Healing Plan FAQs

How come I have so many pilules in each packet?

There is two reasons for this – 
1) in case you drop some, you have spares and 
2) it takes longer for us to chase 1 pilule around our bowl than just to collect a few in the packet. 

You only need one pilule for a dose.
Don’t touch other peoples/animals remedies – cup the paper and tip them into the water or on the other persons hand.  Keep any spares in a dry, dark place for possible future use. 

Why can’t I use Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils when taking remedies? 

Strong oils and chemicals will disrupt the effectiveness of the remedies.

What time of day should I take remedies?

Take the remedies at a suitable time for you.It doesn’t have to be the same time every day, just a time that is convenient for you, that you won’t forget. You can put reminders in your diary, calendar, computer reminder program so you don’t miss taking your remedies. 

Can I add the remedy to my pet’s food/milk? Can I take my remedies near eating? 

The process of digestion does interfere with the uptake of the remedy for healing. If you can leave ½ hour between taking remedies and eating, drinking coffee and cleaning teeth, you will get the best results. 

What do I do with the excess water after mixing up the remedy? 

With Animals we advise you on how to turn the remedy into liquid for easier administration. When you do this the water becomes the remedy for a short time – 2 to 3 hours. You only need a small amount – a few drops or a syringe full out of the water for the dose. 

 The actual amount doesn’t matter because a dose is what is taken in the moment. After treating, throw the remaining water away. 

What can I expect? 

Everyone is different and the path that the body will take to push out/release health issues will be different for everyone. Most people will be tired at different stages in the healing. This is your body resting you to achieve faster healing. Try to go with that and rest more than normal. 

 Some people will push out rashes or other skin conditions. Some people will have headaches and body aches for a short time. These are healing releases, not side effects and should pass quickly, so just keep taking your remedies to support your body to continue healing. Contact us if you have any concerns. 

How does it work? 

Energy remedies work by stimulating a healing response in the body by adjust the vibration of different parts of the body. 

Should I keep taking my medication and supplements? 

Our goal is always to get you off your medication. If you are on life saving medication then you should continue on it for a while and we will slowly wean you off.

Anything that isn’t important can be stopped or weaned away. The same with supplements. As we run the remedies your body will readjust and absorb nutrients better, taking away the need for supplements. 

What if I miss taking my remedy?

If you miss a day, ideally you will take the remedy missed and continue with the same day spacing from then on. The day spacings are tested to ensure maximum results from your remedies. 

What do I do after I have finished my plan?

As you come close to completing your plan, drop us an email with an update on how you are going. We then review your photo again to see if a following plan is needed. You then decide if you want a follow up plan. 

NB: Everyone is different – their inherited issues, life experiences to date and the amount of medication and bacteria exposure is different. We can generally determine how many plans would be ideal for you at the start of your first plan. This however doesn’t take into account life issues that come up during the running of that plans that will need releasing and healing.

After we have you at a level that you are comfortable with, you are welcome to contact us for regular healing plans throughout the year to keep you on track and clear current issues and/or if you feel unwell from maybe poison or bacterial exposure, or something else, we can speed your recovery at this point too. Having our basic healing kits on hand will help you deal with day to day issues with out medication to have you strong and healthy going forward.
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