Helping Bertie after her Car Accident

How great is Heal with Ease! I first bought your healing kits after being blown away by the effectiveness of your HWE tonic on Mac the times he caught kennel cough (despite being vaccinated!). I thought the kits sounded good and would give them a go. I thought there’d be plenty of opportunities to use them for those things that crop up like stings and little accidents, and there were – and more! I can’t list all the times I’ve been able to depend on those healing kits, for all the species in my household – infections, upsets, food poisoning, gastro, cold onsets, sore throats, ticks – always with success and often incredibly quickly. But I guess I never thought all I’d have everything on hand that I needed to deal with one of my dogs being hit by a car, but I did.

As you know we took Bertie straight to the vet after she was hit, he told us that nothing was broken (except our ear drums…), and told us it was important she didn’t go into shock. When we got home I was worried about the shock, she was acting really weird and pacing and agitated, but as soon as I gave her a drop of the No 1 Accident remedy, she just walked over to her bed and got in. Just like that – instantly. As we gave her the following 5 doses it was clear that this dog was not going to go into shock. She drank and lay down quietly, recuperating. The impact had sent the blood from the outside to the inside of her legs, so it had split and burst in many places on the insides of her legs, her stomach and genitals – all of which looked terrible, an awful purply colour and very swollen. We treated her with no 4 and no 2 from the kit as per your suggestion every four hours, and watched a miracle happen over two days. By the third day you would have thought nothing had happened to her. The swelling had gone, the colour looked normal! Only the wounds remained and were healing well. She was bolting around, scabbing food, and being a general menace as per usual – no one could believe it. She’s started the healing plan and I’ll keep you posted. I’ve noticed my kits are running low, will have to take an inventory and order top ups. Won’t ever risk being without them!

Love, Michelle x

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