Natural recovery and feeding for farm paddocks

In July 2011 we started experimental paddock trials on Scott Macansh’s farm at Deepwater in Northern NSW, Australia. We’d never done anything like this before but Scott was keen to give it a go, especially after we saved his lambs from dying when none of his other experts could work out what was going on. To read that case study click here.

Scott sent us photos of the paddocks he thought would make good trial plots. Similar location, size and health condition. We completed 3 healing plans and one feeding plan over the last 12 months. Soil tests were done on each paddock before and after. These are available upon request.

In February 2013 Scott forwarded us the following photos of his treated paddock versus his control paddock. This was the first time he could noticeably see the difference. He had noticed that his sheep had done better on the treated paddock over the last 18 months but that is a hard thing to quantify. Healing plans done on pastures are easy to apply and very cost effective. They do require spreading equipment that is clean of chemicals and relatively clean water. To find out more contact Eric at 0427 696668 or email at

Control Plot – close to the treatment paddock but not treated with the healing plan.

Treatment plot – treated with 4 healing plans over 12 months.

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