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Also check out our other business – The Working Sheep Dog Show, offering hands-on training clinics, behaviourial sessions, our new DVD “The Untold Secrets of Raising Working Dogs” and unique gift vouchers for the person who has everything, including a beautiful working dog.

I found Eric’s DVD to be very informative, particularly for the lay person with working dogs. The information is presented in an easy going manner and covers off on the basic theory and psychology of starting working dogs, without overwhelming the viewer with complicated strategies and technical jargon. Eric explains how to start your dogs off in a round yard and the importance of balance for both you and the dog. The information he covers in his discussion is is clearly demonstrated in later segments with a variety of dogs of different ages and temperaments in various scenarios, which inevitably leads to a few ‘aha’ moments for the viewers. If only I could get my dogs to watch it too…
Justine M, Beaudesert, QLD

“your dog’s home away from home”

We are not a kennel. Let your dog stay in
one of our minder’s homes.
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Money Toolkits

How does your child manage their money? Do they appreciate how money really works and its value? Would you like them to learn the habits and adopt values that will help them make money to become financially secure adults?

I’m sure you have answered the above question with a resounding “yes”, so let me introduce you to “MAGNET Money™ – a toolkit for financial success system.”

MAGNET Money™ is a simple and easy to use money management system, designed to help shift your child’s thinking about money and work towards becoming financially free.

Allow your children to discover this easy system

to balance their spending and saving effectively!

One of the most valuable gifts you can give your children this Xmas is the knowledge and skills to increase their future financial security and freedom.

Visit Cute Cattle – Miniature Galloways

If you are looking for miniature cattle with the cute factor – we have them! Our Miniature White Galloway cattle are born and bred for the first time livestock owner. These are not your ordinary miniature cattle. We are not your ordinary miniature cattle breeders. We breed and sometimes sell beautiful, wee white paddock pets and showring performers. They are tiny, they are cute and they are very user friendly. Our miniature cattle are an environmentally friendly, attractive, easy care addition to any property.

At Mount Eerwah Park, on the Sunshine Coast, in SE Queensland, Australia we breed Miniature White Galloway cattle which have the cutest calves you’ll ever see. We breed the most beautiful, miniature white fluff balls in Australia. Take a look!

Paul Sparrow | Precious Pets Photography

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