Pink eye in Sheep / Cattle / Goats

It is believed that the causes of pink eye in sheep and goats is different to that of cattle.  This may be the case, however the symptoms are very similar and in using homeopathic medicine we treat the pink-eyeonset of pink eye, eye abscess, cloudiness or opaqueness of the eyes with the same remedy.


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Symptoms of Pink eye in stock animals

The infection begins when the invading organisms cause swelling and redness to the eyelid lining (conjunctiva) and surrounding tissues of one or both eyes. The eye is very sensitive to light and may have an excessive amount of tearing. These animals can have an increased temperature and often go off feed due to the pain associated with the infection. With time (2-6 days), the eye becomes cloudy and an ulcer may develop.

At the first signs of pink eye, even in the conjunctivitis stage stock animals can be treated with the Heal with Ease Abscess remedy.  The earlier it is treated the quicker the results, however full healing has been achieved in cattle that have had pink eye for several months.

Here on the farm we check the cattle and sheep when we bring them through the yards and treat any animal with cloudiness (pink eye) immediately with the Abscess remedy.  Just a drop on the nose is all that is required to achieve this healing.  In serious cases you may need to repeat treatment 2-3 times over a few weeks.

John G., says “Hi I bought pink eye off you a cow & her calf had cloudy eye each I sprayed both of them the other week & gone a week later.”

Sharon M., Dayboro treated her sheep at the first signs and achieved an immediate healing.  This is what she had to say:

Hi Cathy,
Frankie and the boys all have brown eyes again!  On Monday afternoon, I treated them all.  On Tuesday afternoon I thought the eye of the sheep with the eye problem seem to be less cloudy, but dismissed it as maybe me wanting to see it is clearing up.  By Wednesday afternoon, it was noticeably less cloudy and he had some vision back.  This morning I have 6 pairs of brown eyes looking at me!
It is amazing how one drop (eer ok maybe 2 drops!) can clear a condition so quickly.  From what I read, it can be a couple of weeks before recovery.  Maybe too I got to it early.  Thanks for your help.
Sharon M.

Following is a testimonial from Jenna S., Victoria about how she treated her sheep for Pink eye and achieved amazing and quick results:

Hi Eric,
Let me start by saying Thank you. I believe that you and your products are responsible for saving the lives of many of our sheep, and for those that were ailing to once again be full of life, well almost.
Out of 46 sheep (lambs included) treated with your pink eye remedy, 43 were cured. 3 are still undecided but i think that maybe they don’t have pink eye and it is a symptom of pregnancy toxemia.
One little lamb that we nicknamed ‘Doey’ was pathetic when she arrived and barely held on until we started her pink eye treatment. thought completely blind you could not see any part of her eye ball that looked normal. she appeared to have cataracts covering both eyes. One treatment saw her eyes clear up within 14 hours (if that) and now she can see just fine. originally you could walk up and scoop her up, now you have to run her into a yard or race to catch her and even then, instead laying all limp in your arms she kicks the life out of you.

One particular ewe of ours has been on deaths door for days. heavily pregnant and most likely with twins, she went blind ten days ago. this caused her to have two pretty stressful accidents. she fell into our concrete drain and was unable to get herself out without help. both times we came to the rescue but it was very stressful for all concerned. we began treating her with the pink eye solution and she regained her sight within 3 days. unfortunately, during one fall she injured her back leg, and due to her being so heavy with pregnancy and somewhat overweight, she struggled to get around and finally gave up. she found herself stuck and unable to get up for food and water.  We moved her (with much heaving and puffing) into the barn so that we could look after her properly. we continued to treat her daily and she seemed to be improving until yesterday, she was lifeless and wouldn’t hold her own weight when we stood her up. she wasn’t interested in food or water and seemed to be giving up.  We dosed her heavily (3 sprays in the mouth and 2 on the nose), made her comfortable and left her for 3 hours. when we returned she was very thirsty. she drank almost 2 litres of water and stockgain mixture.  Later that night when we went to check on her she had gotten up and moved, and once again gotten stuck in another drain (this one shallow) so we came to her rescue again.  When we got her out of the drain she was a little unstable at first and then found her footing, she actually tried to run away from me. we moved her into the barn and made her comfortable.  At about 3am I went and checked on her again, gave her more water and left her for the night.  When Tony checked on her this morning she was up and moving about and she tried to run out of the barn with the rest of the flock.  She was well hydrated and fairly active.  This afternoon she was stuck in the opening out of the barn, so we helped her out and she took off.  Now we cannot get near her!

Who else have you helped? we have had 6 sheep lame from footrot, only one is still slightly lame. we’ve had 3 with adscesses, 2 have burst and recovered well, the third hasn’t burst yet.
The original $55 spent has saved us approximately $600 and we have, if not healthy sheep, sheep that are well on the way.

So once again, thank you for all of your help and for putting up with my many phone calls.  At present the ewe that was in trouble with toxemia is laying down in the paddock with the other sheep looking very comfortable.

Kind Regards

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