Natural treatment for buffalo flies on horses and cattle

Here at Heal at Ease we are farmers as well as dog breeders.  We are constantly using our remedies to treat problems that arise with our horses and cattle.

One problem we found when we moved to south-east Queensland is Buffalo Fly.  The chemicals they use to keep them off are horrific.  When faced with this problem, we had to find a homeopathic solution.  We usually do.  What we ended up doing was to bring all the cattle into the yards on one water trough and drop the Bites and Stings remedy from the Beginners Kit in the water of the trough.

We left the cattle in there for the day and at the end of the day the fly had left the animals.  Three weeks later they were just starting to return so we repeated the treatment.  It is safe, easy and great for organic farmers as there is no poison, chemical or anything like that.

If you want natural solutions for your farm animals or if you are an organic farmer attempting to maintain good animal health naturally, drop us an email we will be very pleased to assist you.

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