Vaccinosis Remedy

Vaccinosis – to relieve the negative effects of vaccinations or immunisations.  If your pet is struggling after vaccination it is possible that the toxins in the vaccination have upset the immune system or some part of the body's regular functions.  This remedy helps to detox the toxins from the vaccination specifically from the body, while leaving the positive affects of the vaccination in tact.  Although we don't agree with vaccinations we understand that many people need to either for sport or holiday accommodation or out of fear of not vaccinating.

To read more about the negative effects of vaccinations click the link below to be transferred to a very interesting website:


I cannot say enough good things about Cathy and her healing abilities and the excellent services of Heal with Ease.  It started about a year and a half ago with my dogs getting sick after vaccinations.  I had one who had pretty compromised immune system and she became ill first but then so did both of my other dogs and had it not been for the vaccinosis remedy I would have lost them all to vaccination poisoning.  Now my dogs are spry and well and the doctor says it is hard to believe they are 11 and 12 years old.  Since then I have kept in touch and here are the other ways that energy medicine through Heal With Ease has been beneficial to our family.  Melody M., America


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