Anal gland problems with Dogs

Friday, 30 October 2015

Eric & Cathy,

Thanks for all your help in resolving my dog’s ruptured anal gland. Without your help the only other solution was going to be the removal of the anal gland as it rupturing on a weekly basis and not responding to antibiotics. The dog was becoming very cranky and you couldn’t make any move to pat her towards the base of her tail without risk of a bite.  Through your plans you identified a number of issues and worked to clear those from her system. Great results, no more anal gland issues and I now have a very happy dog.

Shelley, B. Qld.

Healing for a Beautiful Dog having Seizures

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sarah has been working with us for years so it was with a great deal of confidence that she contacted us to help her with Zoe when she started having seizures.

Below is Sarah’s testimonial.

Zoe started having seizures one day and we didn’t know what was wrong with her. The first time it happened I thought she had been bitten by a snake and rushed her to the vet. After the second one I contacted Cathy.I remember that email very well, it opened with ‘Sarah Zoe is very unwell” they needed to start an emergency plan asap. Zoe had a tumor and that was what was causing the seizures. We have a different dog now, we both agreed that we didn’t realize how unwell she was. Her coat is so thick and healthy, she has put on weight and looks so strong and content. Her behavior is so different as well, we just thought that was her, she didn’t listen, she was a bit on edge all the time, now she is so calm.We can’t thank the team at ‘Heal with Ease’ enough, I don’t want to think about where we’d be if we hadn’t sent that photo of Zoe to Cathy. Much love to you all Xx

Sarah sent this additional part of the testimonial to share with you.

When Zoe came to us as a pup she was a normal happy pup who loved to run and fetch the ball. After a few months we noticed her limping, we stopped playing ball with her for a few days and it settled down, we thought she had landed on it funny but it returned and kept getting worse.

After a vet visit we learnt it was arthritis. Apparently she hurt herself as a puppy her breeder said and this was the result.

We kept an eye on her and gave her pernaease powder prescribed by the vet everyday. It seemed to be working as long as she took the powder and didn't run too much or jump at all.

When Zoe started having seizures we stopped giving her the powder just by accident, but after the plans were finished and we noticed how amazing she looked we also realised she wasn't limping even after chasing the ball for hours on end!

The plans had released her arthritis completely, she still has the thickness in her joint but absolutely no pain.

One very happy dog who runs and jumps and chases that ball everyday.

Natural Treatment for QLD Itch

We have been working with Wanda L., in Qld since November 2011. Today she emailed us this testimonial about the work we have done with her Horse with QLD itch, her dogs teeth and her personally.   Every year as the weather heats up Wanda organises a plan for Nirji to keep him itch free.

“Cathy, I am writing to let you know how happy I have been with the results I am achieving from using various homeopathic treatments on myself and my animals over the last year or so.

For my animals, my dog’s teeth have not looked better. As I have 5 I do not give them bones often unless I am there to supervise, so was looking for an alternative method to help keep them clean when I read about your ‘tartar remedy” and I have not looked back. They are all around the 10 year age mark and all whilst their teeth are not as white as when young, their teeth are very clean and gleam with health.

My horses have also benefited with being treated by homeopathic, none more so than Nirji. When I first approached you his body was very itch and in places (especially his backside/tail and neck) had patches off them from constant rubbing. From speaking with you, I did decide to place Nirji on a treatment plan and even though it did take quite a few treatment plans, he is now looking his best. His coat/tail and neck are looking very good plus his coat is very shiny.

As Queensland Itch is one of the hardest skin conditions to keep in check within Queensland I will be keeping Nirji on a yearly treatment plan with you. Plus using the Detox and V&M treatment in between or when needed.

For myself, I have a mixture of treatments that I am finding to be very useful – Youth Remedy, HWE Tonic, Arthritis and Tartar Remedy. My skin feels softer since using the Youth Remedy, plus whenever I feel like I am starting to get a cold or feeling ‘run down’ I just need to take the HWE Tonic for a couple of days and I start to feel better, plus my teeth and mouth have not felt so clean since starting with the Tartar Remedy. It was only the other day that I was wondering what was looking different and I noticed that the ‘build up’ from above my front teeth due to being a bridge had just about gone. Before this even the dentist when in for a ‘clean’ could not remove this ‘build up’ from my teeth, they would try, then just leave it. It had become quite dark, but now since using the Tartar Remedy it has just about disappeared completely.

Thank you very much Cathy for your support and wonderful friendly service, I know that you are only a email and/or phone call away if needed.

Wanda M., Queensland

Promise Me a Miracle

I would like to introduce you to Promise short for Promise Me a Miracle. Promises’ journey to the earth has been a very long and involved tale full of grief, trauma and absolute joy.

The following is Allyson’s account of how Promise came to be.

Hi Cathy

Please forgive the lapse of time since I said I would send a precis of Cosi’s story and the amazing result of years of persistence…… It has been of course a hectic time and lots going on, not to mention the way time flies when you find yourself sitting in a paddock watching a foal play. I swear sometimes Ive been there for days on end at a time…. !!!

The beginning of my journey with Cosi started the day I rescued her, many many years ago now, and found that the two horses we had to take her away from were her own filly and colt, two horses she had never been parted from in their lives. The separation was due to her being shot through the neck and left to die in the bush, so of course not negotiable that we get her out of there for treatment. Her agony at that parting made me promise to her that day, in the back yard of a friend who had room for a horse, that I would one day give her a foal she would not have to part with, ever.

What a can of worms I opened!!!!!! From Central Australia to Queensland and back to WA we have traveled. During that time I started with normal breeding methods, then when they didn’t work we investigated reasons why and went a little left of centre in order to bring that foal into existence… Until I was told by very highly qualified equine breeding specialists that the scarring in her uterus was beyond repair, and she would never ever have the foal I had promised her.

Still, an animal psychic friend in the States told me that she dreamed of Cosi with her OWN foal, and so I had a little voice in my mind saying “don’t give up”…
We tried everything… Herbs and red light therapy and massage and everything in between…. Prayers and rain dances and speaking out loud to Epona… Years passed….

Then we found YOU.

I don’t remember how long ago it was Cathy that I first told you of her plight, perhaps it was Monti (Allyson’s German Shepherd) I first contacted you about. I still have Cosi’s Healing Plan in all its complicated glory – perhaps I should frame it!!!!!! I followed those instructions to the letter, after reading about homeopathy which at that time I knew absolutely nothing about. (Not that much has changed LOL)…..

December 2010, my beautiful girl slipped a foal, 7 months in utero, a beautiful black colt with a big white blaze just like his daddy…. but Phoenix, as I named him, was here for a very special reason. He made Cosi ready for the next stage of what you made possible, by ensuring the previously inhospitable uterine wall, resembling leather in the past, was now ready, waiting, warm and soft.

12 months is a long time when you are focused on every single change in a mare’s body and mind… I almost went out of my own mind in the last few months as the time of Phoenix’s early birth came and went, but this little foal stayed put. The vets had a guesstimate of mid November, so once again I started going grey, and the Moet remained in the fridge untouched.

Thursday December 23rd at 3.45am, after a dose of accident remedy to stave off any excessive labour pain, my beautiful Cosi finally realised the promise I had made to her 8 years ago, and Promise came into this world, amidst a still summer’s evening, hardly a whisper from her mother, but lots of tears from me. I managed to come back to earth long enough to administer her remedy 13, retained placenta, just in case, but everything seemed perfect.

Her full name is “Promise Me A Miracle” and whilst she is still changing, it looks like she will be a Golden Buckskin… just what I had prayed for from a palomino mother and black as the ace of spades father. She is everything I ever dreamed of, and more, but nothing will ever surpass the sheer love and joy I felt when I saw Cosi nurture that foal for the first time. Cosi is the centre of my universe, no doubt about that, and without your help with her specific healing plan and continued backup, none of this would have happened.

Cathy, is it any wonder that I tell everyone about you, everyone who needs help, be it for themselves, or their beloved animals. Anyone who needs a miracle, when they have run out of hope. You have helped create a miracle, in a little paddock in Mundijong WA, that has helped heal the hearts of a beautiful mare and her eternally grateful and blissfully happy owner. I can never, ever, thank you enough from the bottom of my heart. Love Allyson

Special Healing for Rescue Horse Lucky

Lucky came to live with Mel 10 months ago (September 2013). He was thin, unwell and miserable. This was the first photo Mel sent us.

In his initial review we found:

That he was running at just 46% of his potential with 6 plans indicated over the next 8-10 months to bring him to good health.

In his first plan the following came up for clearing and healing:

- liver and kidney cleanse (detox)

- two antibiotics – penicillin and amoxicillin

- blockage in his hoof

- bacteria paracolon bacilli (disturbs digestion) and shigella dysenteria (causes dysentery)

- remedy to release build up of uric acid, treat rheumatism. Soreness of bladder with pain in right kidney and ureter. Itching about joints. Photophobia.

- flower essence for apathy, resignation, discouraged, half-hearted.

- imbalance in blood cholesterol levels and blood urea levels.

And this was just his first plan. We went on to do the follow up plans. Lucky is just a week into his last plan and Mel sent us this photo today.

Mel tells us:

There has been a huge change in Lucky, he’s now huge.

For feed – apart from a few cups of rolled barley flakes and a few handfuls of lucerne chaff every few days, when he has his remedy, he is getting no supplementary feed at all.

Mel is very happy with the changes in her beautiful rescue horse Lucky.

Natural Treatment of Botulism in Horses

At the end of April (2014) we noticed one of our Mares just wasn’t right, we emailed Cathy and Eric and they said it was colic and advised what remedies to give. A couple of days pasted and we saw a slight improvement and then she went downhill fast, it was like she was walking on hot rocks, was playing with water and not swallowing, seeing spooks and not wanting to be touched, we were all at wits end as to what was going on and then the second horse started getting the same symptoms, working very close with Cathy and Eric I was updating morning and night and constantly giving remedies, then just in the nick of time they tested positive for botulism……. What’s botulism? It’s a bacteria that grows on dead carcass with little to no oxygen around them, often found in baled hay, grains and so on. I can also be in the ground. Horses get botulism? It was a learning curve for us all, Australia doesn’t have much information available about botulism, Cathy and Eric had never delt with it in horses before or knew they could get it nor did we so it was research time, I spoke with the top equine vets, universities and Dpi and they all wished me luck as there was nothing they can do and animals often get put to sleep due to botulism being mistaken for Hendra!! There is no horse vaccines or antitoxins for botulism in horses in Australia and there is not just one type of botulism, it is very common in America!

So as the days went by horse after horse started showing symptoms, we ended up with all 5 of our horses extremely sick and when Cathy said “we are doing all we can” and not the usual “They will be much better in afew days” I knew it was bad, I also knew these amazing people where all we had to beat this fatal bacteria, constantly I had people saying do blood, do soil tests, get a vet……I had eliminated all these options, there was nothing anyone could do apart from Heal With Ease!!

Now 5 weeks in we have had a lot of ups and downs and are still doing our morning and night emails and talking when needed to Cathy and Eric, we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel now but still have a little way to go, I believe that it is botulism we have been dealing with and am amazed that Cathy and Eric have managed to save all 5 horses and I think they have even amazed themselves working this miracle.

We have been through a lot over the last 3 years with Heal with ease and managed to come out the other side better than anyone expected with ourselves and our animals. We will never be able to thank Cathy, Eric and there amazing children enough for all that they do. xo Sarah, D. Airlie Beach, Qld






Traveling with Horses to Polocrosse Nationals in Darwin

Thanks Cathy and Eric & Heal with Ease,

I have just returned from Darwin from the Australian Polocrosse Nationals, in all we traveled 7977kms. Whilst traveling I used the sports recovery both for the horses and myself which definitely helped we bounced out of the truck at the end of each day no problems.

Whilst in Darwin with the heat I found that using No 4 for heat stress and dehydration and the Sports Recovery during the game in between chukkas and afterwards helped and the horses and myself recover a lot quicker, this is in fact the 3rd time I have been to a Nationals in Darwin, you could say I am a seasoned performer, not an old athlete, and I also had sports recovery in my drink bottle.

I believe preparation has a lot to do with how you and your horses perform at the top level and the horses and myself over the last 12 months had been through heal with ease plans prior to leaving, so all were in tip top shape. On a personal note when I started my first plan I was only running at 50% of my potential and didn’t have the enthusiasm and motivation and was easily stressed, my horses were running at 55, 60 and 80%, at the end of our plans we were all above 90% and the difference in stamina, and well being was very noticeable and dealing with stresses of everyday life seem insignificant.

I have the sprays from 1-18 plus some extras and am using them when something arises, for things with the horses and myself like eye injuries, swellings, stings, tummy upsets and quite honestly haven’t taken any panadol since I can’t remember when.

I think that everyday we are presented with chemicals, additives etc and our bodies are constantly under pressure and anything I can do to assist it to heal naturally is only a good thing.


Wendy Barlow
Member of the NSW Mixed Masters Winning

Natural Healing for a little hen

I found our black hen all by herself hiding under the wisteria bush, when we were having our constant wet weather recently (March 2010). Her comb was very floppy and she looked unwell. So I decided to pick her up to get her to a dryer place. I must have put pressure on her crop when I picked her up as a large amount of liquid came out of her beak. Now I knew she was very unwell! I decided to ring Cathy and see if anything in my HWE kits could help. Luckily I had a remedy on hand to give her straight away, and Cathy also sent another single remedy in the mail that day for me to give as soon as it arrived.

Two days later she was still with us but not eating, and only opening her eyes when I went very close to her and made a loud noise. Cathy suggested another HWE remedy that I had at home.

A few days later I then decided to get the black hen out of her pen, as she didn’t look like she was moving around. She caught sight of the other chooks and to my surprise she decided to join the group and instantly started scratching around! I was amazed as she had shown no interest in eating up until now. I decided to let her stay with the group. She seemed to spend half the day sleeping in the hen house and the other half out with the hens. Each day she was sleeping less and less, and spending more times out with the others.

She slowly got over her illness, which I originally thought she would have had no hope of surviving considering the poor state she was in! Thanks again Cathy for your help and guidance. The remedies were was to give as I simply dribbled onto her beak and she stayed relaxed and took them well.

Sarah H., Tamborine, Qld

Natural Treatment for Footrot and Three 3 day Sickness

Hi Cathy

I started writing this last night as I really wanted to give you some feed back on all the good things that have been happening.

We have had an interesting time of late. As you know several of the new cattle we purchased from NSW came down with foot rot after weeks and weeks (months) of rain. We treated the first three with antibiotics and they recovered in one day or two. But once the Heal with Ease remedies arrived I started treating the cattle with the drops instead. Any cattle showing any signs of limping I treated with the Abscess treatment for two days (morning and afternoon – a couple of drops on the nose) and then Travel Sickness remedy for two days (in the morning only – a couple of drops on the nose). They have all recovered well in two to three days. The younger heifers responded very quickly.

The cattle are much happier to get a back scratch and a couple of drops on their nose in the paddock. It is much easier – on them and us. Especially compared to rounding them up, forcing them through the crush and then giving them a rather heavy needle in either side of their rump. Giving them drops is ‘a walk in the park’ (or should I say paddock!).

Three days ago we had a cow showing definite signs of Three Day Sickness. I put two drops of the Fever remedy on her nose when she was laying down in a gully (struggling to get up). Then I left her overnight with a basin of water with three drops in it. The next morning the basin was empty, the cow was out of the gully and munching away up the hill with the rest of the herd! I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a relief. This was one of the cows that had to deal with sore feet only weeks earlier (she got the needle poor thing).

So thank you very much for such wonderful products. Heal with Ease is a much friendlier, healthier and less expensive way of dealing with what were ongoing problems. It really has taken a lot of the worry out of it for us.

Kindest regards

Sunshine Coast

Healing Ray the Lamb

This testimonial is from one of our existing clients who took it into her heart to care for this dear little lamb called Ray. When someone is so passionate about saving a little animal like Ray we are there for them and pray that a good outcome is achieved. In every occasion like this we gain learnings – whether that miracles are possible, that others are compassionate to your plight, maybe even that not all animals can be saved, maybe something else.

This is about Ray the Lamb from Narelle F., Nth NSW.

Towards the end of September one of our Suffolk sheep delivered what seemed to be a healthy lamb and the mother was left to “do her thing” with the licking/bonding and getting lamb on its feet. An hour later it was discovered the lamb had extreme breathing problems. We consulted a vet who assured us the problem was not pneumonia, but gave us preventative medication. At times Lamb’s breathing was improved, but within five minutes he would be heaving from his poor little flanks to his open mouth.

I consulted Cathy re possible homeopathy treatment that she could recommend, knowing that the symptoms I described were obscure. Cathy showed genuine empathy and concern for the little lamb, but also for my own emotional turmoil in attempting to help the lamb breathe. Cathy instructed me on which of my homeopathy remedies to use and was happy for me to consult with her morning and night on progress being made. After seven days good progress had been made – though there were still relapses. At fourteen days Lamb was putting on weight and relapses were small. By twenty days I was able to tell Cathy that Lamb was completely well and was “leader of the gang” of other lambs.

I was not only impressed with Cathy’s professionalism and skill as a homeopath, but just as much, the genuine heart-warming feeling she demonstrated in assisting me to care for the lamb to a rewarding outcome. Cathy had no hesitation in interrupting her busy life to help. Ray Lamb (three months old) is pictured with his mother.

Healing Stock and Soil in Deepwater, NSW

Deepwater Farmers’ case study

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about what we do and some of the exciting changes we are making to farm and animal health. We, Eric and Catherine Tighe, run Heal With Ease. This exciting young business has a passion to help people, animals (both pets and livestock) and more recently soil to regain health and wellbeing.

Below you will find a case study of a farming operation that we have been working with for a little over a year. Our congratulations goes out to Scott for persevering with the process to get the results to this point, which we feel is still only the beginning. We have used some basic tools to start working on day to day issues with a more compassionate mind set and some more advanced processes to work on the deeper long term issues.

We have been working with Scott’s farm for a little over a year now and the changes are very noticeable. Here is a reminder of where we started in May 2011.

At this point Scott’s farm and production system was in a lot of trouble with his older ewes not very well at all. Fertility had been down for quite a few years despite all his efforts. At this point he had lost 500 of his 2,300 lambs to an unknown cause. He had asked a lot of experts for advice. Despite drenching and feeding a lot of extra feed and nutrients, the lambs were still dying. To make things worse, it had been one of the best seasons for a long time as far as weather and rainfall.

A little info about Scott’s systems. His farm is at Deepwater in NSW and over the last ten years he has been running a cell/rotational mixed grazing practice. Over the years, as with most of these systems, water had been run in troughs to several paddocks.

He had started with a little pasture cropping and had tried liquid teas and composting at different points.

Breeding both Hereford cattle and Lerelmo blood Fine Wool sheep for many years, he was using very good genetics with a very well thought out and established system. It should have been working as a model farm using up-to-date sustainable farming practices.

Despite all this and the paddocks carrying a good body of feed the soil had been slow to respond and improve.

So when we came on board to help with the 2010 lambs health and review of Scott’s systems, at first look everything appeared to be okay.

Since then we have run several healing plans on both Sheep and Cattle focusing on animal health at the next level of awareness.

In our work we look at health in a holistic way, which is quite different to the normal. It was while conducting this process that we came across a lot of the underlying problems that had been carried by his stock at a subclinical level and manifesting to the physical level as ill health.

This allowed us to identify the bacteria’s that were causing the health problems.

Once making the changes needed we saved the rest of his 2010 lambs and by November 2011 a fair percentage of these young sheep had reached good condition. The wether portion being sold for very good money direct for slaughter.

By scanning in August 2011, five months later we had picked up the ewe’s health which allowed a joining that was similar to the year before. They scanned at 80% in lamb and a very small amount of twinners. We had a way to go.

Shearing went well and once lambing started, it was noted that his lambs had a real want to live, a higher percentage than usual survived to marking and they did well right through to weaning.

We have continued to make changes, slowly working deeper and deeper in to the health of his sheep to a point now that the 2010 drop ewes have not had a drench since January and his older ewes since March, which in the New England wormy country is quite an achievement.

The older ewes have had a huge gain in their fertility rate lifting to 97%, with 12% twinners.

The young ewes still have a way to go, coupled with the fact that Scott has had limited numbers to do any sort of classing on these sheep, as numbers were needed after such a major loss the year before.

We know that some of this information is only subjective but the comments on the day of scanning were very positive. Some of these were that the ewes have grown more wool, are in better condition, eating less, showing more worm resilience and with a 17% increase in fertility in the older ewes, this can only be positive.

We are currently running soil trials on Scott’s paddocks with initial results very promising.

Working with our understandings and testing procedures we are continuing to fine tune and improve Scott’s productions systems. We are shedding light on a lot of the limiting factors and offering some answers.

We have many years of experience managing properties. We have always been looking at the best systems for gaining and maintaining stock health in a sustainable process. We are still growing and learning but so far we are making good progress.

Whether you are running a conventional system or looking to change over to an organic farming system, looking at health in a different light will help to bridge the gaps that are affecting all our bottom lines.

Energy remedies are an allowable input in organic farming.

By Eric Tighe, Heal with Ease

On Farm Help for Nancy, her family and her animals

I started using HEAL WITH EASE products over 2 years ago on my family and our dogs. The results were immediately astounding. I was so intrigued by the results I bought myself a farmer’s kit and started using the remedies on our cattle. We run approximately 350 breeders and now after 2 years I would say that everything now has been treated with a remedy of some sort. Our operation does not allow a consistent routine with the remedies but the results have still impressed us. The reason I am writing this testimonial is we have just finished weaning and we could not get over how quiet and settled they were even during the weaning and the processing that they go through. . The weaners maintained condition after being turned into the paddock. These weaners here are the progeny of the weaners that we first started treating over 2 years ago. We have not changed our operation except that every time the cattle come into the yards we spray them with remedies. Now we believe that these weaners are coping with life as we are releasing unnecessary baggage from them and from their mothers. Overall our cattle do not have the same temperament that they did before using HEAL WITH EASE products. Our cows seem to cycle earlier and we have higher conception rates, our heifers are also cycling earlier (we run Charolaise so it is generally hard to get them to cycle at a young age) and our steers are more settled. We treat all our heifers after calving with the fertility remedies to help get ready for next time and help with milking and to help with the stress of labour. My husband who was quite unsure of all this at the beginning is now taking the remedies down to the yards with him. I have begun muscle testing now for what they need and the results are starting to come through. We hardly ever use penicillin and nearly go to say we have not used it in over a year (a little, maybe). I have been treating our bulls now as well and I hope to see a lot less broken down ones and higher conception in our cattle. If you release from the mother you had better do the father as well. I have only started this procedure in the last 3 months so I will be interested to see the results.

I am unsure how to relate the impact using these remedies has had on my family and animals but it has made a difference in the energy of the place. We (including the animals) are calmer, cope better with stress and can handle the difficult times with an ability to get back on track. The weaners that I am talking about went to a camp draft and they usually return home quite upset and agitated. These ones I walked home (about 1 km) and did not break a trot. I put them back in the yards again because I thought I better treat you even though they had been through the muster, being trucked twice and the dehydration and the chasing of them at the event. Well, let me tell you they walked up the race and I did not even shut the back gate on the force they just hung out there. I have no reason for this behaviour. All I know is that I am glad I decided to treat them once again.

Just a bit more on our heifers, we have had to pull a few calves and they have been difficult as the calves were just too big. I spray them immediately after the calf drops and then do the calves as well. We have had no mothering problems and we have not had to clean a heifer’s afterbirth since we use the remedies. The other day we had a calf that had been left to long and its head and tongue were quite swollen. We treated that calf and after 4-5 hours he was sucking. That really did blow us away.

Would it not be a great place if we could just slowly take the layers off without any fuss so we could go on living? These animals feel the same way. We raise these animals for consumption so I know I would rather eat animals that are carrying less stresses so I also do not carry theirs as well as mine.

Natural Healing for Debbie's Family

Hi everyone my name is Debbie Davidge & I would like to tell you all about my journey along The Heal with Ease road.

I started approximately 12 months ago when a friend of a friend had told me she was using Heal with Ease with her horses & herself. My experience has been amazing I purchased the breeders kit because we breed many polocrosse horses and at the time I felt I could have been wasting a lot of money on something that may not work, how wrong was I!

In the last twelve months I have healed in my horses 3 badly ulcerated eyes, one was to the point of opaque white which I thought I would have had no hope with. I was sure the horse would be left blind in one eye but to my sheer pleasure she has made a full recovery & has full sight in the eye. Not once did I have to fight with a horse to put ointment in its eye NOT ONCE all I had to do was a simple spray into the mouth of the horse once or twice a day & put on a fly veil to reduce the light. We have also used our breeder’s kit for bonding Mares to foals & vice versa as well as for removal of placentas after the birth of a foal.

We have just arrived home from a trip to Darwin with 4horses, this was a particularly long trip over 7,000klms & a very hot journey for our horses who were in the middle of winter in NSW. Two of the horses competed at the top level of the Men’s Polocrosse competition 5 days straight & they came through with flying colours winning the Australian Men’s Polocrosse Title we used sports recovery & No 4 Fever for heat stroke every game. The horses finished the week on all 8 cylinders & could have easily played another day. Both the playing horses had been on plans prior & during the trip. I often use the stress relief & performance anxiety spray prior to a game if the horses are a little agitated its quite unbelievable how it relaxes/de-stresses them without taking the edge off them for our fast pace game.

I am planning on using it this year when we break in our young stock looking forward to see what results we get. On a personal level my 7 yr old son, my husband & myself have all been on & completed plans with Heal with Ease & the difference with my experience is that there is a lot less stress. Our house hums along quite nicely now & if you would have told me I was stressed before starting the plans I would have said that I did not suffer with it! People often ask me how does it work & my reply is “do you know how a computer works, I do not but I still use one”.

I have never met Cathy or Eric & I have only conversed by email, text & phone. They are two of the most helpful & obliging people I know willing & able to help in any way they can. For me Heal with Ease is a no brainer it is easy to use, IT WORKS & it saves me money on vet bills & doctor bills so it’s a winner all round. Please do not get me wrong we all still need vets & doctors but there is also a perfect place for Heal with Ease in amongst them. I would personally like to thank Cathy & Eric for their help & never to much trouble attitude along the way & hope one day we get to meet.

Yours Sincerely
Debbie Davidge

Healing for Sundare

Sundare is a 12 year old thoroughbred mare who was destined for the doggers. I purchased her in September 2013 to breed a nice sportaloosa or 2. My daughter and I breed appaloosa’s. 2 weeks later she became profoundly unwell with abscesses in her right lung of unknown cause. We treated her for three months with about a 65 percent improvement. But she still had high temperatures, thick yellow nasal discharge, putrid breath and a cough. She lost a lot of weight. My vet bill was $1600. So I pulled the pin and said to her no more needles as she was very depressed. I heard about heal with ease. Sundare had 6 treatment plans. She has made a full recovery something the vets said wouldn’t happen and is a much loved member of our horse family.

I highly recommend Cathy and Eric’s treatment plans

Sally Krohn

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

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Natural Energy Therapies for every body from people to dogs, cats, birds, horses, sheep, cattle, goats, reptiles and snakes.

For Fast and Effective Results.

Our Dream is to Restore and Improve Health and Balance to the Environment, Animals and Humans on a Global Scale using NATURAL ENERGY THERAPIES.

Heal with Ease is a family owned and run business based in Country New South Wales, Australia.

Over the past 10 years we have helped many people regain health for themselves, their children and pets.

Our work combines muscle testing with energy remedies to identify the load the body is carrying in the form of bacterias, viruses, chemicals, toxins, emotional and physical traumas, etc and where that load is affecting the internal functions of the body and the natural healing processes.

Then using the indicated remedies we can clear and heal the issues assisting the body back to good health. We can muscle testing using a photo which allows us to work with people and animals all around the world.

We also offer a great range of energy remedies to help you manage day to day issues. Check out our SHOP website for more information. All our remedies come with full support.

If you need help choosing the right remedy or support using with ones you have on hand, just drop us a message.
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