Treating horses for Buffalo Fly

Testimonial about treating horses for Buffalo Fly by Sandy H., Toogoolawah, Qld

My horses have been annoyed by buffalo fly during the day and mosquitos and midges at night. Early in the morning and early in the evening were the worst times with the norm1horses all agitated, tails swishing, kicking out and running about.

I came across the Heal with Ease website while looking for a natural remedy to help my horses with this problem. I don’t like the idea of constantly putting chemicals on my animals to deter insects. I emailed Cathy at Heal with Ease for some information about the buffalo fly remedy and she replied that day.

I rang Cathy and ordered the buffalo fly remedy and the beginner’s kit and she put them in the mail for me straight away. I received them the next day. As soon as I got the remedy I started dosing my horses per Cathy’s instructions. After two days, two of my horses had a huge reduction in the number of buffalo fly on them and after five days were fly free. My other two horses took a little longer but after ten days now have just a couple of flies each on them. At dusk, when the mosquitos and midges come out, the horses haven’t been showing their normal agitation. I would say that the remedy is helping with that also.

The remedy is easy to give to my horses. I mix the drops with a little water in a syringe and squirt it into their mouths. After I had given them the first couple of doses I now don’t even need to put a halter on them. I show each horse the syringe; they sniff it, and then open their mouth for me to squirt it in.

My horses are much happier and are spending more time grazing instead of worrying about insects biting them. Thank you Heal with Ease for a wonderful product and thank you to Cathy for her support and answering my many questions so quickly.

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