Heal with Ease Treatment for Autism Part 5

Continuing Seth's healing journey we completed treatment of his 4th healing plan on 22nd June 2017. As usual we checked in with his mumma to see how he was going. Michelle replied with the following:

Hi Cathy,

Seth has been well. His ability to articulate his feeling as improved, again I think this is related to his load being lighter. With the ability to articulate himself, it allows me and other grownups to understand why he is feeling or behaving a certain way.
This week he told me that when a particular teacher asks him questions, for some reason he 'looses his words!' This is very powerful insight.
Sending Blessing to you and your family.

This is good progress for Seth and his anxiety levels remain low which is wonderful.

If you would like to read Seth's journey from the start you can click here to return to part 1 of Seth's journey or if you missed part 4 you can click here to read about his last healing plan.

On 27th June we tested and started Seth's 5th healing plan. Below is the review of his next plan.

Hi Michelle

Seth is running at 82% of his potential.

In his next plan the following came up for clearing and healing:


Bacillus anthracis vollum 1B causes inflammation and lesions of skin, can affect respiration and gastrointestinal tract in its severe forms.

Brucella Arbortus ovis.  Symptoms of brucella infections are fever, headache, weakness, profuse sweats, chills, joint pains, aches, weight loss.

Campylobacter mucosalis.  Campylobacter bacterias cause diarrhoea which may sometimes be bloody, fever and stomach cramps. 

Clostridium nitrophenolicum
. Clostridium bacterias cause intestinal infections.

Salmonella enteritidis causes stomach and intestinal infections.






Disruption to adrenal system.  The adrenal system produces hormones that help the body control blood sugar levels, burn protein and fat, react to stressors like major illness and regulate blood pressure.  The fight and flight responses are also managed from the adrenal system.

Glomerulonenephritis - acute inflammation of the kidney, typically caused by an immune response. 

Blockage of lymphatic system coeliac - A network formed of the efferent and afferent lymphatic vessels of the coeliac lymph nodes and related to the coeliac trunk; the afferent lymphatic vessels bring lymph primarily from structures served by the coeliac artery (stomach, duodenum, pancreas, and visceral aspect of the liver); the efferent vessels drain into the cisterna chyli/thoracic duct via the intestinal lymph trunks.

Disruption to kidney function.

Blockage of sphincter muscle in his urinary system.


Homeopathic remedy Amigdalin mix treats arthritis, helps with cancer, lowers blood pressure, helps maintain general health and wellbeing, strengthens the body’s ability to resist infections like cold and flu.

Flower essence Redwood (Sequoia) is a good skin tonic, useful in shingles, eczema, psoriasis where skin is reddened, dry and peeling.  Balances and detoxes the system from external pollutants.  Useful in allergic reactions - pollen, dust, holds, airborne pollution, etc.  Enhances longevity, endocrine tonic, supports adrenal system.  

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