Special Healing for Rescue Horse Lucky

Lucky came to live with Mel 10 months ago (September 2013). He was thin, unwell and miserable. This was the first photo Mel sent us.

In his initial review we found:

That he was running at just 46% of his potential with 6 plans indicated over the next 8-10 months to bring him to good health.

In his first plan the following came up for clearing and healing:

- liver and kidney cleanse (detox)

- two antibiotics – penicillin and amoxicillin

- blockage in his hoof

- bacteria paracolon bacilli (disturbs digestion) and shigella dysenteria (causes dysentery)

- remedy to release build up of uric acid, treat rheumatism. Soreness of bladder with pain in right kidney and ureter. Itching about joints. Photophobia.

- flower essence for apathy, resignation, discouraged, half-hearted.

- imbalance in blood cholesterol levels and blood urea levels.

And this was just his first plan. We went on to do the follow up plans. Lucky is just a week into his last plan and Mel sent us this photo today.

Mel tells us:

There has been a huge change in Lucky, he’s now huge.

For feed – apart from a few cups of rolled barley flakes and a few handfuls of lucerne chaff every few days, when he has his remedy, he is getting no supplementary feed at all.

Mel is very happy with the changes in her beautiful rescue horse Lucky.

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