Horse with Dislocated Shoulder

Hi Cathy

I just wanted to thank you, I dont know what I would do now without my first aid kit….

Mac, my big 17.2 hand thoroughbred received a nasty kick from my other boy last night. He dislocated his shoulder, very very badly. It was such an ugly horrible thing to see, … my precious Mac in so much terrible pain. I don’t know how I managed to stay upright when I found him like that, but nonetheless, bolted home and collected everything I could think of….
I had very little Accident remedy left so just poured what was left in the vial into the syringe.  A couple of hours later I gave him some sports remedy for his muscular pain.  He looked terrible, muscles pushed into places they shouldn’t be, his scapula at an absurd angle, and he couldn’t move.

I sent the pic to the vet in Esperance (normally a 4 hour drive from here, but with an injured horse, double that) and I had an appointment booked for 8.30am tomorrow…  It seemed that he had broken his scapula, hence the angle of his shoulder, and the possibility that I may have to send him to heaven was very real.  He has been locked in a small yard all day until I knew whether it was best to encourage him to move or encourage him to rest…

I spent most of the day in tears, especially when I heard from his old owner. She told me that she wasnt worried, that Mac had more love to give, that she was happy when I showed up to meet him as she sensed a connetion between us, and that our story was not over. Great. More tears.

I got to the horse block tonight in high winds and with the horse float on the back. My mare took off (its all about her lol – she hates the float!!!) and as I watched she bolt past Mac’s yard which made him break into a TROT! He continued just running around in his yard looking for all the world like nothing was wrong.
He overdid it a little and got a bit stiff and sore, but nothing that caused me concern.


I dont know if it was the remedies or if he would have popped his shoulder back by himself or not, but I tell you what, when faced with the early death of a beautiful boy like that, I dont care….  I am so relieved I am exhausted……

So thanks.. from the bottom of my heart. I still dont really understand how it all works, but Im loving it….. My beloved Mac is still with me….

Allyson C., WA.