Exploring and Proving muscle testing

Friday, 20 November 2015

It was 2009 that we discovered muscle testing and decided that it might be a good match to the energy remedies we were already using.  I think everyone has their own use for muscle testing depending on their previous experience and beliefs.  At this stage we were 10 years into using Homeopathic remedies and Reiki energy and felt the muscle testing was going to be a good fit for us.

We took the new skill and ran with it.  We tested every person and animal in our family, friends, anyone we could.  We didn't know the boundaries of combining muscle testing with energy remedies but we were determined to push them as far as possible to achieve amazing healing results.

When we felt comfortable that we could achieve great results for clients we asked for volunteers to run healing plans for us.  This was a bit tricky.  I think we had the toughest cases possible offer up their bodies for our healing and our testing wasn't advanced enough to handle them.  Easier cases seemed fixable but we didn't want to stop there, we wanted to be able to heal everyone.  And we still do.  Every day we are on the look out for more to add to our testing to make it more perfect for our clients and allow us to achieve the incredible healing results that we are becoming known for.

An event that sticks in my mind from back in the early days was a call from a farmer in Deepwater.

It was mid morning in early 2011 when I received a call from Scott Macansh, sheep and cattle farmer from Deepwater, between Tenterfield and Glen Innes in NSW.  After introductions I asked him how I could help him.  He said, 'I want you to stop my lambs from dying.'  He went on to explain how over the past month he had lost 500 lambs to some unknown illness.  He'd had all the experts he could find come in and tests done but nothing so far had worked and his lambs were dropping dead in the paddock in bulk on a daily basis.

Well it seemed our muscle testing was going to get a life and death workout.  So I said, send me over a photo and in 10 minutes or so I'll be able to tell you exactly whats going on.  Had to go in confident I figured.  Neither of us had anything to lose and everything to gain.

I received the photo, did the testing and knew immediately that his sheep had Helicobacter Pylori.  It's a bacteria that gets into the stomach and causes stomach ulceration.  These lambs were so young and weak that the bacteria was eating through their stomach lining and killing them.

I rang Scott back, told him what I'd found and he got in his car and drove to Beaudesert to pick up the remedy.  Enough to treat every remaining lamb on his property.

Eric came home to meet Scott and after a cuppa and a chat, he headed home to treat his lambs.  But, as he walked out the door he said, and I'll never forget this, "will it work even if I don't believe in it." :)  Well would it??  If I had done my work properly then yes it would work regardless of his beliefs.

Scott had all his sheep in and treated by the following afternoon.  AND ...  He didn't lose another lamb.  Eric went down a few days later to visit Scotts' farm and maybe find the source of his problems.  2011 was the year of the big Qld Floods and the river running through Scott's place in NSW also flooded.  He has a catchment dam on his place for the local town that filters the waste water before it goes into the river.  That catchment dam had flooded across the adjoining paddock where his lambs had been grazing.  This is where they picked up the Helicobacter.

Over the next few months we did recovery plans for Scott's lambs and everything was back on track.

This was a huge step confidence builder for our testing and our healing processes.

Scott still works with us.  We treat his sheep, keeping them strong and well.  We treat them with energy worming treatments when their worm counts are high and he's actually done the worm tests before and after treatment to prove the remedies reduce the worm counts.  Occasionally we treat his cattle but he has remedies on hand for day to day management of his stock.  This year we treated them after shearing to release any shock and heal any wounds.  And this coming year we will be doing more work on Scott's paddocks to improve the overall health of his property.

Scott has reduced his chemical inputs on his farm considerably and his property and stock have never been healthier.

Natural healing for behaviourial issues

Monday, 16 November 2015

Below is Amanda’s testimonial on the healing work we did for her 4 year old daughter Sammi.

As soon as I had heard about Heal with Ease I knew it was the best possible start for our  daughter Samantha, I contacted Cathy straight away and well we haven’t looked back!

Sammi was a 4yr old that was very sensitive, very anxious, wasn’t sleeping, would not follow directions and would meltdown at the drop of a hat there was just no reasoning with her , she would be physical and lash out and and life was very difficult at this stage.

Cathy was very understanding and explained how her body was trying to cope with so much going on and put Sammi on her first healing plan, and what Cathy had discovered in such a young body was unbelievable, this left me speechless needless to say.  The first plan we had notice a dramatic effect, Sammi was listening and concentrating and was so calm and happy, triggers that would have her set off in unreasoning tantrum mode just didn’t seem to affect her any more. Sammi was sleeping soundly and would wake up refreshed and ready to start her day.

Sammi has completed several healing plans and now well we have a different Girl!

Sammi starts school next year and I was apprehensive about her not being able to settle and communicate in a positive way, but now I have no doubt that she will be just fine.

Cathy and Eric have been such a great support from day one and this has been such a positive and rewarding experience and am very thankful for the day Heal with Ease was introduced into our lives.

Ralph and Amanda xx

Update on Sammi 8 November 2014

Help for Samantha

Samantha was easily distracted tired and irritable would cry at the drop of a hat and struggled to concentrate at school, would wake several times a night and would get out of bed in the morning as if she had not been asleep with blackness under her eyes.

My first point of call was Heal with Ease, as having had Samantha on healing plans before I knew that Cathy could help.
Cathy provided us with a healing plan that would take Samantha back to her happy healthy self by clearing all the toxins out of her system.

We have seen a huge improvement even her teacher commented on how well she’s concentrating and completing her work. She’s sleeping soundly waking refreshed and ready for her day. She’s bright and cheery.

We would highly recommend Cathy and Eric from Heal with Ease for the wonderful work they do as well as the love and support and there genuine concern for our loved ones that go with it.

Amanda xx

Inherited health issues

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

We've been testing and running healing plans for clients since 2009 and with every passing week we find more to add that changes the look and efficiency of the healing plans.

Sometimes we add things like flower essences and new homeopathic remedies that don't really make that much difference and only come up for clients occassionally.

At other times we've added things ie. when we added the vaccine adjuvants and everything changed.

It is in the times when we are not busy or have time to stop and reflect on things that we get inspired to look for MORE.  During our recent road trip holiday it occurred to us that we should be looking deeper into inherited issues.  Not just for people but for dogs, horses, all animals really.  So after the craziness that ensured when we first returned home, Eric took some time to research inherited issues and consequently added pages of inherited issues to our testing.

These are like a missing piece of the puzzle for our healing plans.  We improve the health of our clients always with the plans, for most there is no where else to go but up.  There is sometimes when we just know that the person/animal is not quite right but have been unable to put our finger on what it might be or even where to start looking for answers.

The inherited issues are resolving so many of these cases.  And it's .... enlightening and exciting.

Right now our testing is more involved and more accurate than it ever has been before and for us that is wonderful.  Our goal is to restore health to each and everyone of our clients and now I feel confident that we are in a very good place to do that.

I love our work.  We are very blessed to be able to help not only ourselves and our animals, but so many other people, animals and properties.

Being a beach girl from North Stradbroke Island in Qld, the water brings me peace so today I'd like to share a photo of Stradbroke Island with you.

Love and blessings Cathy

David's Journey

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

As a Healer it is a great gift to be able to help someone regain their health. When the person you are helping is a family member, it's even more special. David is my cousin's son and as many of our family don't really believe in what we do, I felt privileged to be able to help David get on track to gain his full potential in life. Below is David's mums account of the healing work we did with David.

David's Journey

Our eldest son is clever and inquisitive, he can show kindness and empathy, he is doing well at school, has friends and he enjoys learning to play the violin. But David hasn’t always been like that in fact 2yrs ago we almost caved to pressure and put him on a course of Ritalin. We are very glad we never took that path and instead 12mths later began a series of healing plans with Cathy and Heal with Ease that changed our families’ lives.

David started the terrible 2’s at 18mths and it quickly became obvious that he was a bit extreme but we were assured it was normal. Over the following years we put David through the failsafe diet, we took 3 parenting courses, tried fish oil tablets and magnesium supplements, consulted an occupational therapist and tried many tips and techniques handed to me by many well-meaning people. Some things were very helpful like the failsafe diet which changed a 2-3hr bedtime battle into an almost instant bedtime and learning that David had sensory issues while others only seemed to help a little like the fish oil. Shopping was a nightmare with tantrums and running away, mothers groups ended in tears and at one stage parenting abilities were questioned by someone thought to be a close friend. When David started school things just escalated. He put himself and others in danger, was sent home on suspensions and we often had to pick him up from school early as the teachers couldn’t handle him. Some days we gave up and let him do whatever which usually meant peace and quiet but often meant something being destroyed. His younger brother bore the brunt of many home tantrums. We were told he was too clever for his own good by his teacher but told he was below average by a guidance counsellor who gave him an IQ test.

Things came to a head at school with demands that I take him to see a paediatrician for a diagnosis-they suspected mild Asperger’s. After a 5min consultation we were given a list of drugs to decide from and a diagnosis of ADHD. This didn’t sit well with our family. We were determined we would try everything before we decided to drug our son.

That year our family began a journey to change our lives for the better. We moved to acreage and began to build our first house. We hoped that a less stressful lifestyle would help David. The boys started at a new school 2 weeks before the years end but within 3 days we were asked to keep David home for the rest of the year, the move hadn’t helped and we once again felt the school didn’t want to deal with our son. This was when Cathy offered her services. During the school holidays we began his first healing plan. The difference was amazing. We had a happy child, a child that wanted to go to school and son that didn’t need to be picked up due to misbehaviour. This year we have stood proudly at parade while our son gets awards for behaviour, watched him learn to play the violin so well that he is ahead of the other kids in his class and delighted as we see him make friends and play with his peers. He is not perfect, he is David and it is so good to finally meet him.

Natural, permanent solution for psoriasis

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Here is Donna’s testimonial about how we cleared her psoriasis with healing plans.

After more than 20 years of looking for the answer to my psoriasis I’m delighted to say I have finally found the answer with Cathy from Heal with Ease, After only one and a half healing plans from Cathy, I no longer have psoriasis, not just improved but 100% completely gone.

Foods like Apples, Grapes, Bananas, wholegrain bread and cheese would have normally seen my psoriasis go crazy, my scalp would turn into a painful itchy gooey mess and the break outs on my body would sting and bleed at best I could control it to a degree with drinking bi carb in water, grapefruit juice and eating cucumber, avoiding all fruit, especially the foods mentioned above even then it would be an inflamed dry flaky mess.

I did actually try cortisone for a very short period of time and when I did stop using it the Psoriasis was worse than it had ever been before.

Today I can now live my life the way I want to, and not have my psoriasis dictate what I can and cannot eat or drink. More importantly I now know that our children don’t have to suffer with the effects of psoriasis as they too where reacting with the same foods.

I will be forever gratefully to Cathy and Eric for taking the time to share their knowledge that they have discovered through their own life experiences to enable others to live a happy healthy life. Donna M, Forbes.

Natural Healing for Eczema

Sarah after her treatment

Sarah before her first treatment

This testimonial is from Nadine Moxey who was guided to us by a ‘lady she met at the pool’. Our very loyal client Donna was that lady at the pool. Donna tells everyone about our work and suggested Nadine contact us for help with her baby daughter Sarah who was suffering badly with eczema.

Nadine sent us this email on 19 July 2013, after running 3 healing plans with Sarah and just prior to her 4th plan commencing. Nadine and Sarah have been working with us since late February 2013.

"I was referred to “heal with ease” by another client of Cathy and Eric’s after she saw I was struggling with my 3 month old daughters eczema and allergies. At that time my daughter was unsettled, red and itchy from head to toe. I was using a lot of steroid creams to control her symptoms. She was unhappy and I was very worried and concerned about her.

Since commencing her on healing plans from Cathy at “heal with ease” her eczema and allergies have improved out of sight. I cannot believe the difference in her skin, her sleeping pattern has improved and above all she is a much happier baby. I am so relieved that I do not have to constantly apply steroid creams to her skin.

I have found the phone and email support that Cathy from “heal with ease” provides is exceptional. I have also purchased the emergency remedy kit and I have used it frequently on myself, my husband and all 3 of my children with pleasing results.

I often refer my friends and family to “heal with ease”. I am so happy and grateful to Cathy for helping to make my little girl feel so much better."

Nadine Moxey, NSW, Australia

Natural healing physically and mentally

I originally looked to Cathy in an effort to get rid of some skin complaints that plagued me. I have now finished my last plan and feel the best I have in years, both physically and mentally. Cathy is now my first choice of contact for every health issue I encounter; she has brought overnight relief for my dog, me and my family each and every time.

Not really sure how you do it but as long as it works I don’t care. My sincere thanks to Cathy for her always prompt and complete service, with 100% remedy support and advice.

Nolene, Palmyra, WA.

Healing supports natural conception

Justine’s Testimonial

When I first approached Eric and Cathy about a healing plan it was to clear up some dermatitis that I had had on and off since I was a child. The healing plans were very insightful and accurate. The dermatitis cleared up very quickly.

Shortly afterwards, I was told by doctors that it was very unlikely I would be able to have children and if it was possible, it would be through IVF using donor eggs. After getting my head around what was devastating news to me, I approached Eric and Cathy again.

A few healing plans later I had conceived naturally. I felt fabulous all through my pregnancy, despite the dire predictions that had a one in three chance of having a baby with downs syndrome. Eric and Cathy continued to do the healing plans throughout my pregnancy and even provided some remedies to assist with the birth and post partum period. The birthing kit remedies meant that I had a speedy recovery from a natural delivery and that when my milk supply ran low or mastitis threatened I had remedies on hand that resolved things quickly and easily without negatively impacting my baby.

When teething time came, the teething remedy was a huge hit. We used the remedies for any ailments, and she hasn’t needed to take any medications not even a panadol. My daughter is now over 12 months old and a happy and very healthy toddler.

We are very grateful to Eric and Cathy for their help and support in helping us to have our beautiful daughter.

Justine M, Beaudesert, Qld.

An update on this story for Justine.  In August 2015 she gave birth to another beautiful little girl Charlotte.  Apart from a few healing plans Justine did nothing else to help with her conception.  Her pregnancy was normal and she had a beautiful 

Help for the whole family

This testimonial comes from my dear friend Valma who lives on the Gold Coast in Qld. Over the 8 years I’ve known her it has been my great pleasure to help her with her family’s health. Here is what Valma has written to share with you.

I want to write and let you know the amazing work Eric & Cathy have done for our family. When my daughter was a young teen she became very sick and doctors just kept pumping her full of antibiotics to help, but nothing helped at all. She had cold sores right through her system and had to stop what was leading to a career in swimming because of ill health and other issues with her body. Then one day she developed a huge cyst under her arm. Again the doctors gave her more antibiotics. It became much worse very swiftly, we were desperate.

I was very skeptical of Cathy’s work but I asked her for help. We were watching our daughter fade before our eyes. Cathy picked up that Steph had at some time had glandular fever and as a side effect was left with chronic fatigue. This explained everything. Cathy immediately treated her for the cyst, which was gone within a week. Over the next 12 months Cathy ran a few healing plans for Steph and the improvement was amazing. About 18 months after the treatment the cyst came back. This time we contacted Cathy immediately and had it gone again within a week and this time it did not come back.

Come time for her graduation, she was sick again. Her immune system needed a huge boost. Cathy again did some plans on her and this time the improvement was dramatic. She is now completing uni and getting married next year. I doubt very much if she would have survived any of this, had it not been for Cathy.

Now for my son, Declan. After his immunisations he went from a beautiful, calm child to one who was violent and very hyper. I had him at psychologists, pediatricians and a had a host tests. One result showed borderline juvenile diabetes. This freaked me totally. I asked Cathy to help but did not tell her what the doctors had said, although she had witnessed his behaviour. Her testing also showed the diabetes, which shocked me more because I hoped the doctor had it wrong. Over the last few years, thanks to Cathy he is now an awesome preteen with very few health or emotional issues.

Cathy has also helped me after an operation and recover from a couple of hugely stressful situations.

She also is helping my other adult daughter and maybe her biggest one yet in my family, my husband has Parkinson’s Disease and Cathy is currently running healing plans on him in the hope of a major breakthrough.

Cathy and her beautiful family have been a wonderful encouragement to my family. We will all be forever grateful.

Valma C., Gold Coast, Qld.

Clearing Warts

Back in June 2013, Caleb emailed us about warts on his son Jonathan. We discussed healing plans for Jonathan which will bring his immune system to a strong and healthy place and that the warts would drop off as a matter of course through the healing.

He was happy to go ahead and Jonathan’s first plan was sent on 10 July 2013. To date he’s completed two healing plans and his third one is being prepared at the time of this post. Below are progress photos taken at the start, today and at different stages throughout the healing.

Progress photos follow July to October.  Final photo taken November.


 This is the latest photo taken December 2013.

Natural and permanent healing for Migraines

Many people come to us for help clearing migraines. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve had migraines for years or they are a new thing to you, we can identify the underlying cause and clear it.

Below is an email we have received from Gail Johnson from Qld. She contacted us with completely debilitating migraines. She couldn’t go to work, drive, or even function in any capacity. This had been going on for months.

This is what she said in her email after her first plan:

I have not had a migraine since the weekend after I called you. I thought for 2 weeks it was just a coincident because I was so scared they would come back. The thing is I hadn’t gone 2 weeks without a migraine in so so so long. I have been pretty stressed with step kid trouble and my husband was made redundant not long ago but even with all that stress…….. no migraines. Very slight case of minor dizzy spell but nothing like I was and only probably 3 or 4 times since treatment. It has been miracle to go from wanting it to die to nearly all gone. I am feeling relaxed now because I can feel they won’t come back. I’ve been nervous waiting for the return of them.
I am feeling the best I have in years. My head is clear and focused. No more having to race home and put a pillow over my head.
I can’t thank you enough. You have given me my life back.
I don’t know what you do or how you do it but since that day my world has changed.
Thanks Cathy.

Natural treatment for Anxiety for a little boy

This testimonial comes from Emma P., at Prosperine in Queensland, Australia.

I cannot thank Cathy enough!!! Before I found Cathy I had a highly anxious, unable to concentrate 5yr old little boy. His anxiousness was causing him to go to the toilet constantly, wake most nights in a panic and even worse chew the skin of his fingers till they bled. We took him to pediatrician which gave us one solution MEDICATION……. that was it there was no way I was doing that to my baby, so after talking to another local lady whom was also using “Heal with Ease” I thought what can I loose, its natural………

So I contacted Cathy straight away, Riley was running at 51% of his potential and as Cathy said he was basically dragging himself through the day so we started with the first plan (with 6 recommended) a little sceptical at first BUT OMG within the first few weeks the toilet trips got less and less the tantrums where nowhere as bad and the number one thing he wasn’t self harming his poor little fingers.

By plan 2 he seemed to be concentrating better at school his speech was becoming more understandable and teachers were commenting on his behaviour in a good way instead of a bad way. Riley is now six and in grade 1, because of how he was prior to starting this plan with Cathy at “heal with Ease”, Riley is still a little behind the 8 ball with his learning (reading in particular due to his speech) but he is a different kid now days I really do thank Cathy for being so wonderful.

To other mums if you are reading this and thinking oh gosh that sounds like my little person don’t hesitate to try the results speak for themselves and as Cathy say’s LOVE & BLESSINGS to you all xo

Natural healing for Ben

Below is Ben P., from Qld’s testimonial for the work we have done for him.

“I contacted Cathy having been recommended by a friend a little over three months ago. At the time I was struggling with low energy levels and a weak digestive system that had been progressively effecting my everyday life more and more. For a 27-year-old who sticks to a healthy diet I knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite work out what it was. After 2 sessions I began to notice more alertness during the day, especially after lunch which was the biggest struggle for me. Now, having completed the course of 6 treatments, my digestive system is back working well and my energy levels and attention span have improved out of sight. I am very grateful to Cathy for her service and am now recommending her to my family members and friends.”

Natural treatment for Anxiety

Below is Jess F., from Qld’s testimonial on her healing plans.

Before I started the healing plans I was becoming so low with anxiety/depression that I felt like life was hardly worth living. I hated who I was, became overly anxious in social situations, stressed myself sick about everyday situations and often felt tired and upset. Others were telling me to just force myself to be more “social” when the reality was that I literally could not deal with the way I was feeling. I was not in a good place emotionally and had very negative beliefs about myself as a person.

Then……another family member recommended Health With Ease as a treatment that “really worked” for them. So that afternoon I sent my photo through to Cathy. Soon I had a reply. I was functioning at only 52% and 5 plans were recommended. I was truly amazed at the accuracy of the readings. Each plan accurately worked through the feelings I was experiencing and I began to really notice a difference in my energy levels. I no longer felt as tired and felt calmer and more focused in every day situations that normally put me into a “fight or flight” mentality. I found that I could talk myself through a situation more rationally.

I did notice that initially with each treatment I would experience worse symptoms for a few days e.g. increased panic and feelings of despair. However I always felt that I was functioning at a higher level after these first few days.

The service….was great. Cathy was always friendly and prepared to clarify any questions. I found that replies to emails were prompt and professional at all times.

Finally….I can honestly say that the treatment really worked. I was a bit sceptical at first when a close family member commented that “your eyes look brighter”. Then I heard the same comment from other family members and even a psychologist!!! I felt better and other people were really noticing the change I can highly recommend this treatment for anxiety/depression because I feel so much more accepting of myself and able to cope.

I hope this has given you a good overview of my experience… is a little hard to really explain such a huge change!!!!

Many thanks
Jess Fletcher

Stopping the lambs from dying

I wanted to share with you my experience with one of our farming clients, Scott Macansh who owns Deepwater Station in Deepwater, NSW.

It was in March 2011 that I received a call from Scott. After introductions, I asked him what I could do to help him. His answer, “I need you to stop my lambs from dying”. OKAY! This out of the blue. Could we do it?? What was wrong with his lambs?? Scott is a young, proactive farmer who was working with every expert available and he called us, out of sheer desperation to save his livelihood. At this point Scott had lost 500 lambs.

So, I got him to email me a photo of his sheep. Not the whole flock, just a good sample that were unwell. It took me 10 mins to determine the bacteria that was killing these lambs. It was Heliobacter. This bacteria breaks down the lining of the stomach. I quickly got back to Scott who was quite amazed that I could pick this up so fast.

The following morning Scott made the 6 hour round trip to pick up the energy version of the heliobacter bacteria. His words as he walked out our door, and I will never forget them were, “Even if I don’t believe in these remedies, will they still work”. We smiled at him and said ‘yes’.

He returned home and drenched the remedy into half of his lambs. He lost one or two that were very weak on the way through the yards but the rest immediately started to bounce. The balance were done the following day and the deaths stopped. Just like that.

The next step was to heal the internal damage caused by the bacteria and most importantly find out where the bacteria came from and see if we could stop it. A healing plan was created for Scott to run through the trough water for these lambs and a farm visit attended by Eric 5 days later.

What Eric found when he got there was a settling pond that fed from the town waste water. During the recent floods in January the settling pond had flooded over the paddocks around it and this is where the stock were picking up the bacteria. We found many other bacterias and chemicals in the settling pond when we tested it. Not tested as in standard water testing but muscle tested, like we did with the sheep.

All Scotts’ sheep healed beautifully. We worked on the ewes, the cattle and even the rams to bring them up to a better level of health. This has been ongoing as we work through the layers of current and inherited (cellular stored) issues but with every step his stock are looking better.

In September when the lambs above were shorn, their wool was white and bright and had grown perfectly since the lambs were healed. His ewes which we also treated, had bright, white wool with not imperfections – no dermatitis or any of the older existing issues.

In farming sometimes you get as many losses in a wet season as you do in a dry season. Scotts’ new lambs (September/October 2011), were nice and small, no lambing problems. Considering the good feed season Scott was expecting many birthing problems due to oversized lambs. In the area, there was a lot of loss of cattle with bloat and bloat related issues, but Scott had none of these problems. Scott has a Farmers Pack and has been trained in muscle testing to assist with remedy choices to improve the day to day running of his farm.

In July, we proposed to run healing plans on Scotts’ paddocks as a trial. He did the soil tests and we provided the remedies. The changes in the soil structure were quite remarkable after just two treatments (same remedies), so we are continuing on with our trials in this area and will update this post when we know more.
Up Date On Scott’s

Well it is now early August 2012 and we have been working with Scott’s farm for a little over a year now and the changes are very noticeable. Just a reminder of where we started in May 2011.

At this point Scott’s farm and production system was in a lot of trouble with his older ewes not very well at all. Fertility had been down for quite a few years despite all his efforts. At this point he had lost 500 of his 2300 lambs to a unknown cause. He had asked a lot of people for advice. Despite drenching and feeding a lot of extra feed and nutrients the lambs were still dying. To make things worst he had had one of the best season for a long time as far as weather and rainfall. A little info about Scott’s systems. His farm is at Deepwater in NSW and over the last 10 years has been running a cell / rotational mixed grazing practice. Over the years as with most of these systems water had been run in troughs to several paddocks.

He had started with a little pasture cropping and had tried liquid teas and composting at different points.

Breeding both Hereford cattle and Lerelmo blood Fine Wool sheep for long periods of time and using very good genetics you would have thought Scott a had a very well thought out and established system that should have been working as it would be a model farm using up to date sustainable farming practices.

Despite all this and the paddocks carrying a good body of feed the soil has been slow to respond and improve.

So when we came on board to help with the 2010 lambs health and have a review of Scott’s systems, at first look everything appeared to be okay.

Since then we have run several healing plans on both Sheep and Cattle focusing on animal health at the next level of awareness.

In our work we look at health in a holistic way which is quite different to the normal. It was while conducting this process that we came across a lot of the underline problems that had been being carried by his stock at a subclinical level and manifesting to the physical level as ill health.

This allowed us to identify the bacteria’s that were causing the health problems.

Once making the changes needed we saved the rest of his 2010 lambs and by November 2011 a fair percentage of these young sheep had caught up with the wether portion being sold for very good money direct for slaughter.

By scanning in August 2011, 5 months later we had picked up the sheep’s quite a bit but not enough to allow them to go into lamb. So at 80% in lamb and a very small amount of twinners we had a way to go. Despite this, shearing went well and once lambing started it was noted that his lambs had a real want to live and a higher percentage than usual survived to marking and they did well right through till weaning.

We have continued to make changes slowly working deeper and deeper in to the health of his sheep to a point now that the 2010 drop ewes have not had a drench since January and his older ewes since March which in the New England wormy country is quite a effort.

The ewes for this year, have had a huge gain with the fertility rate in the older ewes lifting to 97%, with 12% twinners. The young ewes still have a way to go, coupled with the fact that Scott has not had the numbers to do any sort of classing on these sheep, as numbers are needed after such a major loss the year before.

I know that some of this information is only subjective but the comments on the day of scanning were very positive. Some of these were that the ewes have grown more wool, are in better condition, eating less, showing more worm resilience and with a 17% increase in fertility in the older ewes it can only be positive.

We are currently running soil trials on Scott’s paddock with initial results very promising.

Working with our understandings and testing procedures we are continuing to fine tune and improve Scott’s productions systems. We are shedding light on a lot of the limiting factors and offering some answers.

I have many years of experience managing properties. I have always been looking at the best systems for gaining and maintaining stock health in a sustainable process. We are still growing and learning but so far we are making good progress.

Healing Bailey after removal of a cancerous tumour

I came to Heal with Ease in a rather different way. I had been researching a different diet for our best buddy Bailley following a diagnosis of a fatty lipoma located on his ribs. This had come a few short months after a cancerous tumour had to be removed which surrounded his jugular. A very stressful time for us and we wanted to do the best we could for Bailley. Our aim was to find a diet that removed all processed foods and would support him in his recoveries and assist his body in fighting off future problems.

When I found Cathy we found so much more, a wealth of knowledge with such caring and compassion. I believe that Cathy not only healed Bailley but also me, she helped me understand what was happening and how I could work with Bailley’s healing. During Bailley’s healing plans he developed a lump on his leg around the joint. Cathy was there for us when I had so many questions and trying to decide what our next step would be, through tears and early morning emails. Cathy supported my decision to involve our vet for a non-invasive biopsy. Cathy assured me the lump was not cancer, something I was so very scared of. The results came back as a fatty lipoma our vet was recommending that we continue to observe the lump and consider surgery if the lump grew.

Its been three months now and we have completed another healing plan for Bailley. He is really well, he has a natural diet combining both raw and cooked food, we no longer give him worming tablets but rather use the remedies we received from Cathy once a fortnight. We continue to monitor his lumps and bumps and they have changed but not grown. His coat, skin and eyes are looking wonderful and the vet cannot say enough about how healthy he looks. I have used the kit not only for Bailley during times of stress but have also used it for myself, it is a valuable resource which I go to first. It was quite funny recently when I was feeling a little unwell I asked my husband to look at the kit and find a remedy for my sore tummy, he came back with one of the remedies and followed instructions perfectly proceeding to put a drop on my nose. I have to report it did work but it may have been more comfortable under my tongue.

I cannot thank Cathy enough for what she has done for our family I think we would of been looking at a very different situation had we not found her when we did.

Treating OCD in a dog

Atlas was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and heavy suppressive medication was prescribed. His owner Liz is a client of ours but didn’t immediately consider us for treating Atlas. Another client and friend of Liz’s suggested we were worth trying in this complicated issue with Atlas.

Here is Liz’s email after running Atlas’s first healing plan:

Atlas & I went for a walk today.

Walking since he was 6 months old has been on a black dog training halter & he is 4yrs on 6th November 2011.

A normal walk consisted of Atlas grabbing at the lead to take in his mouth at every street crossing or cars passing us, head on a constant swivel, sideways, backwards etc. grabbing grass mouthfuls as we walked, then coming home to stop him running is obsessive compulsive circles, jumping at a non existant spot on the ground & then running more circles, so I used to crate him for 1/2hr to calm him before he was allowed back in the yard.

Today was AMAZING.

Halter on him, but lead of 20cm from handle to tip of clip was on his FLAT COLLAR. After about 20 mins into a 45min walk, I took the halter off his head. Atlas only grabbed the lead ONCE at the beginning of the walk & made eye contact & let go of the lead, I did not even have time to signal him to let go, he did it on his own.

I have to say he was watchful, but not head on a FAST SWIVEL as was ‘normal’ before, there was NO fast swivel, yes he looked from side to side & every so often checked behind us.

At one stage I dropped the lead to put a poo bag in a bin & before that would have been enough for him to TAKE OFF running circles on me, but this time we KEPT eye contact & he just stood next to me & never moved —- YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE.

We walked in rain mizzle, no rain & it was just BEAUTIFUL.

He also used to grab mouthfuls of grass as we walked, this only happened twice & then only ONE blade of grass. I noticed he moved closer to me when cars came past us & was so CALM — cars have always been a ‘stresser’ for Atlas.

Treats on the walk, I still have FINGERS, he was GENTLE — that is a FIRST, I have always had a crocodile teeth cattle dog, but NOT TODAY —- MORE YIPPPPPEEEEEEES.

We came home & today I did the ‘unthinkable’, we went straight out into the yard, I unclipped the lead, & offered a treat, which was taken, he had a drink & picked up a toy to play, ate more treats, —— there was NO stress RUNNING, no CIRCLING, I had a CALM dog — again I have NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE.

WOW, I am amazed & pleased & so so super happy. I have a different, calmer, more snuggly cuddly, loving dog — thank you so very very much.

Joe & Liz Grewal
Shep — deaf koolie
Angel — deaf Koolie
Atlas — deaf blue heeler
Pepsi AD, JDX — hearing Hairless Chinese Crested

Behaviour problems naturally solved

I would like to thank you for all your help and the benefits of Heal with Ease, as you know I imported a male Rottweiler from Serbia called Bullet and even though I had been using Heal with Ease products for quite some time know and had witnessed what I call miracle recovery’s using your products and guidance I was still probably not a full believer especially in healing plans. So I wasted 12 months dealing with a dog suffering anxiety and a dog that would not show in the show ring as he seemed to get all nervous in the show ring, yet he had been shown prior to me purchasing with good results, I could not understand what was going on the this dog, so I spent money at training and different things but to no avail as I said 12 months went by and I was at my wits end with this dog willing to try anything you might say, so I turned to Heal with Ease and a healing plan for Bullet and what can I say another miracle and me know a true believer only ½ way through his first healing plan Bullet is a different dog, he know not only shows but wins, he is a lot more confident and although not 100% perfect yet it is an incredible change in the dog. We are now ½ way through our second plan and he just keeps getting better and better, I believe back to the dog he was before I imported him. I don’t know for shore if his time coming across affected him or not but he left Serbia in their winter at -12 degrees only to arrive in Sydney in the middle of a heat wave where the first week he was here it was 46 degrees and for the month he spent in quarantine it never dropped below 35 degrees during the day. Any way we are firm believers in what you do and thank both yourself and Eric for all the help you have given us along the way and I will never stop telling everybody about how good Heal with Ease is.

Thank You
Neville Bennett
Darksupreme Rottweilers & Australian Working Kelpies

Natural healing for Tick Poisoning

Here is Palouse’s story about how she recovered from tick poisoning using Heal with Ease Energy remedies and a healing plan:

Noticing how quiet our little Chinese Crested dog had been one afternoon, we administered the Sudden Illness Remedy before giving her a bath; with which exposed a small bloated tick just above her eyelid. We panicked and immediately put tea tree oil on the tick (for removal), but then realised the HWE remedies may not work as well after using tea tree, so just in case we immediately orally administered sodium ascorbate (for the first 24hrs) in conjunction with the remedies we had on hand. Although confident HWE users, this was our first experience with suspected paralysis and the whole scary process of how sick our little dog was to become ( vomiting, throat paralysis – lost her voice, gagging, unable to eat or drink and therefore lethargy), after 48hrs we felt the need to get a vet’s diagnosis to see exactly where she was at and a confirmation of Tick Paralysis. He recommended immediate hospilization to save her, though he was quietly surprised that she was on her feet and walking around (all 2.5kg of her!) after this amount of time but still made us feel like we were sentencing her to death by not taking his recommendations – opting to use HWE remedies instead. Like many, Palouse is a very emotionally attached dog to her owners and we felt she wouldn’t have emotionally coped well in a vet hospital and already had faith in HWE remedies and Cathy’s support in dozens of situations and have never let us down (they still continue to amaze us). Because of Palouse’s state of health at the time, she had attracted half a dozen fleas to her sickly body, and to our shock and horror, the vet in the scheme of things wanted to overload her system with even more that day (chemical flea treatment)!! As we only went for diagnostic confirmation and state of health, we declined hospilization and flea treatment.

Hence we relied heavily on Cathy and Heal With Ease, during the whole ordeal Cathy never wavered in her support, and guidance with the remedies from start to finish.

Palouse slowly progressed as her vomiting and gagging lessened towards the end of the week. At this point we offered her a little egg and goats milk/ wheatbix to which she still wasn’t ready. It was 24hrs later (day eight) she stole the cat’s raw chicken wing (Palouse’s favourite food) and placed it at the floor of her human Mum’s feet to show us “I’m all good” and was she proud!!

Cathy suggested a HWE healing plan for Palouse for ultimate recovery after such a serious illness. She regained her pre-illness weight surprisingly quickly just on her regular diet.

We have since heard stories of Paralysis tick cases that were treated with full veterinary care, how expensive with no guarantee and still a long home recovery (if they come home). Not to mention overloaded with chemicals. Looking back on our experience, we feel we gave our little dog the healthiest and happiest outcome with a now stronger immunity to boot.

Lastly we would like to thank Cathy again for her amazing support and don’t know how she does it! She was baking cakes with her children whilst guiding on the phone hows that! God knows how many others she was helping on those days.

Kindest Regards
Hayley Wardrop
Cert. III Natural Equine Hoof Care (barefoot trimmer)
& Palouse’s Family

Diarrhea and hot spots in dogs

This is a testimonial from Shelley Burns who was struggling for a long time with health and behaviorial problems in her Rottweiler Finn. Finn’s healing is a clear picture of how an overloaded body (bacterias and medications) can affect the behaviour. An overloaded body can’t cope with additional stress. It’s true for dogs and humans, for all animals.

After the Brisbane January 2011 floods my rottweiler puppy Finn picked up a nasty bacteria that, after 8 months of antibiotics and numerous vet visits, was not getting any better. Finn had constant diarrhoea, had started to develop what the vet diagnosed as food allergies which led to hot spots which then required different antibiotics to treat. All of these issues impacted on Finn’s behavior which was getting worse by the month.

Then along came Cathy & Eric from Heal with Ease. After Finn’s first plan, no more diarrhoea, no more hot spots. His food allergies disappeared and Finn’s behavioral issues settled down. Finn is a totally different dog now and what a difference it has made to my life. The Heal with Ease treatments have opened my eyes to the benefits of natural healing….it works.

Shelley Burns

Help for a little dog with an enlarged heart

This testimonial is from our friend and client Shelley in Victoria.

Early December 2011 the vet diagnosed my beloved 12 year old maltese X, Toto with an enlarged heart, with no prospects of getting well again. I was told I could try diuretics, a medication to release fluids that might keep him going a little while longer.
After I got home I straight away when into survivor mode, refusing to accept that there was not any way to save one of the best friends I will know in this lifetime. I found Eric and Cathy’s Heal with Ease site in the first 15 minutes, read about who they were – hippies at heart, folk who just wanted to help others and their animals.

I was familiar with some of the natural remedies such as Bach Flower Essences but was unfamiliar with the energy healing form they use to describe what it is they offer.

I called and spoke with Cathy who was and has been very kind, helpful and one of the best listeners I’ve known. She told me to send a picture of Toto, she understood what the vet had told me and seemed very positive that we could help him!

Within the week I had received and started Toto on his first healing plan. Within 10 days his coughing had stopped!! He became more energetic, playing with his favourite squeaky toys again. Toto was on a total of 3 healing plans especially designed for him over several months. He appeared to enjoy the drops I gave him. The Heal with Ease medicine was so easy to administer and so inexpensive for what it is.

During 2012 I would find myself often looking at a happy, healthy dog, who should not be here, if I had believed that vet over a year ago now. Toto smiles at me more than ever now. We are both blessed to share more time together. I do not claim to understand how this medicine works, but I am grateful to Eric and Cathy for being here for us all in need.

I am in the middle of completing my own 5 healing plans and am seeing definite improvements. I live with the side effects of cancer/radiation treatments amongst other things.

Cathy, I have to say just a few more things about you, that you are incredibly humble, down to earth, yet very much the professional.

Thank you both again. It’s so comforting to know you are here!

Kindest regards, Shelley and Toto, Victoria, Australia

Post Parvo Treatment for Buddy

In March 2013, Di Edwards from the Working Dog Rescue Group contacted us about Buddy. He’d had a severe case of Parvo and then presented with Malabsorption Syndrome.

We only ran one plan for Buddy and it showed up with bacterias and chemical exposure that was interfering with Buddy’s gut processes, allergies, some disturbance to his heart. One plan and Buddy is bouncing around again. Di’s recount of Buddy’s health issues is in the article with the photos below.

Helping Bertie after her Car Accident

How great is Heal with Ease! I first bought your healing kits after being blown away by the effectiveness of your HWE tonic on Mac the times he caught kennel cough (despite being vaccinated!). I thought the kits sounded good and would give them a go. I thought there’d be plenty of opportunities to use them for those things that crop up like stings and little accidents, and there were – and more! I can’t list all the times I’ve been able to depend on those healing kits, for all the species in my household – infections, upsets, food poisoning, gastro, cold onsets, sore throats, ticks – always with success and often incredibly quickly. But I guess I never thought all I’d have everything on hand that I needed to deal with one of my dogs being hit by a car, but I did.

As you know we took Bertie straight to the vet after she was hit, he told us that nothing was broken (except our ear drums…), and told us it was important she didn’t go into shock. When we got home I was worried about the shock, she was acting really weird and pacing and agitated, but as soon as I gave her a drop of the No 1 Accident remedy, she just walked over to her bed and got in. Just like that – instantly. As we gave her the following 5 doses it was clear that this dog was not going to go into shock. She drank and lay down quietly, recuperating. The impact had sent the blood from the outside to the inside of her legs, so it had split and burst in many places on the insides of her legs, her stomach and genitals – all of which looked terrible, an awful purply colour and very swollen. We treated her with no 4 and no 2 from the kit as per your suggestion every four hours, and watched a miracle happen over two days. By the third day you would have thought nothing had happened to her. The swelling had gone, the colour looked normal! Only the wounds remained and were healing well. She was bolting around, scabbing food, and being a general menace as per usual – no one could believe it. She’s started the healing plan and I’ll keep you posted. I’ve noticed my kits are running low, will have to take an inventory and order top ups. Won’t ever risk being without them!

Love, Michelle x

How Heal with Ease helped Nancy, her family and her farm animals.

I started using HEAL WITH EASE products over 2 years ago on my family and our dogs. The results were immediately astounding. I was so intrigued by the results I bought myself a farmer’s kit and started using the remedies on our cattle. We run approximately 350 breeders and now after 2 years I would say that everything now has been treated with a remedy of some sort. Our operation does not allow a consistent routine with the remedies but the results have still impressed us. The reason I am writing this testimonial is we have just finished weaning and we could not get over how quiet and settled they were even during the weaning and the processing that they go through. . The weaners maintained condition after being turned into the paddock. These weaners here are the progeny of the weaners that we first started treating over 2 years ago. We have not changed our operation except that every time the cattle come into the yards we spray them with remedies. Now we believe that these weaners are coping with life as we are releasing unnecessary baggage from them and from their mothers. Overall our cattle do not have the same temperament that they did before using HEAL WITH EASE products. Our cows seem to cycle earlier and we have higher conception rates, our heifers are also cycling earlier (we run Charolaise so it is generally hard to get them to cycle at a young age) and our steers are more settled. We treat all our heifers after calving with the fertility remedies to help get ready for next time and help with milking and to help with the stress of labour. My husband who was quite unsure of all this at the beginning is now taking the remedies down to the yards with him. I have begun muscle testing now for what they need and the results are starting to come through. We hardly ever use penicillin and nearly go to say we have not used it in over a year (a little, maybe). I have been treating our bulls now as well and I hope to see a lot less broken down ones and higher conception in our cattle. If you release from the mother you had better do the father as well. I have only started this procedure in the last 3 months so I will be interested to see the results.

I am unsure how to relate the impact using these remedies has had on my family and animals but it has made a difference in the energy of the place. We (including the animals) are calmer, cope better with stress and can handle the difficult times with an ability to get back on track. The weaners that I am talking about went to a camp draft and they usually return home quite upset and agitated. These ones I walked home (about 1 km) and did not break a trot. I put them back in the yards again because I thought I better treat you even though they had been through the muster, being trucked twice and the dehydration and the chasing of them at the event. Well, let me tell you they walked up the race and I did not even shut the back gate on the force they just hung out there. I have no reason for this behaviour. All I know is that I am glad I decided to treat them once again.

Just a bit more on our heifers, we have had to pull a few calves and they have been difficult as the calves were just too big. I spray them immediately after the calf drops and then do the calves as well. We have had no mothering problems and we have not had to clean a heifer’s afterbirth since we use the remedies. The other day we had a calf that had been left to long and its head and tongue were quite swollen. We treated that calf and after 4-5 hours he was sucking. That really did blow us away.

Would it not be a great place if we could just slowly take the layers off without any fuss so we could go on living? These animals feel the same way. We raise these animals for consumption so I know I would rather eat animals that are carrying less stresses so I also do not carry theirs as well as mine.

Help for Monty in his hour of need

This is one of the situations when having remedies on hand has saved Julie precious time and money when helping her dog recover from a mystery bite.

A testimony to the power of the Heal with Ease Remedies.

Upon arriving home from work this week my son found Monty a very unhappy dog. He was fine in the morning when we all went to work and at 6pm he has developed rear end paralysis and could not walk.

When Jordan rang me I was still working and immediately thought of a spider or snake bite.

I told Jordan to give him several doses No 5 for bites and No 9 for stings which he did in the next hour or so.

When I arrived home he was still not moving and looked quite sad.

I contacted Cathy and she then said to try 6 doses of number 4 for inflammation.

By 10 am the next morning he could slowly rise and as the day has worn on
he has come outside and trotted around the farm, be it still a little stiff
on rising.

Thank you Cathy. A late night trip to the vet and goodness knows
what treatment would have been very costly. Thank you Heal with Ease

Bye for now Julie McDonald, Vic.

Kathy helps her family naturally

I was introduced to Cathy and Eric about a year ago by a friend from work who couldn’t say enough about the amazing results from the HEAL WITH EASE programme. Up to date I think there isn’t anyone in the family that hasn’t had some sort of healing from the products. My 2 year old grand daughter Annaleise had an accident while playing with her sisters and subsequently the tip of her finger was severed completely off, she was taken to hospital and the specialist had re-attached the tip of her finger. A few days later we had to take her back to hospital to have the dressing changed and it was at this time that the specialist had a look at the finger – which was now as black as the night. He shook his head and said he didn’t hold much hope for the finger at this stage as it looked dead. After returning from the hospital I rang Cathy and she advised me to immediately give the accident remedy and the infection remedy and started her on a healing plan to help rid her of toxins and give her body the chance to concentrate on healing the tip of her finger. Amazingly after just a few days little bits of pink started to show in through the black, and as days went by more and more pink showed through and until the black disappeared and has now left her with a perfectly formed little finger.

A couple of days into the plan

Almost healed!!! About 10 days later

Honey Gray

I also had some amazing results with my 9 year old shit-zhu dog Honey who had bletheritis and eye ulcers , I had taken her to the vet to have her eyes looked at because it looked to me as though she couldn’t see. The vet gave me cream to put into her eyes and by the time I came home from work in the afternoon they were swollen, red and very painful for her – the vet had misdiagnosed her ailment and given her medication that was incorrect for her which made her eyes much worse rather than better. I immediately rang Cathy for help and we put Honey onto a healing plan to help her heal, it took a little bit but Honey is now just finishing her plans and is happy, healthy and running around like a 2 year old. I am also on my healing plans and am feeling absolutely wonderful and can’t thank Cathy and Eric enough as without HEAL WITH EASE I don’t think any of this would have been possible. I have purchased a Beginners Kit and several other treatments and plan to add to my kits as soon as I can.

I am grateful to Cathy and Eric for being there for me and sharing their knowledge that they have gained through the years. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and with the compassion, patience and understanding of a saint Cathy has guided my family and I to excellent health. I am eternally grateful.

Thankyou to you both.  XXXX

Kathy – Ipswich

Natural Treatment for Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Pip is a Kelpie and always had a bit of excitement Urinary Incontinence. After being desexed it got way out of hand.

Shelley her owner sent us this email on 10 December 2012.

“…. it has always been that she did a pee in her sleep between 1 to 2 times a week but in the last week it’s now every night and sometimes during the day when she’s sleeping. It started to happen when sleeping after exercise (it always happened on a weds night after herding). I take her out at midnight for a pee – which she happily does. She always pees a bit when she gets excited around other dogs and her “special” friends.”

At one stage she would evaculate her bladder while sleeping without any awareness at all. It took 4 healing plans to a) bring Pip up to a good level of health and b) heal all the issues surrounding her incontinence. By June 2013 Pip was in complete control of her bladder.

Shelley sent us this testimonial.

“I had a young Kelpie that I initially thought was being difficult to toilet train. But it developed into serious incontinence where she should be asleep on the floor and be surrounded by a pool of urine..and she wouldn’t stir. She needed to be toileted twice during the night. Initially I took her to the vet to eliminate a urinary tract infection, the vet advised that she would need medication for the rest of her life and that they would like to do more tests…no thanks. Pip went on Cathy and Eric’s plans and within a couple of weeks there was a significant improvement in her incontinence. Now 5 months on, no incontinence and I get to sleep through the night. Thanks again to Cathy & Eric for their amazing plans and remedies.

Shelley B, Thorneside”

Just a side note to this case study. Shelley initially started working with us because her Rottweiler Finn was constantly sick. He had been exposed to flood waters in the Brisbane floods and the bacterias we was carrying around stopped him from being well. We cleared these issues with plans but Shelley still finds he is sensitive to chemical exposure, often resulting in ear infections. At the time of writing this post Finn’s ears were good and clear after his latest healing plan.

Shelley ran 5 plans over the cause of 2013 and has to date lost 27kgs. The healing plans are designed to release the load and restore proper internal function. Once that is achieved then the body can run as it was designed to run.

Shelley has since convinced her sister to run plans and after her first one she is feeling so much happier and less stressed.

Helping Zac

In Feb 2011 I got an 11mth old Kelpie. In the first 2 months of him being with us he had 2 surgeries (desex & lump removal) & was vaccinated. A month or so later he became quite ill with temperatures over 40 degrees. Multiple tests later, my vet had no idea what was causing the problem but suggested he be seen by a blood specialist. After spending a week at the specialist on antibiotics his temp came down. The vets still had no idea what caused the problem or what brought his temp down.

A couple months later the same symptoms began with the same “unknown” diagnosis & another week at the specialist on different antibiotics. Again, his temp came down with no real answers as to what it was. A couple months later the same symptoms started for a third time. This time my vet suggested steroids because they had “tried everything else”. I drew the line there & after desperately asking all my doggy friends for advice I was pointed in the direction of Cathy at Heal With Ease.

I will admit I was sceptical at first – sending a photo & not actually seeing him sounded quite unconventional to me – but I obviously needed to try something different. My dogs mean the world to me & I was really quite frightened to think what the outcome might be for my beautiful boy which is why I will never forget Cathy’s words to me – something along the lines of “it’s just a bacterial infection, he’s not really that sick” – you can’t imagine how relieved I was. Within days his temp was normal & he was back to being his crazy self & after a single Heal With Ease plan I am very happy to say that, 2.5 years later, he has never been sick again!!

I can’t thank you enough for the work you do Cathy,

Carolyn P., Brisbane

Saving Suki from chemical poisoning

This testimonial comes from Sue Sharpe on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia. At same time Sue’s Birman cat Suki was sick, our ragdoll Cleopatra was going through very similar symptoms. We don’t spot on flea treat any of our dogs or Cleo but about the time she got sick the Council sprayed the side of the road in front of our property.

Below is a photo of Suki (on the left) and her friend Lynx

Sue writes:

I have used the remedies & individual plans from Cathy & Eric’s ‘Heal With Ease’ for several years for ourselves, my horses, dogs & cats.
Several months ago my 5yo Birman cat ‘Suki’ became very ill to the point of nearly dying from chemical toxin poisoning from a well known brand of spot-on flea control & the local vet did tests after tests & tried this & that but nothing was working & she was getting worse very quickly & the vet didn’t hold out much hope for a recovery. It has taken 3 plans, time, patience & persistence to bring Suki back to full health again. It was touch & go a couple of times, but we stuck with the plans as we have great faith in them & the individual support we received from Cathy & Eric helped us get through some very down times. It is now 4 weeks since finishing the 3rd plan & our beautiful Suki is going ahead in leaps & bounds thanks to them. - See more at:
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