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It's lovely to finally have the new Blog style website live.  I had initially thought my posts here would be similar to the ones that I put on Facebook but now I feel like I have a more intimate space to write and share what is happening here in the Heal with Ease office.  I've decided this will be like an online journey as well as have new testimonials and case studies the same as the old website.

I don't usually work weekends but this Saturday morning I have to finalise the healing work we have done this week as our lovely assistant Vicki has been on holidays.  Off to the Melbourne Cup which has been a long time dream of hers. 

This quiet time (it's around 6am) here as I'm typing and the house is quiet and the birds outside are singing and cawing.  It gives me a chance to reflect on our amazing journey.

In 2007 we started Heal with Ease with a simple Beginners Kit.  Home printed labels in a little square box.  I still have one for nostalgia and I think a few of our original clients might still have the original kit.  It would still be working well because the remedies never go off. 

I remember our goal was to give people some basic remedies to help their dogs because the people we knew were always at the vets.  Wasting hours, time and money, stressing over every little thing that happened with their dogs and here we were with between 15-20 working dogs at any given time and we didn't even have a local vet.

Heal with Ease was a little business back then.  We developed a few more kits over the years to fit the needs of our clients - an Extension Kit to give our clients more, a Tick Kit, an Itchy Kit and a Breeders Kit.  

The turning point for us was in 2009 when we met Peter Esdaile who is a Horse Chiropractor in Warwick.  Pete taught us about muscle testing.  Muscle testing is only as good as 1) the question you ask and 2) what you test out of.  Peter was testing out of chemicals, bacterias, viruses, inherited issues, emotional trauma and then clearing the issues with a gentle tapping process down the spine.  It's an incredible process.

We wondered if we could take the muscle testing process and add it to the homeopathic remedies.  So using a photo of a dog we knew that was getting spooked when out of it's home environment, mainly at agility trials, we tested through all the 2000 odd homeopathic remedies.  Our goal was to identify which remedy/remedies would help the dog overcome this 'spooking' issue.  We came up with half a dozen remedies I think.  They meant nothing to us really until we researched what each remedy worked on.  After reviewing the remedies we found a few of them worked on hallucinations.

So we made up the remedies, sent them to the owner and she ran the little healing plan we had made up for her.  The result was that the dog settled, no more getting spooked and she was able to compete effectively on the agility field. 

This was exciting and gave us great hope for what other things we could work on for animals and maybe people??

I'll stop here for today.  I have emails to respond to and healing plans to review and send.  I hope your day is amazing.  Love and blessings Cathy

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