layer is cleared then the Army, Cleaners and Cooks can return to their jobs and eventually the castle starts to function again. We even work with babies will in utero to clear their load before they are born.

It’s every special work, a bit out there true, but amazing and everyday I feel gratitude for the journey Eric and I have been on. :)

That’s my musing for today.

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