Help your Dog Naturally – Retained Placenta in Dogs

This page provides information on the symptoms, signs and natural homeopathic treatment of retained placenta in bitches.

What is retained placenta


The placenta is the feeding sack that nourishes the foetus during pregnancy.  One will pass with each pup during the birthing process and will be consumed by the bitch along with the sack that surrounds each pup.  It is difficult to determine if all the placentas have passed in part or in full because unlike humans, the mother will have eaten this vitamin rich parcel as it comes out.  This is a natural process and although not to humans liking does ensure the mother has enough nutrients to feed her babies in the early stages after birth.

The passing of the placenta and any other birthing discharge is naturally stimulated by the babies suckling.  Therefore it is ideal for the babies to feed as soon as possible after birth.  If left to themselves they will feed between the birth of each pup.  The suckling from the already born pups will stimulate the contractions that bring on the next pup.  As a result we often see the delivery of subsequent babies come quicker.

We are breeders of short haired border collies and it has been our practice for the past ten years, since commencing the use of homeopathic medicines to treat the mum as soon after birth with a homeopathic shock remedy which can be found in the Heal with Ease Beginners Kit. This releases shock that the mum may have gone through during birthing and is carried to the babies through her milk to lift their shock as well.

Approx. 1/2 hour after the shock remedy is administered we give the Retained Placenta remedy in the Heal with Ease Breeders Kit.  Whether there is placenta left behind or not, this remedy will release any birthing bits and will assist with the retraction of the uterus and bringing in the milk.  However if the placenta is still inside and you just don’t know it will be a vital step in saving your bitch.

If you have a bitch that has whelped and you are unsure if she has a retained placenta, the signs you will be seeing will be a general ill health, lethargy, vaginal discharge that lasts more than 48 hours after birthing has finished, lack of interest in pups, loss of appetite.  She will generally be in a bad way and treatment of some sort is required asap.  If surgical intervention occurs you may find it is difficult to get her back in pup.  The homeopathic remedies in the Breeders Pack will help you to lift out the shock of ordeal, cleanse her uterus and increase her fertility for future litters.  When you purchase the Breeders Pack we are here to support you to achieve this goal.

The Retained Placenta remedy is part of the Heal with Ease Breeders Kit.  We always recommend that Breeders of all animals have the three basic kits – Beginners, Extension and Breeders, thereby giving them a range of remedies to deal with most issues that arise in their animals.

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