What's happening this week - 10/11/15

It's Tuesday morning and the week is in full swing.  Vicki is taking a second week off to recoup so she can come back fresh for the next month or so before we take a break for Christmas.

I know many people think we don't work very hard.  People in the nearby town of Bundarra don't really know what we do and there are rumours that we sit up on the hill and 'stir the cauldron.'  This rumour was added to when a black cat wandered in about six months ago and didn't leave.  (We did have him microchipped by the way).  We live in a bit of a dump zone for animals that people no longer want or can't afford to keep.  He did have a massive lump on the side of his body - whether from being attacked during his weeks living in the 'wild' or a tumour I don't know.  We did healing plans on him after we decided to keep him and it all settled down.  He's the most beautiful little cat.

Wow did I just get distracted.  Sorry.  What we do doesn't appear to be hard work but it is draining.  When we are testing we have to hook into the energy of the person, animal, groups of animals or property we are working on.  We regularly have to go outside and ground ourselves and cut unwanted connections to others to keep our energy strong and clear for the testing.

I am the customer support person and in the front line of enquiries for people who are struggling.  I find I have quite a counsellor role these days using the energy remedies as my tools to help people through the tough times.

Our office is presently in our home which also has 3 homeschooled teenagers so most days it's busy and often noisy.  Our plan for 2016 is to build an office extension to our home to move Heal with Ease into it's own space.  This will be wonderful.  It will give the house back to us and also make our work space quieter and more defined.  Our cousin Harry is a builder and is working on the plans for Council now.  Once approved work will commence with hopefully a finish date early next year.

This week, as usual, we have a variety of clients in for healing plans.  No names will be mentioned in my posts, just outlines of what we are doing.

1.  A little of pups that the breeder wants in tip top health before she finds new homes for them.

2.  A healing plan for a beautiful grandmother who has taken on her two young grandchildren after the parents died.  It's so special to be able to help her cope to her best potential and help her grandchildren as well through this very difficult time.

3.  Healing plans for a teenager who has to catch up on her vaccination schedule in order to be able to travel overseas with her school.  This is a big one because her family is very anti-vaccination so there's a lot of worry as she catches up on a huge vaccine schedule, that we can maintain her health.

4.  We are working on a brand new baby who has been struggling since she was born 3 weeks ago.

5.  A healing plan for a 15 year old dog who is struggling with her mobility.  The first plan saw her much more mobile and happier.  This plan is being done in Australia for a dog in America.  I love that the healing has no distance boundaries.

6.  Treatment for a young dog in Qld who came to us because of a terrible itching problem and we found that he wasn't very well generally.  There were more important issues to heal than his skin but we will get to healing his skin once his internal functions are working properly.

7.  A healing plan for the earth waterways will be done this week.  This was Vicki's idea about 6 months ago.  It goes with the atmosphere healing we have been doing for the past 12 months.

8.  A check up for an older dog with mobility issues.  He was doing better but slipped backwards.  We found he had new chemical exposure that was throwing his back out.  Most people don't know that chemicals sit in muscle tissue causing a lot pain.  Personally if I get exposed to round up herbicide or spend too long in a swimming pool the chlorine will sit in the muscles of my lower back causing terrible sciatic pain.  Clear the chemicals and the pain goes.

9.  A check up for another young client who is feeling low.  I'm expecting we'll find chemical exposure in her too.

10.  There is a testimonial on here about Riley.  Link:  We are working with his little brother Harry now.

11.  Another new born who is tongue tied we think and struggling to suckle.

12.  A little dog with Cushings Disease.  She is on her 3rd plan and responding quite well.

13.  A lady and gentleman in their 60's struggling with day to day health issues.

More plans will come in throughout the week.  This is how things happen here some weeks.  Other weeks we are booked out for the whole week before we start.  I much prefer the trickle in affect, especially with Vicki away.

Around the farm lots of things are happening.  Jay our eldest is a mad keen gardener/chef and has plans to make our farm mostly self sustaining.  We only have 100 acres at present but we have our dairy cows, sheep, beef cattle, chickens and vege gardens.

At present we are anticipating the birth of Betty's (milking cow) 3rd calf.  After a few weeks we'll start milking her alongside our other milking cow Sandra.  Sandra is giving us approx. 4 litres a day.  2 litres for us, some for the younger dogs and some for making cheese.

Also our 30 merino ewes are due to lamb next week so that's exciting too.


Okay.  I'm off to milk the cow with Jay and then dive into work for the day.

Have a lovely day.  Be kind to yourself and each other.

Love and blessings

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